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Giant Bomb & Waypoint



  • Is fairy bread still a thing?
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    This whole QL getting kinda tough to watch. Jeff doin' his best, but hard in the face of "sprinkle bread."

    Also all chicken can be eggy???????
  • Its not Giantbomb per se, but it still will warm your heart

  • I guess it shouldn't be surprising, but Vinny playing Hitman is a joy.
  • That was great.
  • I had a dream about Dan creating a really elaborate prank about his family getting killed. The killer was a friend of his that worked in the local wrestling circuit.
  • Dan has officially left for Beast. Also the nightmare that is Mario Party is over.
  • I dunno. The Beastcast crew hasn't played any of the Mario Parties yes. Where better to start than the original?
  • Them playing 9 and 10 was a pretty huge anti climax to the feature. Because it was Mario Party Party though I wouldn't want it any other way.

    Dan going to Beast will be interesting. I believe that Vinny has a power that anything around him becomes incredibly more likable. Before Beastcast I actively Disliked Alex. Since the Beastcast though he has grown on me quite a bit. I already loved Austin where ever he went and I am ambivalent on Jeff Bakalar. I like Dan fine he is definitely lower tier Giant Bomb for me, but maybe Vinny will make him blossom.

    Also last weekend a was given a free day at a time share from family. So because I live in the boonies with no internet, I don't get a chance to watch giant bomb premium features (the website is blocked at work I can only see the youtube stuff). So with my timeshare time I paid 15 bucks for a day of premium internet to watch every unprofessional and Giant bomb premium feature I have missed the last many months. I went to a grocery store so i wouldn't have to leave my room. (had stoufers macaroni for the first time, that shit was terrible) It was a gluttonous indulgence of internet, and the dumbest way I am sure someone can spend at a timeshare that is 2 hours away from where you live. Totally worth it though.
  • Hopefully you put that $15 to good use by downloading all the features for future viewing when you're without internet? At least, I THINK something you can do on GB is download videos?
  • Yes you can download the videos.
  • I have to admit, I am saddened there's no Just Fuck Me Up option for Mario Parties 9 & 10.

  • Watching that you realize he's actually become dramatically LESS sleepy as the years have gone by.
  • I didn't realize it was possible to see a more sleepy Brad!
  • I can't endorse Hitsmas enough. Vinny's run was magical.
  • I think Dan Ryckert thinks wildly mispronouncing foreign names is funny :/
  • So Alex just announced that he and Dan will be doing a Yakuza 0 playthrough.
  • I feel this is perfectly in line with his person.
  • Dang. I really would like to see some Yakuza but i cant think of a less fun pair of people to do that with. Maybe Alex and Brad would be worse?
  • Austin was teasing that he was available so who knows if he will join too?
  • Well we can't get Vinny and Jeff anymore so any combination of pairing is inferior forever.
  • Yeah Alex and Vinny are an alright pair. Alex and Dan I am not really looking forward to. Also over the years of Giant Bomb I know more about wrestling than I ever cared to know. With those two I can only imagine everything is going to circle back around to wrestling for every segment. Will be interesting to see the new hires for Giantbomb will be for this year. Would love to see a charismatic woman break into the game.
  • Alex and Dan will be doing the ENTIRE Yakuza series. Really buried the lead there.
  • Vinny playing hitman is the best treat.
  • I'm getting VR fatigue.
  • Jeff has been acting like a baby for much of these procedings...but I have to agree with him on Inside.
  • Did anyone bother watching that Gears 4 video?
  • He really doesn't want to see why people like Inside.
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    Yeah the way that Jeff has been running these discussions lately has been a little bit much. Jeff is one of my favorites but how he doesn't concede when clearly the rest of the table is against him is impressive. Also I beat Titanfall 2 and while I thought it was fun the impact of either of those moments they highlighted weren't like insanely memorable as it seemed to be to them.

    Also these discussions have been 20% Doom and I am pretty sure Doom is game of the year just based on shear volume of being in like every category. Looking forward to playing Doom myself, but man it gets old listening them talk about their reverence for this game.

    The overcooked special was one of the one pieces of video content I have seen them put out in awhile. I am about to watch the gears at 2x speed while at work. Doubt it will be much better.
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    Both DOOM and Firewatch had soundtracks I would describe as Perfectly Adequate. I had never heard Brigador's soundtrack before, but now that I have, I'm surprised it got bounced. I really like HITMAN's too but I can understand why it didn't make it. The good parts are mostly stingers, the menu music, and Fatman Scoop Vs. Amerie's "Get Ya Hands Up".
  • I know none of them played it (because they never really play JRPGs), but ShinTen4: Apocalypse had a real good soundtrack.

