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Valdis Story: Abyssal City - Kickstarter

Don't mean to co-opt Mankoon/Khyron's Thunder with this post but They put up a Kickstarter for there up coming game Valdis Story Abyssal City. It looks cool as fuck as I think you guys should all go fund it.


  • Is this coming out for iOS?

    I just spent some cash on friends game "Saturday Morning RPG" which comes out next week and I am eventually going to support Mobile Frame Zero.
  • I don't know, but theres a spot on the kickstarter where you can ask them questions.
  • Over the weekend it got fully funded and then some. But I recommend that anyone who likes Castlevania Symphony of the night type side scrollers get over there and at least get the pre order pledge.
  • They got a poll on what weapon's goin in the game.
  • Now the real question which did you select? I chose dagger and Bow.
  • Dude, whip. I want to tattoo "fast weapons 4 lyfe" across my chest.
  • Axe! I haven't even looked at it yet but axe! Big f'n axe. I'll settle for a 2 handed mace as well.
  • There is a comically large mace, but it's hurting in the rankings.
  • wouldn't the dagger be faster than the whip?
  • Dagger loses points because it's a ranged weapon too.
  • Stoic, the crew that's working on Banner Saga, sent out an email mentioning their backing of Valdis Story and encouraging their own kickstarter supporters to do the same.
  • There's also a Class of Heros 2 kickstarter project. The game's getting released either way, but the donations ensure that there will be a localization and physical special edition release. I've heard it's much better than the original.
  • Hey not to blow your mind or anything but the demo just became available last night. Not sure if you have to have kickstarted it or not but that is where I got the link from. Only got to play it for like 5 mintues last night but it looked pretty great
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