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Giant Bomb



  • I still have ten or so episodes of season 3 that's actually the 4th one to go before I can listen that postmortem and get to the next season. I'll catch up, eventually.
  • Do you know how many haters have come out against the clap over the year and how ruggedly I've had to pour my soul into defending it and now ppl with a $50,000 a month patreon are doing the clap and where's that leave me huh????
  • Suddenly everyone wants the clap.
  • I thought you in particular would be enthused by the clap, Dave.
  • I just heard Dan talk about getting cups and popcorn containers from the trash at the cinema in order to get the free refills and I retract anything positive I have previously said about him.
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    I just heard him say he doesn't know what breakers are and I was like "are you a pod person???" but I was also like "maybe he's just the luckiest man on earth who has never had to deal with anything even APPROACHING a trouble or dilemma."
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    Just unpaused the podcast and he immediately asked if you can eat a penny because they have zinc and also food has zinc.

    I have to return to asking if he's actually Andy Kauffman?
  • I never grabbed them out of the trash but if someone left them sitting on the floor or in their seat I would grab them and take them to the bathroom to wash them out. This was when I was but a youth of course.

    Garbage is a bit too far though.
  • Other people's refuse is still garbage.
  • I was like "gross but okay he was probably a teenager" and I heard the part where he definitely still does it as a 30 year old man and again I ask IS THIS ALL AN ACT.
  • The last time I did something like that I was like... 12 or something and didn't really give a shit at that age. At a certain point I literally started just taking my backpack into the movie theater with stuff from the grocery store across the road.


    Thinking about it, it's not really that bad. I would be wary of taking something directly out of the trash, but if it was on top... maybe not so bad. For popcorn you could maybe argue that someone only had their hand in the tub and ideally they'd only be touching the popcorn itself. Since you're not eating that obviously maybe not so bad, but also maybe they sneezed into the tub or some shit. So that's kinda sketchy.

    A cup is mostly sealed, sure you could have some backwash, but if you're washing it out with hot water and soap that's really not that much different than any other cup. It seems a bit more excusable at that point. I mostly only remember going for cups because I didn't really like popcorn that much when I was younger.

    Still doing it even when you have money to buy stuff is... a bit strange though.
  • I thought that Beastcast 109 was the hardest I would be the hardest I would ever laugh at anything on the internet. That is, until I listened to Beastcast 111.

    Abby has been such an amazing addition to the team. The chemistry between Abby and Vinny is great, I will never get tired of hearing people dunking on Jeff, Dan continues to find new ways to constantly baffle and astound, and they've made surprisingly judicious use of the voice modulator so far, the Beastcast just has everything right now.

    I'm also now convinced that Dan's character is, to at least some degree, an act. He demonstrated way too much self-awareness during the Jeremiah segment for it to be plausible that he doesn't at least on some level understand what he's doing. I don't think that he's making up stories and inventing facts about himself, but I think on some level he's aware that the things he says and does are not normal, and he plays up the lack of self-awareness angle for entertainment. I think his character is a healthy dose of genuine child-like naivete mixed with just enough savvy to know when to play it up a bit.
  • Ditch Dan and hire Jeremiah imo
  • He is from Kansas City and he loves wrestling. I am pretty sure that sums up Dan's steeze.
  • Yeah Kuiper I think you're right, like I legit think he doesn't know a decent amount of stuff, but he's probably knows more than he suggests. It's just that any opportunity he gets to say something like "what is cheese made of?" he'll take it because he thinks it makes for good situations.

    And it generates a lot of buzz, you don't see people talking too much about the other members in such a ridiculous fashion.
  • I knew Jeremiah and Margaret were something that was coming but I wasn't prepared for what that actually meant. Jeremiah might be the funniest thing I've heard on either cast for a while.
  • I'm glad Abby is bringing in the important Howard the Duck conversations.
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