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Current events

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New thread for events that are current (what a concept).

Screw 127 hours, this needs to get turned into a movie.


  • I hear the end of the world has occurred in the south, hows that snow goin for ya?
  • I wouldn't know, in Miami it stopped being cold like 2 weeks ago. I think that whole snow thing might be near the upper border of Florida.
  • This is one crazy winter.
    The only state that isn't at least partially a winter wonderland today is Florida.
  • This is what happens when northeners come to Florida. Also, apparently drugs now come with super strength.
    Naked tourist disrupts traffic, is tased three times
  • "JeffersonPierce" said:
    This is one crazy winter.
    The only state that isn't at least partially a winter wonderland today is Florida.
    what about hawaii?
  • Oh hai it's Luke. This is from 2005 but WHATEVER.
  • "Sasquatch" said:
    [quote="JeffersonPierce"]This is one crazy winter.
    The only state that isn't at least partially a winter wonderland today is Florida.
    what about hawaii?[/quote]
    It did snow in Hawaii.
  • "Digitalguardian" said:
    Oh hai it's Luke. This is from 2005 but WHATEVER.
    Great article!

    Incidentally, they're finally using the launch pad at Vandenberg that they built for the shuttle spy-satellite launches that never happened.
  • Japan is over.
  • I'm a bit concerned whether or not America will be able to weather the financial collapse better than Japan did. The EU seems to be continuing going crap, while China's ability to manipulate their own economy leaves them with the ability to make themselves only see growth.

    This is a story disturbs me. Normally I don't agree with the ACLU on most matters, but that is a law that just isn't right.
  • That shit's scary. If you think about it if the cops walk into a place that has surveillance they can probably find some loophole to arrest the owner (for not paying the protection money).
  • It's a complex issue, or so I think. Graz might have another viewpoint on this, but I'll briefly summarize mine:

    I feel this issue is more suited to civil than criminal causes of action. This fits rather neatly in the same area as intrusion upon seclusion/invasion of privacy/etc. This lets someone sue another person for money damages in the event that person violates his/her reasonable expectation of privacy. It's not that cut-and-dry, though, as now the whole thing hinges upon a definitional point: what constitutes a reasonable expectation of privacy? We've got precedent about that in every state and every federal circuit; some are more restrictive; some are less restrictive. How would you define it? I don't even know if I have a great answer offhand. For example, in a related criminal law point, if you talk to someone who has a wire on and implicate yourself, you can't claim it is a violation of privacy, as you -- as a matter of law -- implicitly accept the possibility that this fellow could at some point tell someone else, and thus as soon as you speak to another person, you shatter your own expectation of privacy. That, to me, is rather extreme. Another caveat to the general rule would be, "Is it acceptable for a public servant, which police officers most certainly are, to obscure the truth about their behavior on the job?" That, too, isn't an easy a call as I'd prefer, but my general stance is that no, cops should not have the power of criminally enforceable deceit. Perhaps that's strong wording, but I'm about four beers in, so I'm not as concerned with precision as perhaps normally I would be.
  • As much as I wish it were different the expectation of privacy these days is basically none. Between government access (without a warrant) to gps info and security cameras being put up everywhere, you have no privacy anymore unless you live in the middle of nowhere and use almost no technology. Don't even get me started on what you can find out through facebook and all that social networking stuff.
  • "JeffersonPierce" said:

    It did snow in Hawaii.

    It snows in some places in Hawaii every year. That is one of the reasons why Hawaii has military training facilities, because its one of the only places in the world that truly has almost every type of terrain and weather.

    Also the first time I tried to post this I got that warning that I can only embed quotes 3 deep WTF pleas fix, we need embedded quote wars.
  • "Digitalguardian" said:
    sigh... talk about beating a dead horse. When will these culture wars end.
  • When they get reclassified as "culture conservation projects"?
  • Probably the best opening line I've read for an article in a while

    "Drugged, raped, and pregnant? Too bad. "

    Can't wait until they re-classify murder. If your eyes were closed it didn't count.
  • Oh look, the guy who introduced it is over fifty. quelle surprise. I hate to be all GenX-cynical, but I really do believe that America's conservatism is mostly due to Baby Boomers and their parents being scared of the future. The only people I know who are genuinely upset over the idea of homosexuals are in my grandparents' generation.

    Today I spent four hours in a meeting where we had a huge argument over the definition of one single engineering-jargon term. Here's these assholes writing a fucking Federal law, where you'll go to prison if you disobey it, and they can't be arsed to define "forcible rape"?

