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Persona 5/Q/Arena Ultimax/Dancing All Night Thread



  • That's a beautiful battle UI.
    There was an extended gameplay trailer as well. They got some nice streamlining of battle elements with the protag able to swap personas from the spell list simply using L1 and R1.
    Baton Touch/Pass is an interesting change from One More! Making you use a different party member to keep up your advantage puts a bit more importance on party comp and prevents protagonist being a one-man army by just swapping to different advantageous personas for every One More they get.
  • Persona 5 opening. It's pretty jamming.

  • When did Igor change his voice?
  • In english or japanese? His japanese voice actor passed away.
  • The english voice actor sounds like Barry White
  • Welcome... to my velvet room.

    Oh baby... My darling I... Can't get enough of your love baby.
  • I think they changed it in English to match his new Japanese voice.
  • edited November 2016
    There's apparently a story reason to back it up but I didn't go much past that. But yeah they were probably trying to justify it in some way.
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