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All-inclusive Games Thread



  • Lighting Returns is so good!

    Vist low poly dog for a year of good luck!

  • I should have prefaced this by also saying I never even got close to beating FF XIII. I barely made it out of the starting area I was so offput by it initially. I don't know if that factors in.

    So maybe not play XIII-2 and just do Lightning Returns?
  • All the other ones are bad and irrelevant.
  • Yes, I never played the other ones. Went straight to Lighting Returns and don't regret it.
  • This is the best video get get someone to preorder your game. Bless you Yoko Taro

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    Don't buy that new Vampire the Masquerade game "We Eat Blood," it's co-created by a known harasser and transphobe.

  • I think all the Dojima lieutenants are character actors. Here's a video of IRL Awano-aniki AKA Riki Takeuchi.
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    Yeah. They've definitely ramped up their aspirations as the games go on. I think they've been roping in "real" actors since the PS3 ones.

    My favorite is Sagawa. Not only is he the best character, he looks noticeably better than most of the cast to the point where it's like he's from a different game:


    But his role in the story is comparatively small, so you're like "why does this guy look so much like a human being when Kiryu and Majima, the main characters, still look like video game people???"
  • Picked up One Piece Pirate Warriors and that seems like just about the perfect series to match up with the Warriors formula, it's been pretty fun.
  • Wan Pisu is definitely the MOST fun I've had with a Warriors game... >.>
  • Hey the Berserk musou game is out now! Come play as everyone's favorite character Wyald! Having never appeared in either of the two anime adaptations, it's now his time to shine!


    Spoilers: Wyald deserves to be cut from every adaption.
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    Wasn't Wyld the crazy one that would rip off all he limbs from women?

    Edit: shortly after writing that I realized that description applies to about 70% of Berserk characters.
  • Creaty said:

    Wasn't Wyld the crazy one that would rip off all he limbs from women?

    Edit: shortly after writing that I realized that description applies to about 70% of Berserk characters.

    This is true, but he was the first one those. The man who would set the stage for Berserk recycling every monster fight that involves women.
  • Don't know if people are still playing Fire Emblem Heroes, but my FC is 5494561695

    Also, if you link your Nintendo ID to the game can you reroll or will it just overwrite the data when you sign back in?
  • Linking messes up the reroll in some sense because you get 10 orbs for linking. You still need to claim them but you can only link once I believe. That was where I kinda sealed the deal. I haven't had any regrets about doing it so far though.
  • Okay. I linked my account before I learned you could reroll so I mostly have characters I don't know and no 5 stars.
  • Was sending you the Friend request but seems you beat me to it.
    I'm still playing it daily, trying to get a decent 5* team since the 5 of them I already have are either green or blue. Trying to get a red or colorless one to make a balanced team.
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    Using my 2-3 full rolls past starting their probabilities are completely accurate (they would know anyway, they wrote the algorithm). But you'll get a decent amount of 4s. 30+% is pretty good. But getting those ~3% drops is really tough. I guess combined 6% is not as daunting but still a small chance.
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    Once you get to the end the 4*s don't hold up too well against another 5* teams.
  • Having summoned over half a dozen times, I finally got my first 5*s yesterday, Eirika and Seliph from the new focus group. They are shiny but I'm already halfway through the hard campaign now so we'll see how my motivation to finish the lunatic difficultly level is.
  • Lunatic doesn't get that bad until about chapter 8
  • Anybody else had a hard time with that new quest to get the girl Robin?
  • It's a toughie. I pulled it off on my second try by giving my Felicia a Def buff and letting her tank the first pull, then fleeing for safety - her Res is super high.
  • Yeah that second one is real darn hard. I don't think I got anyone who can buff defense.
  • It's a toughie. I pulled it off on my second try by giving my Felicia a Def buff and letting her tank the first pull, then fleeing for safety - her Res is super high.

