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Lord of the Rings (Because Dave hates Twitter conversations and happiness)



  • I thought that mortality was the Gift of Man given by Iluvatar and that's why the ring's extension of the bearer's life is an unnatural side effect? That's why there's some talk about acceptance of death, as well as condemnation of acts like the attempted invasion of the Undying Lands.

    That all applies to humans though, so I don't know where halflings and dwarves fit in considering they have a different creator, right?
  • The extension of life is an unintended side effect as they were all originally planned to be given to elves, not humans and dwarves. The intended benefit to elves was that it allowed them to stay in Middle Earth and delay their fading into a wraith, so they emulated an environment similar to Aman.

    I'm pretty sure it isn't known how hobbits came into being, but they are considered related to men. Dwarves were created by Aulë and later given a fëa by Ilúvatar as he is the only one who has the Flame Imperishable and is able to do so. Being related to men, I would assume that the fëa of hobbits is similar to men and they too go to the Halls of Waiting and from there it is unknown.

    Dwarves confuse me. Men were gifted with mortality, but dwarves had it since the Years of the Trees, a century after the elves awakened. So do they have a different sort of mortality than men? Do their fëa go to the Halls of Waiting or do they go to the Halls of Mandos along with elves? Or are they just fucked because they weren't intended to be a part of the Ainulindalë? But that can't be the case since Ilúvatar has proven to be rather flexible with it in the past by incorporating the discord in the music that was created by Melkor, even going so far as to say it improved it.
  • Unrelated to all of that, I just finished reading Fellowship of the Ring for the first time and all I can think is that Tolkien must have had no idea of how to create a relationship between Legolas and Gimli. In the span of a paragraph the two go off and when they return are the best of friends.
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    Call me Lathspell, for I necro this thread with ill news. This looks fuuuucking terrible, not from a technical perspective, but more in the "awful LOTR fanfiction AssCreed clones are now the rule of the day" sort of way. You play an OC Dunedain in charge of guarding Narsil. You apparently "have" a Wraith, don't ask me how that even works. It gives you superpowers in the form of Detective Mode from the Arkham games. Why god. It's especially terrible given this game looks absolutely gorgeous and the "nemesis" system and "no repeated enemy models" and such are really cool ideas on paper and deserve something better.
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    You are half human and half Wraith in this game. You are also a ranger, like Aaragorn. To follow the other shallow fanfiction elements, I'm guessing an elf love interest will be introduced. Also, dual-wielding. Skads of dual-wielding.

    But I'll forgive it in the same way that I forgave Star Wars: The Force Unleashed if it allows me to bust serious heads in an action-oriented video game.
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    Is there any actual LotR significants to the term "Gravewalker" (the apparent proper noun the orcs keep yelling at you)?

    Work of blue wizards?
  • The article I read implied that your character had died and come back in some fashion related to the whole Wraith thing, so I assume "Gravewalker" is in reference to that.
  • "Shadows Over Mordor" is the name of my wizard-rock station on Pandora. It contains a lot of Nightwish.
  • Reminds me of the combat text in Gemstone III.

    So nostalgic. :(
  • I have a question about the game, early stuff indicated that your character was some kind of demi-wraith which makes you immortal but what I'm hearing now is that Celebrimbor is basically your Stand and also a huge jerk who won't let you stay dead. So which is it?
  • Both?

    It seems... not tonally LotRers.
  • Yeah, the game looks fun but I don't see any reason it had to be set in Middle Earth instead of generic fantasy universe (except for the obvious reason: dat sweet franchise tie-in money)
  • It's because the Batman theme got canned last minute.
  • Yeah I dont get why it even really makes sense for it to take place in Middle earth, they include gollum in a way that makes absolutely no sense for the character but I guess gollum just has to be in everything. Its dumb. I'm having some fun with it and to be fair I probably wouldnt have stuck with it if I hadnt been curious about how they were going to be using middle earth themes.
  • That's not important. The important part is that Gimli can down a Grog in one swift action.
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    I picked up the game and I just have to say... the first orc that killed me is was an unnamed spear guy, and on promotion he took the name Uguu. I'm keeping him alive, I want Warchief Uguu.