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    Zero time Dilemma finally got props! I am with Jeff that I don't understand anyone's love of Uncharted. And their best Overwatch character was wrong.
  • I haven't been listening since I'm 3 months behind but that's sounds like Brad to me, always being a mule.
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    I'm only just now getting to Day 1 because I decided to watch the video version of the debates, and I'm glad I did. The Hottest Mess segment was much informed by being able to see everyone's faces.
  • I didn't forget about the boy in Firewatch, but I understand that some people did. That said, even remembering, it still left me cold. I was like "oh, that's sad." instead of actually feeling anything they intended.

    I don't think I would go to bat for Zero Time Dilemma. I don't feel like I would give best story to Uncharted or DOOM. So I guess it was a bad year for video game stories.
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    Wow, I can't believe it. I was pretty sure there was gonna be a fight but I felt fairly certain DOOM would win. If anything there wasn't much of a fight at all and it was just Brad vs. everyone else. Also Brad really sanitized the discussions early and kinda just made them really shitty? Like not just less fun, but just a terrible way to put the list together. I liked it when games got their final call out before they got cut.

    Also I can't say I appreciate the way Jeff was tearing down DOOM's multiplayer. I don't think a game should get a demerit in these discussions just because it has throwaway multiplayer. If we want to talk about giving games demerits for "features", the HITMAN online stuff is WAY worse.
  • I said earlier, it's always Brad vs the room
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    Haven't listened to but a little of the pods, but the only "best" story bit of DOOM is the one they already talked about--about how the guy in your earpiece is always like "Okay. Now whatever you do don't brea--okay, w-well, it's fine. we have two more of them. so just make sure you deactivate the next one gentl-aww... c-c-c-come on dude..."

    Looking at the list of games I played this year, I would probably give "best story" to Momodora, The Last Guardian, or Ace Attorney 6 (only the Khurain Kases, and I haven't finished it yet)--so yeah, maybe it was a weird year for """story."""

    For traditional story, Deus Ex was weak and Dishonored 2's voice acting was so bad, and some of its dialogue so corny, that it dulled a lot of the appreciation I had for the game otherwise. Like you said Nick, Firewatch ended up kinda eh. And "Kinda Eh" is how I felt about most of the VN/walking sim-type games I played this year. Nothing like SOMA, Black Closet, or Contradiction on this list, definitely.

    If an imaginary version of FF15 that they had time to create a Middle 20 Hours for came out this year I think it'd have a good chance of winning best story. The end of that game is surprisingly emotional, but many of those emotions aren't backed by like... plot or character relationships because like... most of that stuff was just plain missing.

    Also it's weird that FF15 is being treated as like The Tonic That Fixes Videogame Masculinity (which in some ways it is) but it's still very "they never hug or say "i love you guys" (or literally anything beside that p. standard "we're all stoic men so what needs be said besides a grunt of acknowledgement that we shared emotions?"

    Honestly though, from my list, this was just a weird year for games generally. I had a bunch of stuff I felt vaguely positive about, but very little I went completely crazy for.
  • I'm not sure it is fixing masculinity, more of it's the first time that something with many elements that fojoshi shows have got into the mainstream. Normally games with similar elements are very niche or never see release here. Like even Cindy is something you see in many shows like that. They add in a token cheesecake character to try to sell that one figure or trick guys into watching a show.
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    I used to hate the Uncharted games. It was always the one series where everyone would say to play it and I tried more than once on PS3 and would stop halfway through. It was actually the PS4 collection that I finally played through those games. I think the DS4 actually made that game playable since I fucking hate the DS3. To this day I still find it to be garbage. Which is weird because every other PlayStation controller has been good for its time.

    Even though people hold so much reverence for 2 I still don't think it's that great of a game. The pacing in 4 is leagues better. The previous games are mostly based on jovial relationships between what is supposed to be a tight knit group in a fairly distressing situation. Like nothing ever seems like a big deal in those games. 4 does a good job of setting some stakes that seem worth seeing through. It still has the lightheartedness between companions that the previous games had but it also deals more with their relationships than the others. It's not particularly deep or anything but things about that story, however simple, are so masterfully crafted for a "general audience". It's very superficial in that way, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    Personally I think Inside had the best story of the year but I know people view that very allegorative style of storytelling to be kinda pretentious.
  • Also those dulcet tones of Brad Shoemaker.
  • Apparently Dan doesn't like vinegar. I suppose he must've drank some once and decided he didn't like it.
  • Well... I like vinegar based stuff, but the more something tastes like vinegar the more I don't like it.

    I'm two minutes into this one and 1) I loved the opening, and 2) Holy crap Dan can't sing
  • He also can't really hold a beat
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