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Victory Points (the card and board game thread)



  • It's up on Amazon now and you can play it with just two players. Get you some!
    $8 for s+h?!?

    Prime you've ruined me.

    Plus that's just absurd for a box the size of a deck of playing cards.
  • Get it with 25 dollars worth of items and shipping's free.
  • Not from non-Amazon sellers. :(
  • it's $35 now for the non prime free shippaing
  • Bought a card Mahjong set because Mahjong is awesome. Also Glory to Rome is awesome.
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    Today, I learned that the people that play warhammer 40k for the "deep strategy" are the same people that quit hanabi half way because, "It requires too much thinking."
  • At the game convention I just came from, I played some good games in various pre-published states.

    There were two asymmetrical head to head games.
    Jack and the Giant. You can guess the theme.

    Gter Ma (pronounced "TARE-mah"), a Tibetan monastery themed game in which a monk sets up traps in a path to prevent a thief from breaking in and stealing a holy relic.

    There were some more traditional board games too.
    Nika. An ancient Greek themed abstract wargame. You have hoplite units that can hook up to become a phalanx, in which state they are more powerful but less maneuverable. (that's me on the right in the brown shirt)

    The Edge of Space. A galaxy exploration themed resource management game.

    Decoys. Another head to head game, but symmetrical abstract deception and deduction game.

    I played some other games, but they were less notably good.
  • All these polygon and hexahedron based games can only mean one thing...

    Also, Terra Mystica has finally received a second printing, and is available in your store today!
  • My copies of Terra Mystica, Neuroshima Hex 3.0 and Nexus Ops have shipped and should arrive in time for Saturday.
    I'm beginning to think I have a problem.
  • I finally got around to buying Resistance: Avalon. This has been my favorite game over the past year - it's not an exaggeration to say that I've played this game almost 100 times.
  • The Resistance and Resistance: Avalon are super great. Generally my friends and I have found that either game works for 5 players, Avalon is better for 6, and the plot cards feel nicely balanced in the original game for 7 people. I don't know if we've settled on which we prefer for 8,9, or 10 players as we don't get to play those games as often.
    Had a fun game last week where I was a spy and the other 2 spies were across the table in this 7 player game. The leader on my right begins the game and hands me the plot card that forces him to reveal his identity to someone of his choice. He picks me and I quickly declare that he is blue (resistance). So he puts me on his team of 2 and I fail the mission sending the game into chaos as people try to figure out why I would call someone blue and then implicate myself on a 2 person team. Luckily, I was successful in getting people to not trust that guy and the spies ended up winning the game by round 3.
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    Got Super Dungeon Explore for my birthday. Now to spend my next day off huffing glue as I put all its tiny pieces together.
  • I just played two 7-player games during lunch with the optional Oberon card. Since not even the spies know who he is, the games were pretty intense (read: sooo good).
  • This past weekend, at the game night I help organize, a coworker and I got to play in a 7 player game with a bunch of new guys. I was one of three spies, and I was having trouble telling who Merlin was. At the end of the game, one of the good guys reached across the table, shook the hand of another player, and said "Great job, Merlin!" The spies didn't fall for it, we picked who we thought Merlin was, and we ended up being wrong. Turns out the guy who reached across the table forgot about the assassination phase and knew exactly who Merlin was.

    I was laughing and crying at the same time.
  • Sometimes the most satisfying spy wins are when you're the assassin and immediately call out Merlin the very second the 3rd Resistance victory happens.
  • The last time I played Avalon, one of the good guys threw herself in front of the (bullet? sword blade? arrow? whatever) for Merlin by conspicuously shifting in her seat during the "Merlin, open your eyes" phase, and then by being the sole "No" vote for the initial mission. I thought it was a pretty good play.
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    I got to play Tigris & Euphrates for the second time ever (with adults anyway) - I've been itching to play it for about a year but didn't find anyone to play it with me until tonight. I didn't win, but I put in a respectable showing, taking second place.
  • Played some games of Shadow Hunters and Terra Mystica on Saturday.

    Terra Mystica is fun strategy, never before has building houses made me feel like my neighbor is the biggest asshole, and my best friend, all in the same move. Plus witches' special ability is colony dropping shanty towns all over the map.

