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Victory Points (the card and board game thread)



  • both? I realized that the tie between the two games is mental disorders, whether or not it was intentional.
  • The mental instability should BE the level up system.
  • CoC gives you points to add to skills to make % roll checks easier.

    On a side note, Pathfinder has traits. They're like 1/2 feats that players can get 1-2 of at the start of the game. One of those traits is "Adopted" which lets you pick a trait from another race. So an Orc can be raised by Gnomes and acquire the social trait of being small without having to pick the other penalties of that race. So now there's a 3ft orc monk.
  • Today's Tabletop day, so Amazon has a bunch of games on sale.
  • International tabletop day turned out to be a bust. My local store quashed all board games for magic, and my other dedicated spots were reserved for wargames. It left me with no choice but to frolic in this dreadfully sunny, low 70's weather at a community park for several hours.

    This was followed by an evening of panda poker and pie.
  • I'm still working my way through this but if you copy pasta it into a word doc and adjust for "standard" fonts, it is just under 40 pages of some guy's thoughts on playing 7 Wonders with any number of players

    It's a good read.
  • Playing a faceup drafting game with more than 7(8) people sounds like the worst.
  • Ha, I meant any number as in "tips for games containing 3-7 people." :P
  • Do you want Mage Knight but with Star Trek flavor? Because I sure do.
    (due out in February)
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    I wrote a dumb fanfic for 7 Wonders and its expansions, notably playing Leaders. It starts in medias res and is pretty low effort.

    It was the dawn of the third age of mankind, 7 years after the Greek-Mesopotamian War. The Babylon Project was a dream given form. Its goal: to prevent another war by promoting science and a bunch of hanging gardens. Nebukadnezar the Great turned to Stevie Wonder, “You’ve out done yourself this past year, bringing in gold to our treasury. With it, we were able to complete our wonder. But our diplomats and their doves have grown tired and will not save us in the coming years. And this time, the Greeks won’t come at us with just a Guard Tower, they’ll have Walls! Fortifications! And a Circus! Stories and whispers of their war lions named Cecil have reached my ears.”
    Twirling his harp, Stevie exalted, “May the blessings of Heaven be upon you, oh Great Nebuchadnezzar. Might I suggest instead of building our armies, we instead do something for the people of Babylon B?”
    “FAH! Impossible! Our resource reserves lack what we need! Though we have enough bricks to build our own pyramids, we lack the stone quarries and ore pits to even build a Palace! And don’t think our neighbors at Stone Hedge are going to chip in any marble. We’d need a WONDER of an architect to work on civil buildings.”
    A light burst through the window momentarily blinding Nebuchadnezzar and having no effect on Stevie. An aged voice shown out, “Somebody say my name?”
    “HAMMURABI!” shouted Nebu and Steve together!
  • Do you want Mage Knight but with Star Trek flavor? Because I sure do.
    (due out in February)

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    The Kingdom Death kickstarter came out after three years in development.
    I had the chance to play a session.
  • I don't believe that Kingdom Death isn't just a line of monsters and the women they fuck.
  • It's mostly about lions and how it's a terrible idea to hit them in the tender bits.
    Super terrible idea, we lost the whole settlement to that lion.
  • Sounds like you had it coming.
  • Mysterium is a pretty cool game. Its basically Dixit meets Clue. What that actually means is that you are trying to solve a murder with clues given by the ghost (another player) which are cards with dreamscape-esque pictures on them.
  • Sounds pretty rad, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  • So this guy named Friedemann Friese (of Power Grid fame) made a board game that is 504 board games in one, so he named it 504. It has 9 modules and you pick 3 of them to be the basis of your game.
  • Hey, I finally found this thread like three pages back.

    So I've finally convinced my social group to give board and card games a shot. I started by picking up a set of Munchkin and proving that everyone was willing to sit around and deal with some convoluted rules for an extended period. Basically this is all part of my plan to start up a table top rpg group in the future but until then, board and card games.

    My next step was to pick up Arkham Horror after having heard about it for years, then I learned that apparently Eldrich Horror is the arguably better upgrade so I picked that up. We've made it through two games so far, no victories. It's fun but the game runs long and it's a bit disappointing to have everyone just fold up the board and say "welp, we lost!" after 2 hours of play. I'm now looking into picking up something still complex but a tad shorter. I like the idea of Betrayal at House on the Hill but that's really doubling down on the horror board game idea. Anything I'm overlooking that sounds good for people starting out in this hobby? Like I said, pretty much totally new to this kind of thing, just a bunch of people who owned would end up owning a D&D manual and never playing and a couple games of Magic when we were younger but coming back to the hobby now after a long break. Regularly between three and four players.
  • If you don't mind some disjointed blogs, I've written a couple!