    That said,
    For example: If a 13-year-old girl is impregnated by a 24-year-old adult, she would no longer qualify to have Medicaid pay for an abortion.
    Actually, the bill specifically states that abortion-due-to-incest is allowed if the mother is a minor. The article even points this out later.
  • I'm pretty sure "forcible rape" is already defined under the category of "rape," because it's all the same thing. That they seem to think there needs to be a different classification, and somehow certain things don't fall under it, hurts my heart.
  • I don't think that rape needs to enter the abortion issue at all. It's a personal decision, and it's a medical procedure. The end. Faffing around about "rape" or "danger to the mother" is only going to lead to more bullshit like this.

    My raging over the ill-defined language of the law is a separate issue, actually. I'd be unhappy with this even if they perfectly defined the exact circumstances under which you'd be required to pay cash for an abortion.
  • Its a sad day for Canadian innanet users also i hope that this shit doesn't cross the border. Metered innanet is the bane of my existence.
  • CAN $1.90 per gigabyte for most of Canada, and $2.35 for the country's French-speaking region.
    Fuck you France?

    I still remember back in the days of AOL you used to have to pay for plans based on usage. I can't believe 10 years+ later this shit's an issue.
  • Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few weeks, this isn't news. Egypt is going through what - so far - seems to be a peaceful civilian revolution. ... 16735.html
  • I had to read through Persepolis for a class last semester, which is a interesting first hand account of Iran's revolution during the 70s. This Egypt situation seems to be a parallel to the Iranian Revolution, but hopefully it will not turn out the same way with a Theocratic government controlling Egypt.
  • Is this just fantasy?
  • "Digitalguardian" said:
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide...
  • So Apple now says that any time you sell something in an iPhone app, you have to give Apple 30% of the wonder why they don't just ban the Kindle app and get it over with.
  • If they ban it then they won't get all that free money.
  • Yoy also don't have to buy books through the app.
  • According to Apple, if purchased content can be viewed on an iOS device, then 30% of the revenue from the purchase should go to Apple.

    The only thing I've seen suggesting that the Kindle App wouldn't affected is that you buy Kindle stuff at Amazon's website, rather than through the Kindle App itself. That seems pretty shaky to me. I guess it's yet another reason to jailbreak your iOS device!
  • The barnes and noble app already routes you to a website. You don't buy anything in it.
  • I just don't see how you could want to read an entire book on an i phone, maybe on a ipad.
  • I do it all the time.

    And note that this would also apply to MP3 files acquired from a non-iTunes source.
  • I read exclusively on my iPhone. It's the device I have with me at all times. It's a little annoying reading a third of a page at a time, but i like the coveniece.
  • I finally got one of those fancy smart phone things, myself, but I still couldn't imagine reading anything lengthy on it. Plus, I need many back-breaking books to make moving more onerous and crippling each time. With the phone, though, I guess you would be less prone to hearing the line from that old Bill Hicks stand-up act: "Whatchu readin' for?" On the other hand, nothing will supplant books as the medium of choice for summertime pool reading. It's delightful to read Sam Harris books while young housewives and their legions of children look on with denatured disapproval, even their rage having been tempered by the empty mundanity of their lives.

    I think that was unnecessarily harsh, but this is Ohio, so it may also just be 100% regionally accurate.
  • I once went into a church reading a copy of Cider House Rules, and I can't even begin to tell you the looks I got. One guy strait up refused to even touch the book because it was 'evil'. I later went in there with a Dan Barker book and didn't feel ashamed about it. 8)
  • ... by-brother
    Boy accidentally shots his sister and they just send her to school the next day.
  • That's one tough little girl.
  • The fact that they didn't go to the hospital is appalling.
  • Or just the fact that they didn't notice.

    It doesn't make it clear if the parents knew before sending her to school, or if they did know but didn't care. Either way is horrible parenting.
  • ... -why-cairo

    One of the best articles on the North African situation that I've run into so far.
  • The Germans are coming.
  • Detroit now has funding for a Robocop statue.

  • I think people need to get their prorities in order.As much as I am concerned that with IBM's determination to make Skynet by creating robots that can play Jeoprdy, I'm more interested in Detroit's situation. It seems like that city is getting closer and closer to the prospect of the world of Robocop actual happening where a private police is in control or that a corporation owns the police department.. I hope whoever organized that thing just donates that money to an organization that is trying to do some good in that city.
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