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Hi I'm playing games and it's on the interwebs



  • More streams coming this Wednesday 9pm IST (4pm EDT). As that start time probably isn't the most convenient for those of you in the US, I'll be holding of on SOMA until a bit later on in the stream so as not to deny you all the joy of watching me run and hide in corners while holding a fire extinguisher for comfort.
    I'll be starting with Jotun, I am Bread or Chroma Squad before moving on to SOMA, probably about 90 minutes in.
  • Join the fun Eoghan stream!

  • This ended up in the Boss Doors thread so I'm moving it over here. Eoghan and I did a Stellaris stream last week. More importantly, we're doing another Stellaris stream today/tomorrow, in about 10 hours!!! 12pm EDT! Come see our beautiful Bi'irds! Nelly Furtado speaks on behalf of the Duckburger people!
  • Due to circumstances from today's stream, I went to close a bunch of tabs and found this awaiting me.


    today may have been a mistake
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    Theme of the United Quacks of Duckburg. Maybe.
  • I'm sorry to unleash the Marsupilami
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    I also decided to become Twitch billionaire and get all the streaming dollars, and thus I'm going to play some Dragon's Dogma, tonight starting at 6PM UTC.
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