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Boss Doors Streams!

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Because I'll be very bored and lonely this weekend, and it's the 15th anniversary of Resident Evil, I'll be doing an RE livestream this Sunday starting around noon. There's a poll for those who'd like to watch!

Answer the poll here:


  • Bored and lonely so you're playing Resident Evil and inviting the internet to watch?
    Sounds like fun, I'll be there. Out of curiosity though, why Resident Evil?
  • Because it's been on my mind, it's old enough that a bunch of people haven't experienced, and it's something I know well enough to marathon.
  • How much time do you think you're going to invest in this?
  • Speed run of either RE game is a couple of hours.
  • I forgot how long it takes to beat the game. ¿Are we talking AWO podcast levels here?
  • Depending on how well I remember the first game, probably three hours. I can do the RE2 games in less than two hours a character.
  • Invisible zombies mode?
  • 5 billion hours
  • Will there be a live chat too?
  • Yes. I'm using (if I can ever figure it out), so whatever the default features are there, I will have.
  • Dude ask me anything about jtv.
  • How do I make it go.

    Actually I have the basic idea of it. Fooling around with it, I'm just trying to figure out how to get mic AND game sound out. Also, I guess you need an intermediary program like Flash Media Encoder to stream the video from your computer to the site? Except I can't use FME because my capture card won't export in a format it likes. So suggested this program, Dynamo I guess, which seems like a piece of shit.

    Also I want to make sure I'm uploading the stream in SD, since they're old games and I don't want to waste bandwidth on a high resolution/bitrate.
  • Who's Justin?

    Install this and you can use FME, then you can drag across the area of your screen that you want to capture. Bitrate of about 800 would be good and you can tune audio down to 96k without too much loss but I'll leave that up to you. Windows 7 got that stereo mix so you should be set right there if you have it. I have my audio source as line in/mic in so it just records whatever my computer hears.
    Use this if you don't want to fool around with stereo mix or use both if you want.
  • Justin comes up with product ideas, keeps the tech team in line, writes specs, does technical hiring, installs servers, buys hardware, writes user features, and tries hard to get out of the office on his motorcycle once in a while.
  • I know you just copy-pasted that, but I'd rather say "What is he your boyfriend?" and impugn your manliness.

    Also thanks.
  • So.....Did this happen? never saw a link to it anywhere (and i forgot about it until just now)
  • Well, that was fun. Thanks, Dave.
  • I'm surprised people were looking for it on the site/forum. I will take that under advisement for next time.
  • You should get Graz in on this, live co-op something.

    Or vs. I think we can all agree that watching you two shittalk each other would be pretty funny.
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    I'm surprised people were looking for it on the site/forum. I will take that under advisement for next time.

    You were surprised about that?

    You, Dave??


    I missed it ='(
  • Thanks for doing that. It was a lot of fun to watch, though I forgot how early it was and only caught part of it. It is on archived but you lose the chatroom discussion, that's the one thing, and Dave was talking to the chat a fair bit.
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    ¿Did he win?
  • Yeah.
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    Doin' another one of these at 3 EST (in about an hour). The subject will be Resident Evil 2 Claire B.

    Find it here:
  • Claire B? You poor poor bastard. On top of her being frustratingly gimped, that's not even the true events. Just end this charade and get to Nemesis already.
  • I do the order people requested. I can't help that they're dumb and pick the wrong stuff.
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    IN, man you need to tell us you are doing these like a day ahead of time.
  • That went well. I will tentatively plan Resident Evil 3 for the same time next week (Sunday 3 PM EST).
  • IN, man you need to tell us you are doing these like a day ahead of time.
    He told us a week ago.
  • REMINDER: we're gonna try for another livestream (Resident Evil 3 with AAA+++ kill the nemesis every time mode) this Sunday around 4 pm EST.
  • Someone's still gonna complain.
  • Well I know now so I can't complain.
  • Good times. I was particularly entertained by "Okay, I want everyone to close their eyes now and think 'Magnum' as hard as you can." (click) "YOU DIDN'T FUCKIN' DO IT. And now we all have to live with the consequences."
  • Great as usual.
  • Rumbles on the innanet suggest there's gonna be another one of these on Sunday.
  • Ohnoes. Innanet rumbles.
  • I's hears em' clammerin'
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    First stream to end in failure. Code Veronica conquered Dave, FOR NOW.

    Poll page

    So votes are in favor of "Yes" so next stream tomorrow at 3 or 4PM EST.
  • Stream going right now.
  • I wasn't there.

    Did he get his shit fucked up?
  • He died three times before he switched to Z.O.E. 2 the second runner.
  • HEY.

    Two times.

    Second time was bullshit. The game cheated.
  • Damn, and I just had to miss it because of work.
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