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  • I dunno, it feels the same to me in that video clip. He's an uncharismatic robot and she's a belligerent asshole.
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    To elaborate: if you want to describe yourself publicly as "an engineer" in the sense of "having expertise and education in the area of civil engineering", then yes, you need to be certified and licensed by the state. The idea being that you don't want Joe Schnoe who did his structural engineering coursework at Phoenix University to be calculating the loads in your bridge overpass; you want him to have taken a test that shows he knows more than "PL/3EI".

    I mean, it's not like this is *not* bullshit--this is clearly the state using its power and authority to fuck with an uppity citizen--but it's a little more nuanced than "you can't say you're an engineer without a license".

    Oh: most states require a license to describe yourself as a civil engineer (sometimes called a "professional engineer"). It's not like Oregon is unique.
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