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Persona 5/Q/Arena Ultimax/Dancing All Night Thread



  • Persona 5 trailer

    They also announced Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth for the 3DS which is made by the Etrian Odyssey team.

    Lastly they announced a weird dancing rhythm game for the Vita called Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

  • I've been meaning to get PS3 to catch all those interesting exclusives I've missed. Got two more on the list.
    Also 3DS is on my shopping list, so Q will be mine.

    The dancing game just looks sad.
  • Those Etrian Odyssey-style guys look dope. I hope these games come out here at a reasonable pace after their Japanese release. Atlus has been getting better, but I think it's still like a 6 month lag.
  • So they managed to announce something we knew 2 years ago.
  • So they managed to announce something we knew 2 years ago.
    Yea, if the countdown and all would have been just for the P5 announcement, I would have been slightly disappointed. But as they had also Persona Q with proper trailer, gameplay and all, I'm willing to forgive the lack of details in P5 announcement.

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    Persona Q is p. cute. I just wish they included Hamuko-chan (female protag in P3P for you heathens) since they went to the trouble of having Theodore be in it.

    Actually I suppose they gave us a date, but that's not reassuring when I don't know anything about the game other than the staff and a tagline.
  • Hey, there's is also a dancing game made by the same people who make those Miku dancing ones. Probably will buy all of these games. I hope they keep the narrator because "Unbelievable! Can you imagine the step? He's genius!" is such great line.
  • Oh, that "He's genius!" line was solid!

    This just gives me a tad of motivation to try and beat P4 in a year. Will I do it.... not really sure.
  • image

    Tsukuyomi, the persona of Sho in P4Arena Ultimax.

    The apparent love of pinstripes makes me think of 2's designs.
  • Persona 4: Dancing All Night is going to be a great game.


  • Who is Sho.
  • You know, Sho Minamimoto. Sine! Cosine! Tangent! It's not the TWEWY sequel we wanted but I'll take it.
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    Who is Sho.

    New guy in Persona Arena 4 Ultimax who claims to be the badguy in the new trailer. Dual wields brass knuckle katanas.


    This dude.

    Atlus says Ultimax is a sequel to arena taking place a week after its conclusion. I thought it was going to be an expansion but I guess not, much like I thought Arena was going to be spinoff weirdness but they say it's official.

    Some mechanics stuff about Ultimax:

    All characters barring Elizabeth and Shadow Labrys have shadow types who do not have Burst or Awakenings. Instead they build up SP faster, carry SP between rounds, and have a Shadow Rage mode that replaces Burst which acts as temporary unlimited SP.

    Junpei has a special "Home Run" mechanic where when he lands ten hits without whiffing or taking damage, his persona will use Victory Cry giving him a damage boost.

    Yukari is sentai references everywhere.

    Adachi is confirmed to be in the game but there's nothing stating he's playable at the moment. Only that he's curious about Tartarus and has an interest in reaching its top.
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    I thought about posting this in the 3 & 4 threads but I guess I'll be good. In retrospect, it would've been nicer for this thread to be about the persona announcement so we can just have a separate P5 thread down the line. It's not a big deal though.
    P3 and P4 Protagonists

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    Clean P3 battle theme preview:

    Persona Q field theme preview
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    If at some point this thread title can be changed that'd be great.
    Trailer 2, full length
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    I guess I'm going to continue posting these in the Persona 5 thread. Oh well. Mitsuru and YosukeAkihiko and Chie
  • Might as well. It all might as well be the same thing at this point in time.
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    Just another Persona Q post in the persona 5 thread. Shinji is so hunched over he's like fucking quasimodo.
    Shinjiro and Yukiko

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    Still the Persona 5 thread, that's great. Well here's another Persona Q post.
    Rei and Zen


    That is the muhfuggin' bes.
  • Guess I'm gonna have to buy an Etrian Odyssey game/Koromaru life simulator.
  • Rollin with my pupies
  • Dave we don't want to know about your pupa jeez.
  • Trollin with my pupas.
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    Welp still the Persona 5 thread. Still gonna post these here. Junpei and Yukari

  • Why all these Persona Q trailers? Where is my dancing game!?
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    It's unbearlievable that this is still the Persona 5 thread. Teddie and Aigis

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    Will I pre-order the hopefully sick looking jpn XL with the custom PQ design before this stops being the Persona 5 thread? It's likely.
    Persona 3 and Persona 4 side trailers

    Seriously though, please announce this game so I can stop freaking out. I probably shouldn't be importing a japanese 3DS just for this so if you just announce a simultaneous release, that'd be great.

    Also I really wish they could just add the female protagonist from 3 somehow. They have literally every other character but her.
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  • That's missing Teddy going Wryyyyy.
  • Noooooo.


    It can't be.
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    Well, P4 was heavily based off of JoJo's part 4; and the personae themselves were inspired by Stands, so that's not too surprising.
  • Playing P4G, I found describing it as a mix of JoJo's + Japanese High School + Jungian Psychology rather appropriate (also: tarot, why do my favorite jrpgs have tarot systems?)

    IIRC the conflict in PQ is that P3 team shows up in P4 world, right? But aren't we shown in P4 that those coexist already when that was the trip to Gekkoukan High?
  • Except that certain people are still alive. P4 takes place about two years after 3.
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    Seriously though, please announce this game so I can stop freaking out.

    Fall 2014

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    I can understand Persona 5 being 2015, but Dancing All Night is also 2015. This is unacceptable!

    I like how they hardly did anything with the trailer because they knew that awesome voiceover had to stay in.
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  • Kanji like dag.
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    Persona 5 news? Nope. It's Persona Q news. Forever posting in the wrong topic I guess, wonder if there was a way to change the title..........
    Fuuka and Rise

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    I've deduced that this will probably be the Persona 5 thread for quite some time.
    Naoto and Ken

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    What's that, boy? You don't think the thread title's going to be changed anytime soon either? That's a shame.
    Koromaru and Kanji

  • Just think Nick, one day this thread will actually be about Persona 5.
  • No way, I want a separate thread :/
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    Some gameplay footage, good stuff.

  • It has the EO window dressing but it's still pretty Persona. I guess there's no knockdown on weakness though.


    Unsure exactly what triggers an all-out attack. For sure it seems like hitting weaknesses for boost is a key part but I don't see a meter for it or anything.
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    Persona 4 anime is already getting a remake. Now it is by A-1 Pictures. The animation looks better I guess, but normally people wait longer then 2 years to a do an anime remake. Will still probably suck.

  • At least now I don't have to get Vita to see the golden additions, which I don't care about in the first place.

  • Rise is playable in Ultimax.

    Rumor is Adachi will be too.
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