    I fought my first warchief and this just gets better, the orcs chant the warchief's name when they show up. I need to go kill all his rivals and aid in his promotion.
  • Yeah, the game looks fun but I don't see any reason it had to be set in The Generic Fantasy Universe instead of a generic fantasy universe (except for the obvious reason: dat sweet franchise tie-in money)
  • Even more reasons, unless I'm being misinformed - Elves don't get to be ghosts except maybe in Valinor.
    The other thing was that all evil is in service to the Dark Lord, even if your aim is the bring him down through acts of evil it can only serve to empower him or lead to your downfall at the hands of good guys.

    It probably is the best of that Assassin's Creed style of game but the story is one big long tutorial to give you the tiniest hint of the fun you can have mostly through the orc hierarchy. The achievements clue you in on much deeper things you can do like get five captains to bodyguard the same chief, raid him and then activate their brands and let them take him out without helping. While I do get that this type of game is about making your own fun, it should have probably had a mission that worked out like that, and given you branding much earlier.

    Better, more distinct landmarks and more diverse geography would have been nice, too.
  • At this point this game got me hella bemused--in the puzzled/bewildered sense--over its use of lore. In the tradition of all "extended universe" stuff, or whatever you want to call it, they take every single opportunity to repeat canon lines to you verbatim. Like when Celebrimbor says "no, we will use the enemy's weapons against them." Now all I can think is: if this game does not end with them realizing they've failed and they've fueled Sauron's war machine even more then it's like... WAY TO MISS THE CENTRAL PREMISE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES. There is no way you could miss that even watching the movies with one eye open. Hell, look at the cover of the book it says "Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien. The Fellowship of the Ring. PS: ALL EVIL SERVES SAURON. ALL HATE IS BAD. THE POINT OF THE BOOK IS THERE IS NO ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS IN THIS UNIVERSE."

    Haha but anyway.

    I'm 100% agree that branding should've come way, way earlier in the game. It actually gives you a reason to futz around with the power structure. And it's pretty neat. Mind controlling a captain, sending him to oust a warchief (whose bodyguards you've also mind controlled) and then sending that warchief to run riot against the other warchiefs with his cadre of bodyguards who are mind controlled by default is really neat.

    But I just don't like it when games put in things that are like "look at this super awesome thing you can do! ...iiiiif you feel like it, no pressure..." Like most open world games, Shadows of Mordor doesn't force you to use all the tools at your disposal, it gives you a whole toolkit and is like "just pick whichever, it'll be fine."
  • Except for stealth bows. No such things exist.
  • I don't think I'm going to be able to let that one go. Bows are so solidly nested in the rogue/thief skill tree in most fantasy games/everything that separating the two in this instance is dumb.
  • I could validate it by saying that any one weak to stealth is heavily armed in invisible plate mail with vital weakness that can only be found by looking really close. I mean orcs have access to that kind of magic readily all the time, right?
  • Sauron made the Ring -> the Ring turns people invisible -> chainmail is basically just a lot of tiny rings -> invisible chainmail?
  • Chainmail is rings interlocking, so those rings are wearing rings, and so they're all invisible, yes.


  • Rings in your rings so yo can hide while you hide.
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    I got it! The orc war chief is sitting in a perfectly safe room with the only opening having a dead angle! No ranger can make that shot.
  • In Middle-Earth, Golgo-13 uses arrows. But he still fires them from an M-16.
  • Psssst! Ilúvatar is a jerk. Pass it along.
  • And hilarious.
  • Frodo Swaggins
  • That long sword proficiency is a curse, Ranger.
  • They're taking the homeboys to laser tag.

  • Yeerk armies and Gameshark...Too many chuckles from that video.
  • It is exactly the right amount of stupid to make me laugh.
  • his brother colin who lived underwater got me.
  • That sounds like when we were little kids and we'd do a mad lib by putting "fart" in every space.
  • I got a chuckle out of "So Faygo and the other Haddocks set out" also King Lionking
  • I thought Glockenspiel was quite good, along with Captain Titanic and his butler Earth Worm Jim who was working for Silly String. The sound track it pretty good as well.
  • I thought Glockenspiel was quite good, along with Captain Titanic and his butler Earth Worm Jim who was working for Silly String. The sound track it pretty good as well.
    The Boys Are Back In Town MIDI at 4:21.

    If you like elvish and butt touching. It isn't as weird as it sounds. You can trust me.
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