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Hi I'm playing games and it's on the interwebs

I figured I'd make a thread so I don't spam the "playing" thread and also I don't have people who like me as much as Dave so I made a thread to say when I'm streaming games. Feel free to post here as well if you are streaming games.

I'm gonna start streaming Primordia in a few minutes.

Late Night Stream: Primordia


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    In celebration of Beyond: Two Souls coming out, would people be interested in an Indigo Prophecy stream? I've never gotten that far into it so I don't know where it goes despite knowing it gets weird and paranormal.
  • seeing blind reactions to that game should be pretty good
  • Watching anyone play Indigo Prophecy is a good time.
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    I'll most likely try playing after work today.
  • You've really never gone through Indigo Prophecy? You're in for a ride.
  • You've really never gone through Indigo Prophecy? You're in for a ride.
    I've played the first few minutes of the game and I've seen part of the ending several years ago. I didn't know what was going on and don't remember much of it.
  • Dang, I won't be able to watch tonight. Have fun!
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    Indigo Prophecy was not as interesting as I had hoped. I got about to the part where I quit playing last time and it's still kinda boring. The black guy had a weird saunter in his step and I got stuck trying to find that stupid knife when I could have sworn the killer guy took it with him. So then I just started playing Primordia which is more interesting. I might try streaming some Dark Souls playing coop with a friend tonight but I don't know if my connection is good enough to support multiplayer and streaming.
  • We streamed dark souls multiplayer on our old crappy 1 meg up, and it seemed to work, so you might be okay.
  • Hmm I might be okay then, We'll probably run through The Dukes Archives if we do play but I'm trying to get Logan's catalyst so buiyng all his shit might require some grinding.
  • Watch live video from matatat on

    Gonna play some Dark Souls for a bit. Dunno how long I'll go but I'll put the stream up anyway.
  • I'll catch one of your streams one day, matatat! Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  • trying some coop. If it doesn't work while streaming then I'm gonna close the stream so it might be really short.
  • I was streaming Robotech Invasion earlier. Ill probably tackle some more later maybe:
  • I am doing some streaming of the Payday 2 demo, so you guys get to see how well I bank rob
  • I haven't streamed anything in a while mostly because I just forget or am playing games that might not be interesting to watch. But I got Deadly Premonition Directors Cut from the Indie Gala bundle so I might stream that when I start playing it and also this weekend I might try streaming some Final Fantasy XIV if anyone is interested in seeing what that game is like. It probably won't be that interesting but I want to try streaming some stuff again.
  • I thought you were gonna see but then you sewed

    Actually you did it yesterday, so I saw nothing, but I might be interested to watch some FFXIV to see how it plays.
  • It plays like a half-motorcycle slow poisoner.
  • I ssseeeeeee.
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    Stupid phone autocorrect, but I guess it was not a lie that I saw some pants. I was thinking about playing some nowish so I'll be set up in like 5 minutes if anyone wants to check it out. Seems a bit framey when I stream because I don't have a strong connection and the game isn't very well optimized to handle any sorta network interference it seems.
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    I might try PS4 twitch streaming of Infamous or MGS or if I'm stupid and want to spook myself Outlast.
  • Going to try streaming some Elder Scrolls Online edition. It might go bad and also I'm doing laundry so I might just randomly stop at certain points.
  • Gonna try playing this Deadly Premonition type game called Deadly Premonition
  • Nevermind its being shitty I'll figure it out later.
  • Playing Deadly Premonition.
  • Going to go through some Tex Murphy Tesla Effect. I've already played through a bit. Basically a little past the quick look.
  • Going to stream some Destiny even though I got to the alpha cap level but damn its a fun game.
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    Nick asked me which Yakuza 5 rhythm game he should play, and I suggested the one with the easiest beat. The results:
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    Jeezy creezy, apparently we have Twitch embeds now, and I can watch Matatat half a dozen times on one page!

