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Dalatrass Effect 3



  • Is the story reminding anyone else of B5?
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    Is the story reminding anyone else of B5?
    Beethoven 5? Yeah, krogans are pretty much large, lovable scamps that just want to destroy as much as possible. And thank heavens humans allowed them to reproduce, because that just opens up a lot of sequel possibilities.
  • I'm down for group play.

    God, wait, fuck, that sounds sexual and disturbing.

    But also kind of hot.
    I'm down. For the sex stuff, not Mass Effect.

    The MP is platform specific which sucks. There's no reason for it to be. Jon, the night I asked Paul was me trying to line up 2 more to play with you. I just also ran into work bullshit and personal headbox bullshit so never had the chance yet. We need to schedule a play date.
  • Tonight, Friday night, and Saturday night should be good for me this week. Tuesday is Lady Time, and Wednesday and Thursday are Toledo Time.
  • I'd play on the PC (with the usual caveat that I'm a west-coaster, and therefore will probably be playing at times you folk should all be in bed). NthDegree256 on Origin, as usuals.
  • Finished the game yesterday. Not a fan of the ending.
  • No one was. I'm not enraged by it the way others are, though. The story wasn't that great to begin with.
  • I really think they needed to fly Kojima in to make one of his crazy over the top melodramatic endings.
  • Rage is a disproportionate reaction, but I think disappointment is perfectly legitimate. What really chaps my ass is all the people clamoring about how great the ending was, or how they don't see what all the fuss is about.
  • No. Keep that asshole the fuck away from Mass Effect.
  • The ending was ok. It was not bad enough to warrant returning the game or pestering Bioware enough that they make a new ending. If I were Bioware, I'd bring in George Lucas so they could see what a truly bad ending looks like.
  • I've wiped all memory of the ending out of my brain and have accepted the Penny Arcade version as the one true ending.
  • My "fanon" ending is just the ending of Gurren Lagann but with Commander Shepard.
  • Yeah, that "petition Bioware to fix the ending" thing is ridiculous. If they actually tack on additional ending-related content as commercial DLC, that would be even worse.
  • This will end with Shepherd jerking off over the comatose body of Liara. Mark my words.
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    Edit: I was going to steal that, but then realized I don't know anyone else that would get it, or at the least have a crossover of interest in the two franchises. Damnit.
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    I hope we get to punch Harbinger in the face in this DLC.
  • How can you punch a 3 mile tall giant robot that has no face, in the face?
  • I am criminally behind everyone else so I'm skimming things everywhere to avoid spoiling anything.

    The thing with Thane, post stupid ninja dude, almost had me in tears. I am not ashamed to admit that. I love that fish priest assassin. I just finished that moment and had to walk away. It makes me regret not doing the romance option with him and it makes me even angrier at BioWare for what I already bitched about in regards to relationships. We were not just friends, we weren't lovers, but we were more than simply allies. That doesn't exist as far as this game is concerned and that's just bullshit.
  • We were not just friends, we weren't lovers, but we were more than simply allies. That doesn't exist as far as this game is concerned and that's just bullshit.
    At the risk of spoiling anything, I'll simply say that this kind of relationship is portrayed very well in the game with a different character.

  • Serious spoilers

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    Joe's follow up on the indoctrination thing is worth a watch, too. (Definitely hyperspoilatronic):
  • image

    We have to go back...and fix the ending.
  • I myself thought they were going to do something with the idea of indoctrination based on Shepard's repeated dream sequences, but if their plan is to give the "real" ending in DLC, then they have fucked up. Either it's bad writing or bad marketing, and I've already uninstalled the game and moved on to other things.
  • It's bad writing. The whole game is bad writing.
  • Wat. Aside from the last 5-10 minutes being pretty lame, there's some seriously excellent scripted moments throughout.
  • Wat. Aside from the last 5-10 minutes being pretty lame, there's some seriously excellent scripted moments throughout.
    Yeah, I haven't seen the ending, but there was so much decent closure to various relationships and subplots along the way that I feel if they had moved some of these character moments to the ending or epilogue, less people would be complaining.

