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All-inclusive Games Thread



  • As someone who has sunk an ungodly amount of my life into Civ 5, I have to disagree: Civ 5 after Gods and Kings and even moreso after Brave New World was vastly improved. I'd also say that was the case for Civ Beyond Earth: Rising Tide - it made it better, even if it was still a heavily flawed game.
  • A new Puzzle Fighter is coming to phones. It looks like a gacha game, but apparently they forgot the part about making your art look good so people want the characters.


  • My initial reaction was excitement, then yeah... this looks... uhh...
  • Are there any of the classic artists left at Capcom? That looks so ugly
  • It looks like a phone game to me.
  • Hahahaha, that Chuck Greene is really something.
  • The newest humble bundle is for Sakura games:

    I recommend going there to read the quotes.
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