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Final Fantasy XIV Because Seriously That Thread Was Getting Ridiculous

This discussion was created from comments split from: Hi I'm playing games and it's on the interwebs.


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    I was just talking about playing FFXIV but if Dave is gonna play that makes this easy.
  • I don't know if I convinced anybody haha, but if you are going to buy it you can get it on greenmangaming for 22.50 with their 25% off coupon. They just give you a key that you need to redeem on the square enix website if I remember correctly. I dunno, I generally dislike MMOs but I kinda like this one. Maybe its because the areas aren't absurdly large like most MMOs since it also needs to be optimized for PS3. Also they give you a lot of crazy costume items.
  • You definitely got me thinking about it. We checked GMG and saw the code and so when "aw, fuck it."

    Now Graz is a 19 foot tall girl Galkan (who don't have tails anymore), with a six-pack, but for some reason she's a Summoner and hangs out with Carbuncle?
  • So how is it? I was in the beta and didn't feel it at all.
  • Was it the original beta or the remade beta? Because they released the game last year or maybe 2 years ago and shut it down for being so shitty.
  • Dave, what server did you guys start on? I'm on Cacutar so you should play on that one :)
  • We already started on behemoth :(
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    ^ Nuuuuuuu. :( We just googled what servers peopled liked.

    Game seems fine-ish. They get you into the plot way faster than Final Fantasy XI (which, I was telling Graz, we played for like 18 months and I saw 3 cutscenes). Combat seems fast. Works really well on a controller (but I haven't figured out targeting yet). Is fun-ish, as well as fine-ish. Don't imagine we'll play consistently or anything, but it's an okay lark.

    I've always prefered the FF MMO artstyle to WoW's, so that's a plus; even though I spent 40 minutes trying to make the least cute-face Mithra possible and it was still cute-faced as hell.

    They brought back kill chaining, which is pretty much the only good thing about FFXI, so I'm happy about that. There's a ton of sidequests so it's not just grinding, but if you google how you're supposed to level up everyone says skip the sidequests and grind a bit, otherwise you just end up grinding out your second job 100% through monsters and Ad Hoc quests out in the field.

    In summation: there is no Jaunty Chapeau, so I'd rate FFXIV an F+

  • Aww bummer. I chose Cacutar because Last Otaku had a character on there. I don't think he play it anymore though.

    I ended up switching away from a controller because I was getting weird input lag which was giving it like a strange choppiness when moving the camera around.
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    I would consider restarting our guys, we only played a couple hours.

    But also... the IDEA of playing with people is fun, but the actual playing so rarely materializes. :/

    Still Graz takes 400 years to design a character, but since the character designs are saved, we can skip all that, and the cutscenes. Maybe it's worth the effort.
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    Although a couple things, one being that different classes start in different cities I think and you basically can't leave the city until ~level 15 and also I have yet to stumble upon any sort of dungeon-play-with-your-friends areas. They most likely happen at some point but I'm lvl 15 right now and I haven't seen anything like that yet. So it may or may not be worth it. But also the first couple hours you could just probably blast through in half the time. Or I at least remember wasting a bunch of time not really sure what I should be doing at the start.
  • I was in the Realm Reborn beta and I was just confused and bored for an entire weekend. I like that art to Dave but the animations drive me crazy. It borders on Elder Scrolls for me. I hate watching any PC run it is so stilted.
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    They do a real shit job at parsing out the higher level stuff right away which makes it very confusing at first. They could have had you start in some lame throwaway area then take a boat to the big city but instead they drop you in the big city and are like 95% of this you can just ignore but yeah its here. Also the city is a goddamn labyrinth don't get lost. Once you get your bearings its easy to navigate but I was lost for like 45 minutes in Ul'dah.

    Nothing beats Oblivion's character animations. They were terrifying as well as maddening.

    And I guess there are instance dungeons but you don't get to play them until > level 15
  • What are you talking about, Dave makes a guild (company) around himself on the server he's on, not the other way around. When Luke transfered his rogue Dave said fuck your rogue we need an spriest and after he leveled and geared it he said fuck your spriest go disc and so Luke went disc and regeared his priest and then Dave said fuck your fucking priest we need your rogue back and then Luke was like FUCK YOU I'M OUT!
  • Yeah. I wasn't even thinking of navigation when I mentioned being confused. That was a whole other can of worms.
  • You people tempt me with playing these games, but I never touch games with monthly fees. Almost never seem worth it.
  • ^^^^ I misread that as, "start in some llama throwing area."

    Almost had my wallet, game, almost.
  • Came home tipsy and ready to play...

    Game is down for maintenance until 5 AM. :(
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    Yah, probably missed my tweet about it this morning, I thanked obama for it. I thought maybe there was a chance it might come up because I didn't look at the hours but I guess they're pretty hardcore about their maintenance.
  • I saw your tweet so I figured maintenance was already over and done with this morning.


    Instead we spent the past hour pulling the liner art out of DVD cases and throwing the cases away. About as fun as an MMO, I guess.
  • Okay we are en Cactuar
  • Imagine a world without Obama. Who will everyone thank without him?
  • Bill Clinton.
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    Also Luke leveled his shadow priest of his own volition.

    Bbbbuuuuuuut I did tell him to start using it. At one point or another 1 out of the 3 healers would be like "I don't waaaanna be a healer anymore" and I would have to go "okay what people do we have that are even capable of healing?" Of which there were few because our guild had like 9 Hunters and 6 Death Knights. So I said Disc because someone had to make the hard decisions and none of you wussies were doing it. :|
  • Everyone wants to win, but no one wants to support.