    I always go to bat for Pathfinder, but my best Pathfinder 101 blogs got eaten up by some weird Wordpress/Tumblr integration issue a while back. :(
  • I would recommend Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Tzol'kin, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Lords of Waterdeep, Roll for the Galaxy, Village, and Lewis & Clark off the top of my head.
  • Codenames is a good intro game. Easy setup, easy to learn, and it has everyone actively engaging at all times.
  • Picked up Lord$ of Vega$ on the cheap. Emotions run high in that game where you play casino barons. But the true fun comes when everyone with a stake in a casino is forced into re-rolling their influence dice on the building, you win the gamble taking control of it and then shouting, "Get the fuck out of my casino!" in your accent of choice.
    Just um, make sure you don't waste 4 games interpreting the income rule the wrong way.
    Oh, but if you guys like Magic, getting one of the base games to Dominion or Ascension might be up your ally.
    My group has also gotten a lot of play out of 7 Wonders.
  • After playing the tutorial mission of Space Alert(per Fast Karate) with my gf. I can't wait to introduce it to a bigger group of people. Pathfinder is one of my favorite games(in all mediums)
  • I took a crack at the new Mega Man board game over the weekend, and it is a huge pain in the ass to beat any boss before you have other robot's powers.
  • It's just another bad kickstarter with a big brand, like ghost busters and the soon to be TMNT.
  • It's not that its bad, its just that its totally unbalanced to start. I haven't played the Ghostbusters game yet but it looks fun enough. I did just back the TMNT board game because I'm a bad person.
  • Picked up Codenames for $20. It's pretty fun! Even 2 player mode proved challenging.

    If you're not familiar, it's kind of like team Guess Who meets minesweeper. There's a 5x5 grid of cards with words, 8 of which are associated with one team, 9 with the team that goes first, 7 red herrings, and a single assassin. Each team has a "spymasters" who know the grid's layout and tries to convey to their teammates which of the 8/9 cards belong to them, and they do that by connecting the words on the cards to each other by saying [word]:[number]. So they could say "Egyptian: 4" if they wanted their teammates to pickup on the words "phoenix, gold, death, beetle" etc. But the teammates have to pick the words sequentially, and if they touch a bystander card, the turn ends; touch one of the other team's cards, the turn ends and the other team gets a point; or if they touch the assassin, they automatically lose.
    It's sweet and simple.
  • So Martin Shkreli might be getting into Magic and people expect this to be terrible for the secondary market.
  • X-COM board game accurately replicates the feel of X-COM in a board game.
  • I sorta wanna buy this if for no other reason for the novelty of this kerbal esq space sim board game
  • Last night after a drought of playing terrible trash board games recently I actually had a pretty decent night at a friends house.

    Aeon's End is a horrible drawn deck builder where you don't shuffle your deck!!!! It is co op and was at least enjoyable, which is amazing in contrast to the Attack on Titan deck builder I played recently. That game is pretty terrible.

    Followed that up with World of Yo-ho which is a game that is all about downloading an app and you use your phone as a pirate ship on a giant board. It was silly, stupid fun that I could see getting wayyyy too long with 4 players (there is a ton of ship/quest management that you do on your phone). The 2 player game was legit though and it had adorable suction cup animals to represent your captain and ship (I was the walrus on a turtle ship going against a shark on a jellyfish ship).

    Decided I didn't want to get home until midnight so I chose Patchwork as the last game. Civilization building board games are some of my favorites and have heard tons of good things about this so I bit and it was totally worth it. In this case playing 2 player was no ideal because there is an auction for what development tiles you get. With more players there would have been more selections to choose from in that auction. As it was though the base ingredients of that game are just really fun and there were a couple of super close auctions. I went heavy military and while I don't think I would have won regardless the pope came out the 2nd to last turn when I was about to declare 2 wars and net my opponent tons of negative points because my military was better. Instead the pope prevents all negative point loss from wars. DAMN YOU POOPPPPEEEEE! Overall it was a fun night compared to the turds I have been playing the last couple of weeks.
  • Last time on Kingdom Death.
    Dave's brain was infected with flesh-eating spiders. This turned him into a doctor.

    Jilly was sucked into a time-butt and grew old.
    NotGuts mastered the great sword. He is death incarnate.
    Dr. Zeius became a master in kung fu. Both his arms are missing now.
  • Sooooo this sounds pretty cool.

    This kind of looks like a hybrid of the Pathfinder card games, Descent, and the Legacy-style board games - there's a hometown that gets slowly upgraded over the course of many sessions, a world map that accumulates stickers as new locales are discovered, characters with secret objectives that, when fulfilled, cause them to retire but unlock new character classes to play as, rule shifts and permanent changes to the game over time, etc. etc. It also lets you have multiple different parties for different groups of people playing in the same setting, which'll means we can drag friends into it on occasion (something we found hard to do with Pathfinder.)

    I haven't played it, but I've seen my friends' copy, and the box is like two ordinary boardgame boxes stacked on top of one another.
  • Yeah if you are into immesive board games this is the one you want to get in on. The first kickstarter everyone got this game for like 65$ which is pure insanity. This and the Kingdom Death Monster reprint are what I am intensely anticipating.
  • This sounds... pretty sweet........................
  • Are minis not awkwardly sexed up like Kingdom Death?
  • Everything is pushed to the bounds in KDM; everything from Sex, violence, to the Cronenberg. Doesn't stop it from being one long/interesting die roll.
  • I would buy a board game with a VHS-tummy monster in it.
  • Those are the Screaming Antelopes. You don't want them.
  • Just got a copy of the Arkham Horror card game after seeing the review for it on Shut Up and Sit Down. Just need to find time to play it now.
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