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Giant Bomb & Waypoint



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    I listened to the first quick look Ben was in and can't say I am looking forward to his energy. What the bombcast needed was not more sleepy personalities. Who knows, but first impressions aren't great.
  • Got an in now Dave.
  • The pieces are finally coming together.
  • He don't follow me no more so I think the IN is OUT.
  • I imagine it sounds like he is shouting from across the room during the podcast
  • How's the weather up there HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Not to be mean to the new guy, but wow he is sleepy.
  • Yeah, Ben is pretty low tier.
  • image

    Vinny has the sight.
  • Not to be mean to the new guy, but wow he is sleepy.

    He reminds me strikingly of a guy I went to high school with. Looks pretty similar too.

    Also his name on Pokemon Puzzle was ben420 ha.
  • Has anyone else been listening to Waypoint radio? As someone who love Patrick and Austin I am sad at how terrible I think it is. I have been listening since the beginning and have been progressively fallen deeper into wanting to stop listening all together. I wanted it to be two great tastes that taste good together, unfortunately it is two people I loved having a very sanitized uninspiring conversation with two other boring randos. Just to be clear I desperately want to love this podcast, and feel bad for even having this opinion.
  • Yeah, I just don't think they bounce off of each other well.
  • I started to get progressively more dissatisfied with it. I just don't think they mesh well and I really don't enjoy Danielle's humor. I know it's supposed to be tongue in cheek but it's kinda one note. I used to like Patrick but the more I see him outside of GB I kinda question if he was being propped up by others. I think Austin still shines but he gets a bit lectury when people don't reign him in.
  • Patrick's still probably one of the best journalists in the industry, he's just not particularly funny. I'm not a huge fan of him but it's clear he has a unique skill set.
  • Yeah he's a great journalist and a pretty good writer, but I don't know how well he works as a Internet personality.
  • I really dig Waypoint Radio, not sure I could really define my reasons why, just vague feeling things like the tone & flow of it appeal to me more than most other podcasts. It's the only VG podcast and one of the only podcasts period that I'm caught up with currently.
  • Vinny is a hero as always.

  • Does Ben Pack have any interests unique from the rest of the team?
  • do memes count? He seems into memes.
  • Waypoint Radio has become one of those podcasts that I keep in my feed, but I only listen if the episode covers a topic that I find particularly interesting (e.g. when I wanted to hear everyone's impressions of Prey), and I often skip the mailbag segments. It feels awkward, because I've enjoyed all four members of Waypoint on other podcasts (I think I'm one of the few people who knew who Rob Zacny was before he joined Waypoint), but I feel like the show plays to none of their strengths.

    I think the issue I have with Waypoint is that it's a room of 4 straightmen trying to do a personality-based variety show. I enjoyed Danielle as a presence on Idle Thumbs, where she benefited from sharing the room with a bunch of goofballs who helped to bring out a bit of her goofy side. Ditto for Austin Walker on the beastcast. It's not that they're incapable of riffing, but rather the fact that Danielle and Austin both played a very "reactive" role in the comedic shenanigans of their earlier podcasts, and now there's no one in the room at Waypoint who can really instigate those fun moments. So pretty much every episode feels like a rather dry and academic discussion, which I think can work well when it comes to domain-specific stuff that's supposed to be less "personality-driven" (as was the case with Rob Zacny on Three Moves Ahead), but Waypoint's shorter and more frequent format is better suited to a breadth rather than depth of topics.

    (Incidentally, this is also why I didn't like Danielle and Rob's "Idle Weekend" podcast despite being a fan of both Idle Thumbs and 3MA before Idle Weekend's debut.)

    I've actually been enjoying the Idle Thumbs guys more since they gave up on trying to be a weekly video game podcast and just became a podcast about technology and pop culture and general garbage. (The new podcast is "Important if True" for those who want to look it up.) I feel like I'm now observing the results of a mitosis-like split for Idle Thumbs (a fun podcast about video games), where half of it became Important if True (a fun podcast that is not about video games) and the other half formed the DNA for Waypoint Radio (a video game podcast that is not particularly fun to listen to).
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    Yeah I pretty much agree with the above sentiment.

