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Boss Doors Streams!



  • It freaks me out that you use that Cyclops Avatar. Sick monster.

    It's been almost 2 weeks since birfday strem but I can get "wizard duel" out of my head. We need to figure out a way to continue that nonsense.
  • On the muddy streets of Daughter............................................

    I said it on our last stream but I'm still in the ethical quandary of whether or not to resurrect Shields.
  • Nooooooooooope
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    eoghan it's okay if you want to ruin the strems but why you have to drive by and ruin my Shields talk too :(

    I was about to dash off a quick Shields tribute set to I'll Be Missing you but I stopped when I realized she deserved far more than 90 seconds of effort in adobe premiere.
  • Is it appropriate for her murderer to do that?
  • What are you talking about Algus doesn't own a copy of premiere
  • Reminder: Wealthy and I will be streaming at about 1pm EDT. He will be teaching me how to master Stellaris
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    I said it during the stream but Dave should reload, grind out 50 JP and do that mission again.

    (thanks to everyone who came I hope you had a good time! I was worried it would be too boring or that I would get too controlling. I used to be an awful backseat gamer and I hope I'm doing better these days.)
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    How long do past broadcasts stick around? I want to watch that Stellaris stuff.

    What would 50JP give?
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    The dick who didn't have phoenix down could've saved her. :(
  • Anywhere from two weeks to two months, it seems unpredictable. With something this big on a small channel like Eoghan's though, I imagine on the shorter side. Archive is over here for now.

    We were having problems with connecting to Twitch for the first 15 minutes or so, so you can skip ahead unless you want to hear us lamenting our fate and talking about Giant Bomb.
  • It's also 8 hours long because Stellaris is a time hole so put a day aside for watching it.
  • I didn't so much as put aside eight hours for it as it ended up at eight hours. One More Turn syndrome. I thought we'd maybe go for two or three.
  • One more turn is the sign of fun. Stellaris can be a bit much but it's fun. I just don't get enough time to commit myself. My Fremen horde is probably spinning out of control from neglect at this point.
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    It appears that part of the stream got muted. Possibly of Nelly Furtado. It's only about 5 minutes though. And it's mostly a period in which I was poking through menus waiting for Wealthy to come back. And it ends right in time to hear The Internationale.
  • A little highlight that sums up Eoghan's approach to the game.
  • Dave and Graz made a Boss Doors community page on Twitch that you can stream to. If you're interested in seeing streams from various community members, check it out!
  • I take umbrage with having to see Nick's face on that page.
  • It was the first image i found in my screenshots folder that fit their insanely specific dimensional requirements so it stays.
  • Fucking weirdos.
  • On that day, the Boss Doors community remembered...
  • White Day is looking like a must for spooktober. Is...are you guys really planning to do the whole month again? You don't haaaaaaaaaave to.
  • For serious. Especially with a dog, no matter how chill it may or may not be. Don't wear yourselves out on our behalves.
  • We'll see exactly how it pans out but all things are go for now. We have big events for the next three weekends, so I might be down for just nixing all socialization in October and just staying at home in a protective strem chrysalis.

    I definitely got my eyes on HOWAITO Day. I'd get it now, but since October is close enough I might hold up just to keep the % of spooky games in #streamtober as high as possible.
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