    I can feel for the healers though, when my friends used to come over to shamelessly steal internet to play WoW, the healers are the first on the blame list during a party wipe.
  • Ok catching up, game is kinda pretty, I'm into it so far.
    ALSO: fess up, which one of you is Potato Tomato. We keep seeing him and given the name I just assume its someone from here
  • You'll Dotes and you'll like it!
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    Everyone wants to win, but no one wants to support.

    I can feel for the healers though, when my friends used to come over to shamelessly steal internet to play WoW, the healers are the first on the blame list during a party wipe.

    Hey! I stared at boss crotches for years in support of the team.
  • The game is really pretty sometimes. I tried adding you guys based on the names from the stream but it couldn't find the characters. Maybe characters need to be online? I dunno.
  • Okay I split the thread so people would stop asking me what thread the Final Fantasy XIV discussion was in. :D

    We've been online the past couple hours, not sure if you tried in then?

    I'm Poot Aleus and Graz is Sambuca Fritzo if people wanna add.
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    I didn't try it today, I tried it at like 9pm PST yesterday. I'll probably play some once I get off work today.
  • I so would like to try FFXIV, even though I know from experience that I never play one game more than couple of weeks until I move on to playing something else, just to come back later. Thus game with monthly fee just doesn't really work for me.
  • Monthly fees have never bothered me. Like it's probably a favor in getting me to buy two less beers and/or snack cakes a month.
  • Monthly fees have never bothered me. Like it's probably a favor in getting me to buy two less beers and/or snack cakes a month.
    It's not just the issue of money, but if I pay for a month, but play actively for two weeks, I feel like I wasted those two other weeks I paid for. And when mmos usually have this thing where getting multiple months at time is better, it's ever worse.

  • I think I go for it. Get the game and three months of playtime (as it is only 1€ more than 1month) and play what I play and try and see how much I like the game and can it get a grip of me.
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    Well, before you waste money on playtime just go through the free month and see how you feel. I mean when you parse it out with the 25% off (if they're still doing that) then you're effectively paying $7 for the game and a month of play time. So the initial offering is a pretty good deal. On the other hand monthly fees don't really bother me that much since I usually go into them thinking that I'll only play for a couple weeks or so anyway. I'm pretty satisfied with paying $15 for another month so far.
  • Well, before you waste money on playtime just go through the free month and see how you feel. I mean when you parse it out with the 25% off (if they're still doing that). Then you're effectively paying $7 for the game and a month of play time.
    Yea, I was going to see if the game gives me free playtime before buying it. It just slipped from my mind while writing. I assumed that I'd get something like month free, but the site wasn't the most informative about that.

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    I can join in too, think I got a black mage/arcanist working to scholar on cactuar.

    As for that controller play ditch the autoattack command if you have it up there since it does nothing as far as I can tell. My biggest issue has been trying to tank with that d-pad targeting.

    Super complicated name incoming - Fyrwyb Slafzirnwyn
  • Weirdly it does seem like you need to be online which is dumb. I was able to add Cybylt. My guys name is Coach Mcmagic BTW. He brought the team from Spellman High to state.
  • That does suck. The game acts like the player doesn't even exist if you try to add someone who's offline.

    Working toward the scholar I can play support if it's needed, sounds like everyone's rolling damage classes with maybe a tank in there. I cannot guarantee the quality of that support however, I'm usually a tank in the few mmos I play.
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    Ilse Shotou. I'll probably be on tommorow.

    Aww man, the twitch stream cut out the moogle impersonation when I restarted it :(
  • Started last night. So far I've only ran around town doing tasks that have made me run around town and occasionally gone outside to use my poking stick on local wildlife.
  • Instead of writing a Chibi-Robo review, as was my intent, I spent several hours sorting DVDs and then leveled my mining up to 10.

    MMOs. :/

    But also: general bummed-outedness. :/ :/ :/
  • they fuckin made me take orders from customers at a dive bar and give cookies to kids who were just sitting on the porch. but i will still probably play somemore.
  • They incorporated some of the stuff I liked about GW2, such as dynamic events. Traveling from place to place still seemed super slow, though, even with the fast travel options.
  • My lallafel's tiny scarf+fellowship brooch+stature makes me think of her like a hobbit.
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    We already discussed your bow that you whittled out of an acorn, but I guess I forgot to mention your arrows that you hew from mouse shit you fucking cockroach this is you


    Luke I can't tell if you're talking about the game or real life but I'm happy to have you back either way. :D
  • I completely ignored the levequests when they introduced them but they're pretty awesome ways to get xp. Just a short boss encounter they completely set up for you in like seconds. And you get a shitload of experience for like no work.

    And they seem to send you to do random shit constantly. I just traveled to all the major cities (by teleport because fuck that otherwise) just to get some stupid cosmetology supplies so this guy could do this extravagant fly through the air maneuver and cut this lady's hair (seemed dangerous but I didn't question it). Then he was like yo I'll cut your hair too if you want then walked off.

    Also I got an absurdly cute kitten that follows me around now but considering I'm a catman it's a little weird.
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    From what I understand about leveling second jobs, people say save all your levequests for them because you won't have your Main Scenario quests to give you an XP boost. Also you're supposed to hang back on doing subquests in other towns for the same reason.

    We don't have teleport yet, but you get the airship probably less than 10 hours of play. This is compared to I dunno 1 billion hours of play in FFXI. Overall it seems kind of quick traveling for an MMO, and that's without even having a mount yet. Areas are pretty small and quests are pretty tight together.

    EDIT: Oh so I guess I just looked it up and you get teleport by attuning to a second Aether crystal. WELL CRAP.
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