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Lord of the Rings (Because Dave hates Twitter conversations and happiness)



  • Boyfriend and I saw this last night. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. I had no problems with the pacing or anything.
  • i promised god he could kill all the dwarves and wizards in this movie if he let the baby hedgehog live.
  • That scene. gods be damned.
  • Of all the Doctors to be so concerned over saving animals, you'd never really peg the Seventh :T
  • Just stumbled upon this guy's art.


    Also, Aaron "Dresden Codak" Diaz is a huge LOTR fan and has been doing Silmarillion art lately, which is whetting my appetite to go read it.

  • I tried to read Dresden Codak, and that guy is cuh-razy. Actually takes transhumanism seriously, for one, and generally seems a bit of an ass from what I've read about him. Art is pretty though.
  • I propose that this thread not turn into discussion about Dresden Codak/Aaron Diaz/transhumanism, and instead continue talking about how cool dwarves are (spoiler alert: pretty cool.)
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    Agreed. Did someone post those pics from the guy who did an illuminated version of The Silmarillion? Now that was a sight to see.
  • I remember how the Dresden Codak guy declared that he was going to quit his job and just make webcomics as a career from that point forward! and then he didn't make a comic for like two months.
  • Transhumanism is something I've seen on the horizon by being interested in sci-fi and geekery, but I've avoided ever peering into that (presumably quite beardy) realm. Is it truly something to be ridiculed?
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    I propose that this thread not turn into discussion about Dresden Codak/Aaron Diaz/transhumanism, and instead continue talking about how cool dwarves are (spoiler alert: pretty cool.)
    C'mon, guuuuyyys. I thought we agreed not to do this. Back to dwarves: dem beards. So cray-cray.
  • This must be quite the cesspit.
  • Transhumanism and dwarves? Sounds like it's time for some cyberdwarf!


  • Transhumanism is one of those things that generally needs to stay within the boundaries of the science fiction. Once people start asserting that the Singularity is inevitable, you know that they've boarded the bus to Crazy Town.

    As for dwarves, I was struck by the inexplicable desire to go and see The Hobbit again while it's still in the theater, even though I only thought it was okay the first time around. Specifically, I was thinking of all of the scenes where Thorin is a total hardcase.
  • I dunno, Transhimanism is fine. Like every thing it has a bus packed full of people ready for crazy town but its still a cool thing. Just gotta approach it from the right angel and ignore the loony futurists. Like the sweet breakthroughs in prosthetics/cornea replacements/artificial hearts/pacemakers/implanted insulin dispensers/those crazy magnetic implants or the awful subdermal peircings which I'm sure could have SOME kind of benefit. Its cool/real stuff

    And from the ninjas consultants tumblr


    Why did the Orcs join up with Sauron anyway...
  • Rereading LotR over the past couple weeks, nearly through Two Towers now. What are people's thoughts on Faramir, movie vs book? I was one of those "why would they change it?" cranks when the movie first came out, then swung around to the "of course they changed it, having Faramir reject the Ring didn't really make much sense and weakened its supposed power" camp. Now that I'm back in the thick of the book, I still think the movie change was for the best, but I'll give the book some credit - Faramir never even saw the Ring, and spent very little time around it, so I guess it's not really a stretch to have him say "no thanks." He certainly wasn't given any more time or cause to fall under its spell than most of the Fellowship.
  • It was really hard to watch what they did with Faramir the first time I saw the movie since he was always one of my favorite characters, but I mostly buy the rationale for the change.
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    I was pretty annoyed at the seemingly arbitrary changes to Faramir's character in the theatrical release of the film, but the extended version, which shed more light on his strained relationship with Denethor, made it a lot more bearable.
  • Yeah, Faramir really suffered in the cuts they made for the theater version.
  • The flashback to Osgiliath with him, Boromir, and Denethor is the only thing that makes the change palatable, in that it actually explains it. Otherwise it's probably the biggest frustration for me in the whole trilogy (not that that stops Two Towers from being my favorite of the three).
  • I'm actually okay with the implication that he wasn't a complete goody-goody. "The One Ring tempts men so severely that all will fall to its power, even the legendary kings of old, oh except for this one dude, he's cool".
  • Yeah, that's what sold me on the change - but like I said, upon rereading, it's not like the book had him dance around and put the Ring on his finger with no effect (BOMBADIL). I think I can live happily with both versions.
  • Is there anyone that actually likes Tom Bombadil?
  • I think Tom Bombadil is fine, just not in the framework of the Lord of the Rings where so much depends on the Ring's insidious influence. He would have fit better in The Hobbit, I think.

    On the plus side, Fatty Lumpkin.
  • That was my porn name.

    Or a certain part of my anatomy's, anyway.
  • dave why

    why did you make me think about that

    why do you hate me

    i sold you a video game that one time

    i bought like three shirts
  • Dave, you've been bragging about your enormous penis for years, we get it, it is large and in charge.

    I'm just calling it Charles now.
  • I seem to recall Dave's penis being named after the hobbit Fatty Bolger in the LoTR genitalia-naming thread, not the king among ponies, Fatty Lumpkin.
  • Yeah, it was Fatty Bolger. A much better penile surname, I think.
  • There's enough to encompass all Fatties, I should think.
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    from (NSFW)
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    (for the benefit of those who might be at work, Oglaf is an extremely NSFW site)
  • Woops! Sorry about that. The last two Oglaf comics have been pretty tame, so it didn't cross my mind to tag the site as NSFW.
  • Lol. What is that from?
  • The hobbit.
    Can we just do this again?

  • Graz is a cave troll
  • Yeah well youre a mountain troll which is so clearly worse.
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