    Yeah it seems like you just need somebody capable of tanking that first bait, which is tough since you have like 3 people attacking you.
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    I can't figure out whats a good team. Put some money in, against my better judgment (I blame the fever) but I have a few 5 stars. I think I'm fine with my Marth, Takumi, Robin, Maria team but then I just get wiped out in a training tower mission like we're paper. I'm sure it's because the random event comp just counters me hard but I can't figure out how to make a larger squad and who to sub in when.

    5 stars include: Marth, Takumi, Ephraim, Abel, Catria, and Cordelia.

    Also, finally figured out where friend code is.

  • Takumi is the 5* that I've been trying to get since the game started. He's like top 3 in the game.
  • Screw Takumi. He is on every team. I even fought a team that had 3 of them.
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    How the hell do you have so many 5 stars. I have two and they're basically both trash. Minerva's a wyvern rider so she gets +++s for that but her abilities suck. Same with my other 5 star, her sister Mina, who by all accounts seems worse than my 3 star Lissa.

    Also Takumi is such a shit hole. If I random into an arena with him I usually might as well just surrender. So you should probably use him!
  • I haven't gotten any 5 starts yet. Don't know if it's bad pull luck or if I'm just not deep enough
  • I got 2 pulls that had 2.
  • I have only sacrificed a bunch of feathers for one 5 star. I still have none from the gotcha.
  • Word on the stweet* is that sometime next month, we'll be able to consume heroes to give their skills to other heroes, which goes some way towards explaining why the A/B/C skill slots exist.

    *i coined this phrase five seconds ago and am now immediately disavowing it
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    Yeah my team I feel like is falling apart a bit even in Normal. 4 star Matthew isn't as good as he was before, and 4 star Eliwood seems to be getting more and more garbage. My other two 4 stars are Oboro who is still going strong. And Raven is doing alright.

    According to some random tier list I found Oboro is F tier though, which is a bummer.
  • Oboro is on my main team; I don't know that she's great, but that Def debuff after combat makes for some pretty good return fire after she pulls.
  • I've gotten 5*s but 3 are blue and 2 are green still looking for a red and colorless one to balance out the team.
  • I liked Oboro but Robin is a colorless murder machine so I swapped him in instead of her.
  • My Robin got stuck with crappy stats and gets killed against other Robins.
    His stats went to HP instead of atk or def
  • Felicia was OG Fates waifu, but it might be Oboro now.

    My insistence on having Felicia try to murder people with a giant butcher knife didn't pan out too well either. She basically becomes unplayable with offense and defaults back to healer.
  • Yeah they've kind of done a good job with scaling the stats to have people fall back in their roles by the time they reach 40.
    Unless they have Pain which deals flat damage, most healers stop doing dmg at s certain point.
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    So I contributed to the River City Ransom: Underground Kickstarter years ago and have been playing demos and betas for a while, but now that shit is out and you should play. It rules. RCRU is the best brawler/beat 'em up ever and I fucking love it. Tons of really great 2d sprite animation. Fighting game style move sets and combos! Really smooth! Get it!
  • I'll have to check that out since I've wanted a good beat 'em up for a long time and a lot of modern ones don't feel that satisfying.

    A Rock Paper Shotgun article about Into the Breach, a new game in development by Subset Games, creators of FTL: Faster Than Light. It looks to be very much up my alley.

    And yes, Ben Prunty is back doing the music again.
  • Advanced Wars is back baby!!!
  • Just a heads up for those doing intermediate arena in FE Heroes, just jump up to advanced and get the extra points since at this point even in intermediate all the players have a full lvl 40 team.
  • Or use my PRO trick of putting a level 1 sandbag in your party. As I understand it, your opponents are balanced by the total stats of your party, so having some crap member on your team seems to get you much easier (aka more reasonable aka not a Level 40 Takumi and a Level 40 Lucinda) comps.
  • Really? So that makes the tiers even more pointless then. Since I have an all 40 party I always get another all 40 party which your strat would explain why.
  • Seems to work for me. I assume score is also based on stats, though, so you're hurting yourself there--but it makes it pretty easy to get a full chain
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