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Giant Bomb & Waypoint



  • I kinda expected this to happen sooner than later.
  • I will follow him... follow him wherever he may go...
  • Ugh...thats a big bummer. Always loved Drew.
  • Drew was my favorite, 2nd only to Vinny. This hurts.
  • Memes ruin everything.
  • This is the saddest ive been since austin left :(
  • My god, he even pulls it off at the end of that. Dang Drew, why you gotta do this to me. T_T
  • Is it bad if I don't know who Drew is?
  • Yes it is, you awful human being.
  • (BTW I also just found the stream where austin plays phantom dust its pretty good so far )
  • Squirrel said:

    Every time I leave on a vacation that severs my connection to the interwebs, something happens to GB. When I saw 40 unread messages I thought someone died again.

  • Well this is a horrible way to start my morning. One thing for sure I have pretty much followed everything everyone who has broken off from Giant Bomb. Following Patrick since he left, it is really convenient that he ended up with Austin at Waypoint. Unfortunately I don't think drew will be an in front of camera personality as he was on Giant Bomb and he will be severely missed. My god if they try to fill the hole with more Rorie I will end my relationship with Giant Bomb west. At this point Jeff is the only person there anyway that keeps me interested. I am usually quite happy with his solo streams at this point.
  • Yeah I thought I was gonna follow Patrick much more than I actually did. I occasionally would read some of his pieces but didn't really keep up at all. Now though that he's on waypoint he's back in.
  • Yeah I guess west really just has Jeff now. Two new personalties to fill in..a tall order.
  • They did it before with Dan and Jason, I trust Jeff's hiring taste.
  • Fun fact: 8 years is the average career length in the US.
  • iPhone doesn't like Drew Scanline.
  • After watching the final Drew UPF my heart strings were definitely pulled. The last time I was this emotional about a Giant Bomb change was when Ryan died. I remember being very depressed that whole month and telling my friends the reason and them just giving me shit about it. It put into perspective the fact that I have more podcast personalities that have shaped me over the years than actual real people. I will never meet these people and yet they are incredibly influential on the personality I have developed over the years.

    With Drew leaving it just had me introspective about I have grown up on podcasts. I understand how in the past you always are shaped by the friends in your immediate vicinity. I am extremely grateful that I was able to find voices that I personally respect and enjoy to help me through the years. This is the only podcast I have ever outreached beyond just listening to the voices (probably because of previous WoW shenanigans).

    Just wanted to say thanks Dave and Joel. I know the updates aren't as frequent because of the constant changing lives. I still very much appreciate you being one of the first podcasts I fell deeply in love with like a decade ago.every trickle of Jo Jo content that comes out I still cherish.

    Anyway Drew will be sorely missed. Fortunately, Jeff seems to have a good hiring head on his shoulders and has yet to make a huge mistake (Dan's whole shtick is getting little tiring though).
  • The initial premise kinda reminds me of what Cara Ellison was (is?) doing. But it seems more based around being a video documentary instead of a written journalistic approach.
  • $15k a month? I need to figure out this patreon thing for myself.
  • Okay, all you to do is spend 8 years at a popular personality driven website.
  • You just got to blink in a way that makes a meme. Give us your best blink.
  • Well I did submit a resume for the New York office so we'll see...
  • edited March 14
    You don't even need a cover letter to apply with us! :open_mouth:

    Good luck, of course, but I'm not trying to waste too much mental energy on these applications these days. Not to say GB doesn't enter these things in "good faith," or whatever (I saw at least one Tumblr post from Jeff saying he was listening to every applications bad podcasts :D) but it I imagine it'll work out like every other time: they'll grab someone with a medium-big name already. Which is kind of how you expect, right? So I'm being extra careful with my words here to not appear salty about it, but it's more a matter of the "application" requirement actually being "a tremendous amount of effort building a large portfolio and existent fanbase already," and not "did a couple podcasts sometimes, kinda okay at production, never truly learned how to #EYB."

    EDIT: I hate this forum's sun emojis but converting : D into :D is a new low. However, what could *I*, a humble forum admin, possibly do about it............?
  • Deliver me from this sunbeam smiley face monstrosity.
  • I wish I could. But I am powerless before it. :neutral:
  • Yeah Dave I agree 100% but I figured it couldn't hurt to try. It's a "learning" position and I have a certificate from New York film academy. I know I have less than 0 chances but fuck it.
  • Yeah, for me it was just the mental energy. It's still worth it to try if it isn't shaving days off your life or w/e, I'm just already fretting too much about the stuff I WANT to get done and aren't to be like "I should really sit down for the third time to polish up my resume, find relevant reviews to link them to, and write ANOTHER new cover letter." It's juuust enough effort for me be to tired to do it.

    I say all that but I still have the window open, since I was gonna sneakily put Graz's name in. She went to school for video production stuff and always wanted to do it, but never took her shot.
  • Before this I never even wrote a resume. My summer job became a career. A career I'd love to get the fuck out of. I mean I'd love to be able to go "snows storm? I'll work from home" instead of "snow storm? Better pack for 2 days and where'd I leave the air mattress?"
  • They sent the office home at 1:30 today because they closed the roads. So you might need to plan on 3 days. #notjoking
  • If the small chance in hell occurred and Dave got into GBeast. Two of my favorite flavors of things would be put together and I could die happy. Also hopefully you could drown out dans bullshit about wrestling with equally asanine anime analogs.
  • edited March 15
    Thanks dude! And thanks for your kind words earlier in the thread, which I meant to respond to but forgot because I'm scatterbrained. :/

    While GB seems like it would be an awesome place to work/dream job, I accepted a few years back that I would have to Go Really Hard at games stuff to the exclusion of all else if I wanted to even have a chance at "breaking in," and that's not really how I'm wired. It would also involve a certain degree of risk I'm not comfortable with (like the fact that I'm lucky enough to have really good health insurance right now & that's a dangerous thing to give up, even when you don't factor in my anxiety about the unknown)

    So that's kinda how it is. I wasn't willing to put in the work, so I try not to be salty about not being in the mix anywhere. I'm also a white dude and I think they got enough white dudes.

    Still, to your point, I do hope they broaden things from a tastes perspective too. I was psyched when they got Austin because I felt like he could fill a glaring hole in their discussion of Japanese games and I was super bummed when he left because, turns out, that glaring hole came right back. :<
  • It's always kinda interesting to have Rorie quick look a game way after it comes out. I mean granted his job isn't producing content but he's at least fighting the good fight with some games the others basically never touch. I think if they're gonna get anyone the best person would fill those gaps. I think Jason also does a commendable job in this department too, by again, he has other priorities besides authoring content.
  • After listening to the most recent Bombcast I am pretty down on it at the state of it. The energy and lines of discussion are just so low energy and predictable that it is barely worth listening to. I know the hiring will take time to get hiring finished, but as is the podcast is really hurting.
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    I watched the Persona 5 quicklook and it made me realize it has been forever since Vinny and Jeff were just together like this with no extra people.
  • Jeff needs someone to feed off of and that sure as shit ain't Brad. Brad is probably the most passive host of them all and that makes everything dry.
  • Yeah as much as I respect the impossibility and general bad idea-ness of P5 ER it definitely made me nolstalgic for those heady days of great content.
  • There was already a couple ER threads after that quick look. Then I started to think about how ERs are probably a pain in the ass logistically and probably not worth the effort even for the amount of premium content it would generate. I imagine the investment for that type of premium content is way higher than some of their other features.
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