    Also when Dan came on the podcast for the first time he definitely had his thing about playing up the village idiot. It was somewhat shocking and gave the Bombcast a much needed jolt of energy. Since Ben has join their ranks it has just felt they have smothered molasses over what is becoming a very very stale bombcast. I give props for Jeff trying, but you can't make a room full of Jason, Rory, Brad and now Ben sound interesting forever. It has been nice seeing Jeff skyping in for some of the recent GBE quicklooks.

    Also after listening to the Beastcast last week I could barely tell that Abby was on the podcast. The guys sort of just carried on with their standard BS, and when they tried to engage with her it was always very short one word answers. I am not as immediately repelled away as with Ben's first introduction. Rather I have yet to feel anything.

    So far the hiring at GB have been a huge.....thing that just happened.
  • I like when Will Smith joins in. I kinda wish he was on more since he has energy and odd things to talk about.
  • So far not really feeling the new additions to the bomb/Beastcast. Ben's voice was super grating at first but starting I get used to him now, at least he seems to be getting more comfortable. The new girl in the beastcast barely speaks to the point that I started listening to the last episode that I had already started and completely forgot she was part of it since she didn't speak for a solid 30-40 mins.
  • Isn't that how Drew and Jason were/are when they're live producing? I feel like Ben was hired to fill a personality role on the podcast and Abby was hired to alleviate Vinny's work load. The Beastcast, as far as I'm concerned, isn't hurting for voices. If she wants to lay low until she's more comfortable that's fine. The Bombcasts though, is getting hard to listen to fully. They needed to hire another Dan, I'd say another Vinny but there aren't any.
  • Will Smith is pretty fucking awesome every time he's on there. I'm still pretty optimistic about Ben, id say ideally they need to keep their feelers out for one more person on west coast. But I think as he gets more comfortable he'll start bringing some good stuff. He's only been on for a week or two.

    Abby seems quiet but I think she's also a bit shy. The ending of the play date last week showed a few highlights that made me enjoy her. Primarily the end where she played Vinny.
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    TBH, I wasn't expecting Abby to come on the podcast at all. She's a producer after all. Ben Pack has been as interesting as a wet blanket. He doesn't even appear to have a body of work in the games industry. At least Dan worked hard to get in. Apparently all you actually have to do is be a white dude and a personal friend.
  • My understanding is that Abby was hired more to sit behind the camera than to be a "personality" as part of their content. That doesn't mean that she'll never appear in GB content, but do remember that Drew worked with the site for years before becoming a regular presence on the bombcast (and even during his late days on the site, he was still one of the least "visible" people members of the crew).

    I think it's also worth pointing out that unlike a lot of GB's hires like Dan and Jason who came from Game Informer and the "core team" that had a history at Gamespot, Abby's experience seems to mostly come from working outside of the games press/industry. While I think this can be beneficial in a lot of ways (potential for greater diversity of experience/perspective in a room that can otherwise feel homogeneous with a lot of inside baseball), it could also result in a longer on-boarding process as she learns the ropes (for example, next month is going to be her first E3). I wouldn't be surprised if she takes more of a background role as she takes the time to get familiar with things, not only the office staff but also the industry and workings of the game press as a whole.

