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  • Did she become a catgirl somewhere along the way, or was she somehow hiding those features?
  • It's available now, find out yourself!
  • Here is a FE Hereos code. I rerolled a few times and may have gone backwards but now I have 2 pegasus peeps so I'm happy for now. No 5 stars though

  • I thought Pegasus riders were supposed to have really long movement distance. But Caeda, the only one I have, is like the shortest moving unit I have on my team right now.
  • It seems like movement has been toned way down compared to the normal games. Also I STILLL have no 5 star darn it
  • The maps are only 6x8 so a character with like 6 or 7 movement would be a bit broken if they didn't tone down movement. Also, I feel like stat ups aren't random? I restarted a map and got the same improvements the second time.
  • I assume they've prerolled (or pre-seeded, or whatever) the stat-ups so that you can't just restart maps endlessly until you get a perfect.

    I have a single 5* and it is Chrom and he is so booooring.
  • It's just weird that my archer can move more spaces than the Pegasus knight
  • My FC: 6148233572

    I added the rest of the people that added theirs already.
  • My code is 1941935030
  • How do you make a healer, heal themselves?
  • Recinciliate makes them heal hemselves and others.

    Also, ol' buckethead Donnel has a really handy skill that lets him attack twice as long as he initiates.
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    So, I just got a 4 star version of my favorite spear wielder. What's the best route? Feed the 4 star to my higher level 3? Feed the 3 to the 4 and then level her up? Level the 4 then feed her the 3? This shit in these kinds of games confuse me. I can barely handle making alternate squads...

    Oh and how come one guy I pulled got a cutscene.
  • Higher star versions are always better, especially considering it seems like a pain to prestige guys.
    Also ID: 1549611679
  • A thing I noticed is higher star people have more skills to learn over their lower star duplicates.
    Oh also in the Quests & Missions screen, there is a fire emblem symbol that pulses in the top right that you can tap on to get rewards for FE My Nintendo points, and there are 10 Orbs there for free, and the Missions for the points are all story progression.
  • I haven't seen those Nintendo point symbols but I'm going to keep a lookout from now.

    Also, like Ian I'm also confused about how the merging units system works. I tried it and it said it was only going to give the higher one some SP.
  • Units only gain stats if the one that's going to be lost is of the same star rank or higher because Nintendo doesn't like following conventions.
  • Nioh is fun, but it feels more than a little like oriental fetishism fantasy
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    How do you greet people?

    I see the option for greet in my friend's list but it's grayed out.
  • You can only do it once a day and I think clicking on the visitor at the bottom of your screen also counts, so you might've been doing it that way.
  • Yeah I've been clicking on the ones that come over so that probably counted.

    At the beginning I thought the energy they gave you was too much but now every quest is like around 15 energy so you can only do 3.
  • Oh yikes, I was wondering when that would come into play.
  • Yeah I'm on insane difficulty now and like for those you can only really do two matches before you are tapped out. I also am at the point where my main 4 characters are only 4 stars so they can't compete with the level 40 5 stars on the map. So I am kinda at an impasse now. Just have to wait and hope to get enough feathers to turn into 5 stars or hope I can get a roll with 5 stars, even though I have tried all this time and never got at 5 star T_T
  • Wait until you have 20 orbs to open all of them and you get a free summon out of it.
  • I've got 3 pegasus knights (4*,4*,3*) and a 4* healer as my main squad. I call them the Knight Sabers. It is very original, do not steal. Just got to chapter 8 of the Normal difficulty which means I just beat the WORLD OF BLAZE.
  • I like that Nioh's ninjutsu kit lets me kind of apply early to mid game Witcher 2 combat logic to it leading to tactics like - Use landmine, stab enemy when they're knocked down by landmine. Repeat.
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    Ninjutsu is definitely the way to cheese a game that cheeses you right back (it also boosts kusarigama damage, which is another major cheese factor).

    I got to the second boss, the vampire lady, tried her once, and was like "how much do I really want to play this game where I'm being assaulted by a super fast enemy that requires me to take one of my thumbs off an analog stick, thus removing my ability to move or dodge, every time I need to heal."
  • The answer is don't get hit.
  • I've been raising Spirit for the Guardian Spirit passives but it also adds defense in I think a not insignificant degree?

    I got through all of my troubles on umbrella vampire in the second demo, I don't think I can offer any useful advice to it though because the best way I can describe how I first beat her is that I just got used to her pacing? It reminded me a lot of learning to fight Nargacuga.

    I've been enjoying it, rather than in a Souls way it's hit a hole for a home console Monster Hunter for me.
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    I did up to 11 spirit for the passives too, and I'm wearing medium armor, but it still seems like I don't get more than 1 or 2 survival hits against anything but scrubs. If the vampire lady hit me with the paralysis, I was dead. Fortunately one of the bonus armors from the demo gave me just enough paralysis to avoid it.

