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Miles Edgeworth TWO


EDIT-Why am I only hearing about this now? Nothing on Kotaku/1up/Giantbomb I didn't realize how fucking bad they are that they literally nothing to say.


  • I saw the trailer for this the other day and it pretty much made my evening. I was like, "I cannot understand a word in this trailer, but I can understand the number '2,' which is good enough for me!"

    I wonder what the deal with the "chess" system is; I figured something was up when I saw the 3D chess pieces in the background of the trailer, and the articles you linked seem to agree. Ace Attorney hasn't been too big on complex mechanics so far, and I don't really see that changing...
  • I hope the logic shit is a little less dumb in this one. The last one was good, but way too obvious pretty much all the time.
  • Huh. Guess I need to get on my ass and actually finish the first one. I kinda wish they'd done what they did with the Apollo Justice trailer and given everyone voices and a quote series rather than just Edgeworth, but Shelly De Killer is coming back as an antagonist, so whatever.

    I didn't mind the all syllogism logic in the last one, but it was never hard to get the right answer. I think I screwed up one set in the time I played.
  • I don't have a problem with the concept. I have a problem with the whole game being "Pieces of broken glass" + "broken glasses" = WHAT HAPEPENENDED HERE YOU GUISE.
  • DERRRRRlock Holmes strikes again!
  • Yeah, that is a good point. It was always kinda dumb when you'd find an easily explained problem like that where Edgeworth has to explain it while the police go on about it being a weather balloon or something.
  • I'd hit it. Even with her ridiculous thunderbolt emo fringe.

    I am glad to see the host of new characters, though I'm slightly disappointed to not see more of Shelly de Killer. I don't want them to sit around rehashing old foes, but it would have been cool to have given him a voice.
  • Phoenix Wright games are ALL about rehashing! I actually thought it was pretty fun how many old characters had cameos in Miles Edgeworth I.

    I'm really glad these games do well enough in Japan for them to keep pumping them out. There are very few games of this style that are done as well. Most of the mystery games that are similar are like reading books rather then playing a game.

    That being said, the logic system was pretty rough. It's frustrating to know exactly what Miles is trying to point out but not being able to figure out how the computer wants you to connect the pieces. Thank goodness for walkthroughs or I wouldn't be able to stand playing these games.
  • 'nother trailer, next month don't think this game has dual language
  • I bought the first Miles Edgeworth game, but I still haven't gotten around to playing it. My handheld backlog is pretty obnoxious.....
  • edited September 2012
    Edgeworth's dad!

  • Awesome !

    My sweetheart Kay Faraday makes a comeback.

    Is this dancing?
  • I thought the dog was the same one as in Ghost Trick. :(

    Also Kay: best sidekick ever. Kick the scientist one out, plz.

    Capcom has a recent history of terrible decisions. If this is such a bad idea WHY THE FUCK ISN'T IT OUT YET CAPCOM?!
  • Because the DS is dead?
  • That's what I said.
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