    Also, apparently Abby has a bit of history with Pat Baer through UCB Theater? I noticed that a bunch of her video editing credits are from UCB comedy videos. It's a bit unclear to me whether she has any experience on stage herself, but if she has experience with acting and/or improv that could make for an interesting addition to the beast crew.
  • Maybe its better that Abby won't have a bigger role at GBEast considering that she likes Mario Party
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    Ya'll can skip this weeks Bombcast, listened to the first 40 minutes of it and it is one of the worst. Rory was talking nonsense for about 10 of those minutes, so I guess that is what you are into that go for it.
  • Ben: The Shadow Broker DLC was good.
    Brad: I'm just saying, I wonder if that's gonna happen now that they've scaled the studio back.
    Will: Yeah, I dunno...
    Brad: Like, this thing says a lot of the people that worked on this are now working on both Battlefront 2 and also the thing main Bioware is doing.
    Will: Hmm...
    Brad: Which sounds like a Destiny-type game.
    Will: Hmm!
    Brad: Which will probably get announced at E3.
    Rorie: I just noticed this fire extinguisher, err fire alarm, looks like a little face with blinking eyes.
  • Ben redeeemed himself this episode for me since he revealed he follows competitive Smash.
  • Hell yeah. Love me some Smash.

  • Just FYI, both the Bombcast and UPF this week were Rorie-free, so you're safe to listen/watch.

    Not only is Ben quickly growing on me, he mentioned on UPF attending Fanime this weekend where his friend, Evan, will be running a panel on burgers in anime, so keep that in mind for future Six Degrees of Fast Karate.
  • Am I somehow the first person on this forum to listen to last week's Giant Beastcast 106, or did no one think it was worth pointing out that someone sent in an email asking if they would vore a shrunken person?
  • I think I mentioned it stream chat or something, but yeah, that was a weird question.
  • I mean, that was definitely a "I want to incorporate you into my fantasies" question. Someone might as well have asked them for foot pictures.
  • It's taken a few weeks, but I think that Ben has actually socketted into the Bombcast really well, but in a way where he doesn't really draw attention to himself. Specifically, he seems to have a lot of good chemistry individually with all of the GB west crew, particularly Jeff. One thing I've noticed is that Jeff seems to be coming to the show with a lot more energy ever since Ben joined, which especially a contrast from the past few months.

    That being said, watching the E3 livestream, Ben seems to be be the most fidgety member of the team, possibly tied with Dan.
  • Jeff can play off anyone. That's not indicative of Ben's quality.
  • He probably has more energy because he isn't going through 10000 applications. I agree that Ben has not really added anything to the crew. He has socketed himself in, but I have yet to enjoy anything he particularly has brought to a quicklook or podcast. My god is he so much better than Rory, for that I am eternally grateful.
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    Rorie never really bothers me. I don't think he really adds anything to the conversation but I don't really find him flat out offensive to listen to. He's just sort of weird. I think he brings a lot more to movie information than he does games though.
  • I don't have much hope for BitE if Dan is describing 0 as unfun.
  • So the bit where JV was impersonating Adam Boise on the final night of the E3 at nite was probably the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time. Usually I can keep my composure but when I was watching yesterday I was definitely cry laughing and getting concerned questions from my co workers. So damn funny. Also I hope Jef doesn't actually get into fidget spinners because from the actual exposure to people using them in real life they are the most annoying thing ever.
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    As Abby has been getting more comfortable in her position shes been cracking me up.

    Dank-ass shirts was pretty solid.
  • Had what I thought was an interesting question racking my brain after something that Jeff said on the last Bombcast (I forget exactly what prompted it but it was something to do with the Switch and portable gaming). So I wrote an email to the Bombcast. Lets see if it gets picked up.
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    This weeks correction segment on the Giant Beastcast might be the greatest bit of content giantbomb has ever release. Jeremiah is a great addition to the cast.
  • I've posted about Friends at the Table in here before and I know a few of you listen but the rest of you probably don't care a whit but here we go I'm back on my bullshit!

    FatT just wrapped up Season 3 and are moving on to Season 4, and this is their season postmortem episode. During the close Austin has a nice little speech about the changes in his life over the last few years, and some of you may like to hear that if you like Austin! Check out 3:13:23 - 3:15:05 if the embed doesn't take,

    Also if you want to hear what a nightmare doing a Audio Track Syncing Clap for nine people is, check out the start of that episode.

    As always, if you want to hear more you can find information here and here, and the start of this video for the launch of their Patreon has a nice little clip of play and music!
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