    Shadow Hunters is Werewolf goodness. It took me a while (weeks) to convince my friends to play this game, but once they did, they didn't want to stop. Everyone gets their own role, victory conditions, and abilities that can be used when they reveal themselves. There's a life tracker that everyone shares and lets you deduce who the other players are as you are screaming "Why won't you die!?"
    The item cards add to the hilarity, especially our best game where the werewolf character was triple-wielding the cursed Muramasa, rusted meat cleaver, and chainsaw, killed a hunter, revealed himself to kill a second hunter, then chased a third hunter into the cemetery, where he slipped on a banana peel and died.
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    Nexus Ops rulebook: "Units battle in a specific order known as the 'battle order.'"
    I don't think I can keep up with this terminology.
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    > Want to buy Lord of the Rings card game expansions, but you're supposed to buy them in order of release
    > Old ones are out of print and going for like $60
    > Order from some random comic shop in Minnesota that's selling them for $10 each for some reason
    > Pray

    In other news, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game expansion 3 is the dopest one yet. Difficulty gets supercharged (best is a villain who doesn't get defeated the first time you beat her, and therefore steals time from the game clock as she escapes), and my Rogue is lovin' those new Ranger allies that assist with Dexterity/Ranged/Perception checks. I mean, they're no Shalelu Andosana, but then, few are.
  • Had my first big board game party in four months on Saturday. It was good. Hanabi, Ticket to Ride, Catan, Race for the Galaxy, Shadows Over Camelot were what we ended up doing, if I remember correctly. I also showed the Yawhg to some friends who hadn't seen it before. That was fun.

    In short: Race for the Galaxy is Puerto Rico in SPACE!! with less direct competition. I made the mistake of not reading the rulebook myself and having the rules explained to me, so I didn't understand the difference between the Trade and Consume phases and ended up cheating pretty badly. Nobody caught on during the first game, but after two rounds of this in the second game when it was pointed out I bowed out because I was too tired to try to salvage my twice-cheated hand into something approaching legal. Still, I look forward to trying it again.
  • Decided to put my iPad Mini to good use and look into cheap iOS version of games. Lords of Waterdeep is only $5 at the moment and the base game of Ascension is free (turn off the ads in the options menu!). I've played a few games against the computer on both now and while they both seem fun, it's hard to learn on the go as the cpu's turn zooms past you can you don't hear them saying what cards they're playing and what they do.
    Might be too early to tell but I might prefer LoW to Agricola as it seems more forgiving as a worker placement game.
  • What I want to know is why Hive is on steam and what makes them think anyone in their right mind will buy individual units for 3 dollars a pop.
  • Went to the second ever Netrunner tournament in my area Sunday. Suffered both extremes of possible luck.
    First game was against someone I was convinced to be a psychic or extremely good at Old Maid, as she kept plucking all the point cards from my corp hand. It also didn't help that I exclusively kept drawing point cards with no way to score them, I drew so many that I kept having to throw them out, shuffle them back in, and drew them immediately again.

    Second game was the opposite, my cup spilled over with too much economy. I could afford to do any and every reckless action. It was a delicious situation where everything I did just gave me more money than spent.
  • I got to play Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age over the weekend a couple times. I had played solitaire before, but it is a lot faster with 2. It's a dice-rolling, push your luck, resource management game with the theme of building a bronze age culture. The more developments and monuments you have, the more points you get. Pretty simple and fun.
  • This past Saturday, I got to play a number of games with my son (he's 4 1/2). Notably: Viva Topo and Carcassonne.
  • Got to play Rococo for the first time a while ago. It's pretty safe to say I'm the best at dresses when I scored double everyone else.
    It has my vote for 2014 Spiel des Jahres.
  • This past Saturday, I got to play a number of games with my son (he's 4 1/2). Notably: Viva Topo and Carcassonne.
    Viva topo looks great for little kids. How did your son do with Carcassonne? I don't think my 4 year old would be able to grasp the mechanics of that game yet.