    Anyway, I'll probably be doing some streaming today and tomorrow if anyone wants to watch. I've been on a Binding of Isaac kick lately, but I could do some Hitman or Invisible, Inc. or something if people are interested.

    Here's a clip from earlier this week where I beat the final Isaac boss in under a minute.

    Apparently my audio needs some more adjusting or a less shitty headset, though.

    I found myself in a place in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth where I could potentially pick up every item in the game. Naturally, I gave it a shot. Here's a couple of clips from before I picked up the Missing No. item and lost my chance at glory.

    I was shocked. And enthused at his almost instant fail at an Elusive target.
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    Still salty. I was so shocked that I was seen that I didn't think to try running until I was surrounded.
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    I used the Brad method by throwing scissors at her. On PS4 the crime actually got noticed and I managed to not get gunned down and hide away long enough to switch costumes and run out the front door. The second time Nila and Dalia actually had a unique transaction where it sounded like she may be leaving...

    Both times for me she was in the room with the laptop on the 3rd floor and surprisingly not guarded well in that room. I'm not sure if after that dialogue she does her rounds at the cocktail bar like she did with Brad's playthrough.

    ... but I got worried she was actually leaving and threw the scissors at her again instead of trying to be more of a cool dude about it. The doors to the room she was in closed as I was throwing and they literally went through the closed door and killed her. So basically no one saw me.
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    So I'm watching Dave's attempt at the Hitman Pharmacist Elusive Target and he got caught dragging a body to the wardrobe next to the cocktail party on the third floor, same as I did. I've knocked out that staff member and hid him in there plenty of times, never spotted. Ugh.

    I was looking around, and apparently you can back out and restart Elusive missions as long as you haven't killed the target or been killed yourself? That changes things drastically.
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    Today in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record streaming, Nick and I got shot with sniper rifles a lot, Nick was saved from death with a timely disconnection, I fumbled my way through some poker, and we only had to reload to save a dead survivor twice. A resounding success.
  • You should highlight the poker bit.
    By special request
    DG_Nick (robot in disguise) and WealthyAardvark need to beat these jerks at Poker. Unfortunately, WA has only ever played Poker in Dead Rising 2, and that was, like, years ago.
  • I'm gonna try out this Nvidia thing and stream some of this STASIS game...
  • I signed up for the Humble Monthly subscription when it launched and, despite my best efforts, I have nearly 90 games from the bundles that I have never played. In an attempt to get through this backlog I’ve decided to challenge myself to stream these games. From this coming weekend I plan to start regularly streaming these games, a full list of which can be seen here The first games I’ll be playing are SOMA, Train Valley and JumpJet Rex, and I aim to start around 7pm IST (2pm EDT) on April 1st at

    To further challenge myself, I have set a few rules:
    Each game must be played for at least one hour*
    Each game can be played during a single streaming session^
    Tutorials that exist outside the normal gameplay will not count towards the one hour period

    After completing this whole ordeal, I’ll be donating to a charity based on the following:
    $1 per hour played
    $1 per achievement unlocked
    $20 for any game that fails to launch/becomes unplayable
    (*)$10 to stop playing any one game before the end of the hour period
    (^)$5 to return to a game that was previously streamed
    The charity/charities are also currently TBD, but will be international aid/relief focused (e.g. Amnesty, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee). Suggestions are welcome.
    Also, during this streaming period I will match charitable donations from viewers up to a $300 total.

    I’ll also take suggestions as to which games to play for each stream (probably 2-3 games per stream) and, for games listed as having online multiplayer/co-op, if you’d like to join me on a stream for a game, you can add me on Steam

    I’ll update this post with more details as the time approaches, or you can follow me on twitter ( or twitch ( for updates. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you for the streams.
  • "It's just you and me now, Fire Extinguisher."
    "It's just you and me now, Floppy Boy."
    "It's just you and me now, Shoe."
    "It's just you and me now, Scrap Metal."
  • I made many friends during that stream.
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