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All-inclusive Games Thread



  • I've found the trick to getting a good work flow in is just to take adderal.

    But it has this side effect where it makes me want to vacuum/organize everything so I get more distracted than I would just browsing gmail.
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    It sounds like you're saying it's better as if removing agency on your own self-control is something worth a damn.

    it's almost like human brains are not perfectly logical machines or something
    If it comes down to it, just unplug whatever internet box you have if you can't control yourself?
    I'm sorry, you'll have to explain those advantages to me again. It sounds like you're saying it's better as if removing agency on your own self-control is something worth a damn. Also you can just get a mechanical keyboard so I don't even know what you're on on that second point.

    It is no different than writing in a notebook and then retyping. Hell, that can be even better because as you type into the computer you catch edits (not just spelling but in flow) and make it better. There have been plenty of times when I have to walk away from the computer screen, because of the internet distractions or the screen is hurting my eyes, and go write in a notebook. At the end of the day, most of us writers have what's seen as eccentric actions. If it helps our creative juices then so be it.

    Another great thing about having a hard copy first draft from a typewriter or notebook, if there is a piece that does not fit the current project we can't just hit select all and delete it. I've come across many scribbles of things I decided did not work for it's original piece but was perfect for something else. If I was on the computer it would have been lost because it would have just been deleted.
    You could just save those pieces instead of deleting them? Or edit as you type? Or re-read your stuff?
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    You could just save those pieces instead of deleting them? Or edit as you type? Or re-read your stuff?
    Save them in computer files that are out of sight out of mind and would never be revisited? And if you edit as you write then you will never finish your piece. Well, I will never finish because I'll just keep redoing the same darn page over and over to "get it right." And yes, I re-read stuff, that's when I edit. Human brains are not computers. Also, I can't write if there is dirty laundry in the house. My brain stops and says "you can't write, there are chores to do!" I am weird.

  • What the fuck does any of this have to do with Video Games? Make a typewriter thread and have this pointless conversation there.

    Xcom is good.
  • Xcom is pretty good, yea.
  • I'm enjoying X-com: Enemy Unknown, but the game crashed right as I was nearing the end of the alien base mission with no casualties, and that sort of took the wind out of my sails.
  • A Finnish friend of mine suggested I check out Gateway by Frederik Pohl and I'm really loving it. It's also abandon ware I think so if you ever want a cheap and silly space adventure I'd suggest it.


    It's also literally the only game I can play on my type writer.
  • That sounds pretty frustrating, Goki. Can't wait for it to happen to me.
  • Ayep, I just got xcom to and was hearing from someone else about the crashes. The grapevine sez they've patched the game to make it more broken. Maaaaaaaaaaybe that was a joke.
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    Because Dreg is still dumb at forums.
  • Was this an April fool's joke?

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    Shin Megami Tensei IV is gonna come out here this summer. I guess that means I should just pass up Soul Hackers or is that a really good game?
  • I really need to finish nocturn.
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    Mana drain everything!

    Also, bonus dungeon warp tunnels for infinite money
  • Now if only I knew how to play poker. Not that that'll stop me.
  • Match all the cards to a combo -> win. If not lie so people think you have that combo. That is the tldr; guide to playing poker.
  • Now if it was Rummy Night then I would be on board since that is the only card game I know (besides blackjack).
  • You need to learn Euchre.
  • Euchre is easy to learn, difficult to master as the saying goes. Many a family occasion in the Chapman household has been ruined by "table talk" and / or "trumping your partner's ace".
  • Those very things are Christmas traditions here.
  • I lold quite a bit
  • That's excellent.
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    I'd be more upset if LucasArts had developed anything good since like 1998
  • I feel indifferent to the news. It's been close to 10 years since the last Rouge Squadron, Battlefront, Republic Commandos, and KOTORs. Unless it comes out they were deep into the development of one of these, I just don't care.
  • hopefully Disney re-releases Grim Fandango, cause lucasarts didn't seem to care about it.
  • Only 1 of those 4 games were actually made by LucasArts.
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    Yeah I dunno, at least they're still licensing stuff but it seems kinda bullshit to just completely halt two games in production and lay a bunch of people off. I guess I'm not sure how far into development those games were but even if they were super bad I they just say fuck you to all those people.
  • Yea KOTOR is done by Bio-Ware, Rouge Squadron was Factor 5 and Battlefront was Pandemic. Also, 2 of the 3 studios I mentioned no longer exist.

    I wouldn't mind a Zombies Ate My Neighbors revamp of some sort. I still need to play Ghoul Patrol.

    @kaazuwulf: Yea, there are some die hard fans of Grim Fandango, which is why the game is so much online.
  • All I want is another X-Wing game. Just put that in the hands of a developer who will do right by it, and all will be well.
  • Then I guess I care even less about Lucasarts demise and I'm again reminded that I left Sev behind on Kashyyk.
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    Sam and Max and Monkey Island are already in good hands, so that cushions the loss of 1313 somewhat. Schafer has his own studio now, so the heart and soul of the LucasArts golden age lives on.

    Yeah, Grim Fandango, but G.F. is one of those brilliantly self-contained and epic games that doesn't really require a sequel.

    I am disappointed nobody ever made a quality Willow game, though, especially with its recent release on Blu Ray.
  • I was hoping the RE6 enemies in Left 4 Dead would be more then just skins on existing zombies.

  • I don't want a grim fandango sequel, I just want then to release it on steam or something.
  • Word I can dig that. Any sequel would probably not be good but I do want to play that game again and I'm not sure that I still have the disc. I maybe pirated it at one point?
  • The monkey island update was fantastic. I wish they would do the same for Grim Fandango.
  • I found out that this game is really good:

    Thanks Mega64:

  • I was going to say something about the Jedi Knight series, which I adore, but if I recall correctly Raven handled Outcast and Jedi Academy. Still, Dark Forces and Jedi Knight, those were good times, and I am saddened we will probably never see a Kyle Katarn game again.
  • Heard George pressured the 1313 team to make the game about Boba Fett. Less inclined to think it would have been awesome now.
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    On the other hand, they just released the source code for Outcast and Academy ( ), so there might be some interesting stuff down the line after all. People took the Freespace 2 code and turned it into a remarkably good BSG Viper flight sim, for example.
  • Cliffy B is the biggest douche on the Internet over Roger Ebert's death. That is all.
  • Cliffy B is the biggest douche on the Internet over Roger Ebert's death. That is all.
    Dude's kind of always been a huge asshole. Its just that no one's ever cared because if you make a video game that people like it gives you carte blanch to be completely shitty.
  • Cliffy B is generally a pretty big douche.
  • Something eerie about the timing of the loss of Roger Ebert and the release of a true game as art in Bioshock Infinite.
    I mean, it's hard to get like, offended by it because it's just like... it's just... it's so dumb.
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