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  • fuck that
  • The Joystiq article summed up the feelings of most Valkyra Chronicles fans.

    "Why, Sega? Do you drink our tears for everlasting life?" Joystiq News Editor Alexander Sliwinski fell to his knees and screamed to the heavens this morning. "Just divert a tenth of that Sonic sequel money to a multi-platform console continuation of Valkyria Chronicles."
  • I know I was fielding for my online card battle Valkria Chronicles.
  • First, they made a Shenmue browser game
    Then, they made a Sakura Wars browser game
    And now, they made a Valkyria Chronicles browser game

    I'm guessing that we'll get a Skies of Arcadia browser game next.
  • Now we know why they don't make consoles anymore.
  • Do we have sales figures? I'll bet it's because making a browser game is the Japanese equivalent of the Facebook Farmville cash cow. Low risk, lower funding, higher payout than making a solid home console game. A small, vocal minority may like your game, but that's not money in the bank, right?
  • huehuehuehuehuehuehue

  • Worrying levels of anime detected.
  • Knowing this project exists bums me the fuck out :'(. Why did you have to revive this thread, I could have been forever ignorant!
  • For a series whose third game was only released in Japan "shook the world" is a bit grandiose.
  • exagenous said:

    fuck that

    It certainly shook the world more than the newest one that everybody agreed was a suck fest.

  • This is nto okay
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