  • It's not a super complicated game, you place a tile then determine if you want to put a guy somewhere on it or not. To be fair, there was a bit of handholding involved, but by the end he did seem to understand that meeples go on roads, cities, or fields (or enclaves).
  • I finally played Hansa Teutonica...That 80 dollars to ship it in from Germany is looking pretty tempting.
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    Did a board game thing with some friends today. Introduced two of them to Puerto Rico in a five player game. The player to my immediate left bought a second coffee roaster (WHICH WAS MINE, DAMNIT!), so I was shorter on resources and money (via my factory) than I had expected. The other experienced player had to leave before the game finished, so I continued to play for him (he was to my immediate right). Through some very clever moves on his (my) part, he deprived me of one coin, which was enough money to delay my building one of the victory point buildings for a round. This culminated in his (my) Captaining and ending the game through victory point depletion before I could end the game with the final Mayor and power my victory point building, so I didn't get my bonus points (but the other experienced didn't get to power his second building either). Ultimately I took third with 45 points while the guy I was playing for won with 51, and the other experienced player taking second with 50. Still, a good game!

    We also played Hanabi (couldn't get ones or twos to save our lives), Pandemic: On The Brink with Purple and amped up Epidemics (cured 4/5, eradicated Yellow and Purple [and virulent Black until a final epidemic Hidden Pocket], missed blue), and Lords of Waterdeep with a couple expansions (4th place between two new players, it was my second game and I somehow expected corruption to be as easy to shed as in the first game I played. It was not, very much to my seven token detriment). A good day!
  • People say there are no winners and losers in Hanabi. those people are wrong.
  • I got to play a cooperative variant of Carcassonne with my wife a week or so ago. I highly recommend it.
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    The game night that I usually run got bumped from our usual location in South Philly. So this month we will be meeting in Pennsauken, NJ, instead. If you are within range of 3800 Marlton Pike, Pennsauken, NJ, you are cordially invited to join us from 7pm till midnight (tonight - Saturday, June 14th). If you come, I will be the bearded guy wearing orange shoes.
  • We've had quite a few games of Carcassonne, but the idea of a co-op game sounds interesting.

    The family tends to lose interest in the game once it comes to final scoring.
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    I had a chance to play "For Sale" at the game night, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's a bidding game in the first half of the game, and it's a hand management / high-card game in the second half of the game. It supports 3-6 players and plays in 10-20 minutes, so it's a perfect work lunchbreak game.
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    I went camping with some friends last week, most of whom were into tabletop games. I got to play The Great Heartland Hauling Co. - it's a fun little trucking themed pick up and deliver game. Space on my game shelf is limited, and the box for this is just about the size of a VHS cassette. I can't justify buying it right this moment, but it's got a place on my wishlist.

    Also, King of Tokyo is a real hit in the age 3-6 bracket.
  • There is a Tigris & Euphrates game available for android for $3, and it has relatively decent AI. In other news, I have increased the amount of times I have played Tigris & Euphrates by 500% over the last week.
  • I'll have to investigate!
  • So I picked up Netrunner because of a recommendation and I like card games made by Richard Garfield. I am fairly surprised how different it is from Magic (also designed by Garfield). This is mostly because of how every other TCG since Magic has tried to be/fix Magic and none of them have succeeded.
  • Anyone in the Northeast going to Dreamation 2015?
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    I might, it depends on if I'm free this weekend.
  • Cool. Let me know when you know for sure, and we can meet up.
  • So I picked up Netrunner because of a recommendation and I like card games made by Richard Garfield. I am fairly surprised how different it is from Magic (also designed by Garfield). This is mostly because of how every other TCG since Magic has tried to be/fix Magic and none of them have succeeded.
    I am 100% of the player base in the Northern Chicago area.

  • Played Tokaido the other night when a friend brought it over. Beautiful game and it's goal of being the player with the most experiences while you're on a journey makes for a different pace of gameplay.
  • I haven't played that one yet, but from what I saw on Tabletop, it looked pretty cool.

  • Two things:
    I bought a starter deck for Force of Will because my friends kept badgering me. Its basically Magic: The Gathering x Duel Masters. Its fun, but I'll stick to Magic.

    I got invited to join some friends' TTRPG group. The first session was Dark Heresy 2nd Ed. The plan is to alternate between that and Call of Cthulhu.
  • In Call of Cthulhu, do your characters level up or just get more mentally unstable?
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