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Video Game Music Thread



  • Didn't know there was like an entire community for 5 nights at freddys for creating music. Some of it is actually pretty great.
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    Nahyuta was kind of a lame prosecutor, but hot damn do I love his theme song.
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    I'm not gonna hate, it was a good track. But I wept every time they hit us with the opening sting of:

    Simon Blackquill? More like Simon Bring Him Back In The Sequill.
  • He did great things on the defense bench, but yeah, god. It's not like they've NEVER reused a prosecutor, it's just that they often DON'T.
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    The Crossbone Gundam doesn't have an anime so they just used the same theme from Gundam Vs. Still a cool theme.

  • Best part of the Bacchus training seminars. Always get me hype.
  • DG_Nick: you have to fist pump the air when you say STEP AND GO
    DG_Nick: it's the law
  • Basic brain: Beneath the Mask (instrumental)
    Expanded brain: Beneath the Mask
    Super brain:

    This is the only version that matches my melancholy.
  • The composer for Nier did a version of Battle on the Big Bridge for the FF15 DLC. Kinda sounds in tune with Nier.

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