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Final Fantasy XIV Because Seriously That Thread Was Getting Ridiculous



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    I started playing again, we'll see how long it lasts this time. I should probably get my BM to 60 but I started to get kinda fatigued on playing him by the time I hit 50. So I want to play a Tank character to switch it up and was gonna go for Dark Knight. So I'm leveling my Maurader class. It's a decent enough change up so far but I'm struggling to find stuff to complete so I'm not just purely grinding monsters. It sounds like daily roulette is the best place to grind xp.

    Oops I must have misread something. I thought Dark Knightt was a job for a marauder. But it just sounds like you can get the job with no prerequisites. Well I guess I need to story up to that point at least.
  • Roulettes are the best way to level up if you're patient. I try not to grind unless it's the only way.
  • Is there something I should do/should have done different? I think I cleared out a large number of the low level quests when I was getting archer up to 15 for BM. I wasn't sure if Heavensward provided low level quests for the new classes.

    I bought heavensward a while ago but never actually got up to any of its content.
  • You used them to level up so it's not like you made a mistake. Quest XP never felt like a big deal here.
  • Yeah, It was just that I sort of remember someone advising against expending all your lower level quests for your first job. I don't remember where I read that.
  • Palace of the dead is decent xp, ~1/3-1/2 to next level per 10 floors. It also gives you a preview of everything that class can do up to 60.
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    You don't need to be able to draw for your character to be your OC.

  • We went about it all wrong.
  • I don't think we were sandbagging our DPS.
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    My albeit loose understanding of this from the discussion about the video is that much like the Haukke Manor final boss Nael can't use certain abilities while turning to target, this includes her first tankbuster, and she can't proceed to phase jump without having completed at least one tankbuster. So she's stuck in a loop of trying to queue it while getting burned down with no mechanics happening.

    The super high damage they can put out just makes it more viable because it's less time to mess it up or latency to make your server ticks count you as staying still and find out what happens after she breaks the lock.
  • Send help, PVP fever has taken over my FC.
  • I got into a frontline with Joe Never fails and then we lost.
  • New housing district come 4.something, Shirogane


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    It's such a tiny thing but that's really great.
  • maaaayyyynnnnn That samurai trailer really makes me want to get down with this game...
  • Yeah but garlean shinsengumi! GARLEAN SHINSENGUMI!
  • What's a good way to ask someone to craft something for you? I imagine going to some chat channel but I like never use the chat channel so I dunno which one I would go to. I already have all the materials.
  • Shout in Limsa Lominsa or Idyllshire.
  • I've seen a lot of requests for that in Party Finder...
  • Also I can probably make anything you need.
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    Anything I need?
  • Nobody said anything about what YOU need creep.
  • The star rod quest needed a sanguine scepter with materia. I have all the mats for the scepter. And I think I have at least one piece of materia. But buying those scepters in the market was fucking absurd. They were like 90k.
  • You want absurd, the price for HQ blue shrimp is absurd.
  • Oh. I'll just take one I was selling *cough* I mean that was on my retainer and drop it in the 2nd tab of the bank. Also weird, I had the materia on it already. Look at that...
  • JP magazine Interview things.

    Might be raid only but the item drop system is going to see changes where only items that at least one party member can Need on will drop.

    Kugane will not be split up into two zones like other major cities are.

    Red Mage confirmed to share Black Mage and Summoner gear.

    4.x will have new tank exclusive mounts.

    Company Crafting updates, might include making a submarine for undersea exploration

  • At a Korean Live Letter they gave an example of their plans for the Role Skill system, DPS damage floor adjustments, and ability pruning coming in 4.0

    Rampart and Shadowskin, both cooldowns that decrease incoming damage by 20% will be removed and replaced with a single Tank Skill that shares the effect.

    Thunder II and III are being removed, Thunder's potency will simply increase at the according levels.

    Enochian will be permanent, allowing for use of Tier IV spells at all times, though proper rotation will offer a damage bonus in some way.
  • They reworked the whole thing so maybe time to give this another shot?

  • I changed from cat person to lizard person.
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    Precious BB too pure for this world. Always protect this smile.
  • Oh oops, the event ends tonight. One more day!
  • Everyone Shut up! Gaelicap.

    Also I won a tiny lottery.
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    HOWAT. :worried:
  • ThatGent said:

    Things just got added to my bucket list today.

    Update: I just got back from their Zelda event. It was pretty fun! Kind of campy, but put together pretty well. Those of us that are familiar with FFXIV are planning to go to that one, now.
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    I guess the game is free for up to level 35 now. Maybe I will try it

    Also which server are you jokers on?
  • I may need to sign back in myself. I enjoyed what little I've played, but I got distracted and my trial ran out
  • We're on Cactaur, on the Aether data center.
  • By the time I actually got the Relic Reborn weapon it was pretty much useless. Oh wel...
  • Well, you had to do the Ifrit/Garuda/Titan hard trials anyway. You can use it for glamour.
  • I'm pretty sure Y'shtola is wearing Crocs.
  • Danny O'Dwyer's new project, probably due out in a couple months.
  • I have started my ojousama cat girl journey.

  • Why aren't you i270 yet?
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