    I didn't realize she was one of the demo bosses, I missed the middle one. I beat her on my third or fourth try, so it wasn't the most abysmal fight ever, I'm just not really enjoying how this game is basically training me to Never Combo Ever against a hard foe unless their stamina's gone. I can see how it'd be like Monster Hunter in that regard, also with how much you need to learn monster's tells and the super-small window for getting out of the way of them once you've learned them.

    But that ends up with most fights making me chip away with the kusarigama's triangle attack until their stamina empties, getting exactly one combo (on vampire lady, I got grabbed if I tried for two every time, because everything, no matter how big, can instantly turn on a dime and paste you with no animations) and on the second stamina depletion, a living weapon is usually enough to kill them. Which doesn't feel like I'm learning much about the game except to be excruciatingly patient in this kind of boring way because failure transitions into death almost instantly. It's basically the Nameless King fight where where you win by do one attack between his fifty-hit combos like 20 times, and it's not super hard, but doing it that many times you're bound to fuck up once, and if you do you might just die and start over. I hate feeling like I'm grinding away at a boss that can paste me at a moment's notice. So I gotta hit her 50 times but she's gotta hit me 1, and even if I DO survive that hit, I have to dodge at least one more attack to get space to heal myself because I have to spend mental energy making sure I don't get Surprise Murdered while manipulating my awkward hands over to the d-pad to use an elixir.

    Kind of in roundabout answer to your question on twitter, Nick, that's why I'm disappointed in how they wrecked co-op from how it worked in the demo (which was just Dark Souls). When I said "long-term" I kinda meant like "oh, this is never going to be a game with play six+ times unless they patch this co-op." But even as a one-time thing: it would be a plenty fun just to explore around in and enjoy in co-op--co-op for most games papers over most flaws, but it'd be huge boon here in adjusting the difficulty of what feels like an incredibly overbalanced game--but as a single player experience I'm just not sure I got the patience to commit so much effort for what Nioh's giving me. The kind of interesting combat system isn't currently balancing out the crappy margin of error, some of the worst Diablo loot I've seen outside of Borderlands, and the really limited personality of the game's environments--which is too bad, because I'm always up for some passive learning about yokai through video games, but the levels haven't exactly been blowing my mind yet.

    I'm still playing it out of inertia, though. I'm complaining a lot but this is still head and shoulders (x100) above any other Souls clone I've played. Like, Lords of the Fallen was barely a game, Nioh is much more than that. And it's has juuuuust enough in the systems to make me want to see what other shit there is.

    And anyway, I GOTTA at least make it far enough to unlock the friggin adorable lightning dog I got in the demo.

    I am still just in <3 <3 <3 <3 over how they gave that lightning dog a painstakingly accurate rambunctous sheeb dance
  • Is it just me or did the nerf the experience in Heroes? I see to be not getting anything for killing guys below a character's level.
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    If you're above 5 levels of an enemy you receive no exp. The training tower give you enemies at set levels to send your party against if you're trying to play catch up. I believe the training area's cost have been reduced by half for the launch event....
  • Also, the XP you earn per kill seems to fall off a steep cliff once you're in the upper 20s, at least in my experience.
  • That picture is cancer
  • Wife's friend code (who some of you may remember as Kirkine from the FFXIV FC): 6201403999
  • Ah shit, yeah I didn't realize they changed the coop. That's a real bummer. I wonder how that works though. If two people are playing in NG+ (assuming they offer that), would you be able to together without restrictions?
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    That'd be something. Personally at this point I'm still teetering on whether I'm even gonna bother continuing to play it. The Nue stage was super easy, I didn't die once, but the Nue boss, even though it felt they nerfed it substantially from the demo, was still a total pain in the ass. Again, after four or five attempts fighting it normally, I stopped trying to combo it and instead just pinged at it with strong kusarigama attacks until its health was low enough that I could living weapon it down.

    Building off my last post, if the bosses couldn't instantly rotate in place a lot of my issues with them would go away. It just feels completely stupid, how you can start a combo from behind/at the side of a gigantic monster who just finish a slow attack and don't even have time to get the second or third button press in before they completely paste you.
  • I finally used 20,000 feathers and upgraded a person to 5 stars in FEH. My first 5 star person. How many birds were sacrificed for this ritual!?
  • I got a box of these feathers. You can throw them away for me.

    Yeah I still don't have a 5 star, but I haven't really gotten to anything that needs one yet.
  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ gibe heroic actress ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • Did you catch anything good this week, Nick? I evolved all five top-tier Jigglypuffs I caught, and not a single one knows a Fairy-type move. I'm still stuck with my Cloyster to take down Dragonites.
  • Yeah, because of the event I got a clefairy and a porygon, neither of which I've seen in my neck of the woods.
  • I had hatched a couple of Porygons before, and caught one more. I didn't see any Clefairy though. I did catch a couple of Chanseys and 22 Lickitungs, as well as a mess of Slowpokes and Exeggcutes.
  • Are any of the FF XIII offshoots any good? Lightning Returns sort of looked a bit like a Valkyrie Profile style game but I don't know if that's accurate.
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