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Victory Points (the card and board game thread)



  • First hit is free.
  • For once, no one in my gaming group fucked up the loyalty deck in Battlestar Galactica. The toasters still won, but it was a lot of fun.
  • What's so bad about being a robot anyways?
  • The first two times we played I swapped the loyalt deck with the left over cards by mistake and everyone was a cylon. Made for very odd skill checks.
  • And also because I mentioned this earlier in the thread as a potential official Fast Karate card game...

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    Just played Jaipur for the first time. It's a 2-player set making, trading game. My wife liked and I appreciated that the turns were simple and quick, so there wasn't much player down time. It's hard to judge a game from a single play, but early returns are promising.

    The two players are merchants vying for the attention of the Maharaja. You compete at the marketplace for try to earn more rupees than the other guy. At the end of the round, whoever has the most rupees earns a Seal of Excellence, and the first to two Seals of Excellence has earned a place at the court of the Maharaja.
  • I got my Evangelion Weiss Schwarz deck in today:ß_Schwarz_Wiki
  • Is that a game?
  • Going camping with a buddy of mine who owns a game store, so I should be playing some pretty sweet games over the next week.
  • ^^Yes... it is.
  • The shop I visit sells the madoka and fate/stay starters and Nothing else.
  • has Ani-Mayhem been reborn for a new generation?
  • I got my Evangelion Weiss Schwarz deck in today:ß_Schwarz_Wiki
    I don't... what?
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    @Gent: so far those are the only two decks translated in the states. There are more coming, but import decks can be used here to play.

    @davedave: yea, that's pretty much it. I never played Ani-Mayhem back then so I have no clue if its the same or not.
  • On a study abroad in Nagoya, Japan currently and hunted down a tiny board game shop via BGG. Ended up purchasing Dominion: Conspiracy (Intrigue) and something called Lost Legacy which I guess is like Love Letter 2.0? I've never played any Love Letter but I hope for great things, even if it's a while before I get to play. Anyway, I hope that translating the Dominion cards that I already know will go smoothly/boost my almost non-existent Japanese and that I can get some of my fellow students to play with me. :)

  • Is the art different on the Dominion cards?

    Possibly... catgirl maids?

    Or nekomimi mei-do, as you might know them?
  • No, the shop didn't have the Touhou version.

    Nor the Nitro+, whatever that is, version.

    I don't think it had this game, but I also didn't look (Also it's not Dominion)

    So basically, no. But I like the standard art.
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    Beats "winning" Tanto Cuore off a shop owner in a drinking game. Best thing I can say about it is that the only game I played with it, I won with a -2, with the next best score being -48.
  • I assume that you get negative points by being so disgusted by the creepy anime art that you burn the card in question.
  • I played Munchkin for the first time in 12 years last night.

    The rules are still frustratingly vague in places, to the point where arguments seem inevitable.

    Also, the game ended in a sickening display of selfless cooperation, which is not in the spirit of Munchkin.
  • Yes, but more due to everyone refusing to buy maids and instead opting to buy horrendous diseases to plague all their opponents in a form of germ warfare. Dare I say we had...phun?
  • Puzzle Strike seemed cool. It is fake anime Super Puzzle Fighter meets Dominion, so a deck building game where your board fills up with gems then you crash them at an opponent.
  • My copy of Boss Monster shipped in Saturday. Going to find out if it's good next week.
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    Finally got a chance to play my copy of Tigris & Euphrates not once but twice in the last week. I've come in last both times. Whoops!
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    I'm jealous.
  • Well, I bought it for myself back in October, and last Wednesday was the first time I had a group that didn't have anybody who would have needed the Catan rules reexplained for them, but that also had enough time to get a game or two of something everybody knew out of the way and still have time for more. It had become such a running joke among my friends that it would never get played that they were actively resisting it so the joke wouldn't be ruined.
  • Yeah, I get jealous of placing last all the time.
  • I meant I want to play.
  • Boss monster successfully played. I have concluded that it indeed contains fun. I've found it to have great strategy and fun tactics regardless of what you draw in the cards.
  • I played Werewolf Inquisition last night for the first time and - as a werewolf - we totally rolled the other inquisitors.
  • 3 games of boss monster, 1 game of Penny Arcade, Tzolk'in, and Eclipse, 6 wins. I was on a roll last night.
  • Last weekend I took 2nd in Carcassonne (barely), lost in four-player Munchkin to Divine Intervention via Dowsing Rod, lost and then won in Pandemic, was winning the Puerto Rico demo we were running for a friend while waiting for new arrivals (dang!), lost in six-player Munchkin, won an elimination victory in Pandemic (my first!), and tied for 3rd/4th in Dominion (basic).

    ...I lose a lot!

    Today I picked up Pandemic: On The Brink since it apparently came out just days after I last checked for a release date. I'm also waiting to hear back from the shop on if they'll be able to get a copy of Hanabi for me on Geeknights' recommendation.
  • To be fair, Muchkin is random BS the game.
  • That's certainly true.
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    Played some King of Tokyo yesterday. It can best be described as Yahtzee king of the hill where no one wants to be king of the hill. Given that the game has 2 win conditions, everyone always goes for the last man standing option, except for Gigazaur who kept passing pamphlets and preaching pacifism and actually winning.
  • I've been playing Hanabi, and it is awesome.
  • ... Is that the fast paced board game of babies and bombs in feudal Japan?
  • Not quite.

    It's the cooperative fireworks show game in which all the other players at the table can see your cards, but you can't see them.
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    Considering how hard it is to get now, you'd think that the game was fueled by real babies. My envy of you knows mild bounds.
  • Word. I was fortunate enough to order it the day it won Spiel des Jahres.
  • Eeeennnnvyyyyy.
    In other news, My copy of Mage Wars and the Eclipse expansion rolled in today with Kemet and Trajan trailing in next week.
    Test games begin next saturday.
  • Really wish Mage wars came with more than 2 spellbooks
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    Successfully played Mage Wars. It's a deck building game with every card in available at all times. Building the decks is fun, playing the game is fun. It's also the closest anyone can get to Card Wars until they release Card wars.
    It even lets you Floop the Pig.
    Only problem is that most games devolve to this.
  • Hey, this is a thing:

  • yo fuck ticket to ride, i hate that game. Catan's pretty cool though.
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