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    When I got to the end and it turned out the whole game was about this meta conflict between synthetics and organics I felt a little lost. If they had avoided that gloss in the end or included it earlier in the game it would have been fine.
  • Or, worse, the whole "indoctrination" idea, aka "it was all a dream".
  • Well, synthetics vs. organics has been a major theme since the first game. It's the basis of the speech Sovereign gives you when you meet him (also Quarians vs. Geth is such a huge plot point). The foundation was definitely there, it's just the ending takes it over into this weird direction with a lot of circular logic that doesn't really pan out.
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    They didn't do a good job with anchoring the synthetic vs organic concept at the heart of the story. Sure, there's Quarian vs Geth, but that's a small part of a big damn universe. There's arguably more organic vs organic conflict, when you think of all the bad blood between the the Asari / Turian / Salarian faction and the uplifted Krogan. Or everyone in the universe versus the Rachni. There are numerous other races (Volus, Elcor, Batarian, etc.) where there's no hint of "inevitable organic vs synethetic" conflict. There's very little of that conflict visible with the humans, even. The closest example I can think of is virtual intelligences deliberately having their programming limited. Regardless, the motivation behind the Reapers is still opaque and nonsensical.
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    This greater organic vs synthetic concept made no sense to me at the end since not a few hours ago I had just made the Quarians and Geth best buds. It felt like they had just invalidated that whole part of the game. That there wasn't an option to punch the Catalyst in the gut and say I proved him wrong was annoying.
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    But, hey, it's all in the name of high-concept art yoo guyz. Don't you love art?!!??

    Seriously though. Finally coming to grips with the fact that ME is no more than a CBS soap opera with lasers. If they're going to play off the indoctrination thing, that's cool. But they've already wasted the reveal. Now it's just a mechanic to get out of the rubble and keep fighting. Any chance they had to elevate the narrative above that CBS soap opera level is gone now.

    Goddamn EA. Goddamn Bioware for being under EA.
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    I didn't mention it in my last post, but if the Reapers' motivation had been "we're going to harvest organic life because organics inevitably murder each other off and this is the only way to preserve some part of them, albeit in synthetic form", at least that would have made sense in context.
  • I just hoped it was how this godlike machine race reproduced. They need to innovate, but machines suck at being truly random, so they have to wait til sufficiently complex organic species jet around the galaxy fucking one another and then harvest their Bodily Fluids for use in reproduction. That'd be it. There's no larger motivation, no deeper meaning.
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    That would have worked, too.

    I'm reinstalling ME3 so I can try some team-friendly multiplayer at some point. I've got Nick and John's Origin handles in my friend's list, but I don't have JOEL, Dave, Graz, Getter, or Ian yet.
  • Be that way, Paul.
  • Skimming this is getting harder to do but my origin ID is Rhegma
  • I sent you a a friend request, Paul.
  • Skimming this is getting harder to do but my origin ID is Rhegma
    Shit! Apologies! Spoiled out.
  • Nah, it's fine. As a person who takes forever to play or finish games I've got a thick skin for this type of thing. I don't expect everyone to filter their words because of the minority.
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    I just hoped it was how this godlike machine race reproduced.
    This was all but explicitly said in the first two games, so it's pretty annoying that it turned out not to be the case.

  • I thought what they said was: "Fuck off, Squishy, you wouldn't understand."
  • Salarian infiltrator is my favorite so far. "Cloak, zap, snipe, reload, repeat" carves away at most of the incoming, and I love resuscitating teammates while invisible. My roommate's getting a kick out of his krogan soldier and its "solve all problems with my face" approach to battle.
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    All the cool kids know that melee infiltrator, aka aggro spy, is the new hotness.
    I thought what they said was: "Fuck off, Squishy, you wouldn't understand."
    Well, they DIDN'T explicitly say it. My laser-focused memory doesn't have all the evidence at hand, but them building a human reaper at the end of ME2 seems like a pretty big clue.
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    Jon: So, basically, you were hoping for the Reapers to be Saberhagen's Berserkers? Like Goki says, that would not have been bad at all.

    edit: It does occur to me that "but we made the Quarians and the Geth be pals!" is kind of the same thing people said at the end of Fallout 3, like "but I have a whole truck full of antiradiation drugs! And my mutant friend over there is totally immune to radiation! Why does the story force me to go into the radiation chamber and die?"
  • I'm getting really into human adept now.
  • Asari Adept is my current favorite. Maxed out Stasis / Warp combo is where it's at.
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