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Giant Bomb & Waypoint



  • Nope but it's not a "I think that looks terrible and everyone who plays it is dumb" thing because I don't think it looks terrible. It's a "that's a style of game that's been niche for years, and can be hyper stressful and unforgiving, how is it so insanely popular?" What is in the sauce this time that makes it any different than the others? Especially in a year where I've constantly heard how amazing games have been.
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    Yeah, that part I find curious, but I'm guessing it was just that this one was somewhat user friendly compared to some of those mods and games. And then with a little bit of success people just realized that it works pretty well. I kinda find it similar to how RPG style progression has been around forever, but it wasn't until like CoD4 where it kinda came into a "mainstream" that people realized those mechanics were fun.

    It is kinda nice in a way that what it is is the game, instead of a mod. Any time I'd tried playing any of those things it was just a pain in the ass to set up all the mods and whatnot, find servers, etc. that it just became annoying to even attempt to play those things. Also being mods they tended to be kinda crap and jenky. This was one of the first times where it smoothed out some of the jenk (relatively) and didn't require fucking around with files under the game directory.

    I think Dark Souls is another decent example at like a style of game ("punishingly difficult") that was mostly laid to rest that somehow entered the mainstream and people realized they like those types of games.
  • Listening to Bombcast 513 and Will Smith has forgotten everything Jeff told him about the Eternal September since they last talked about it a few months ago.
  • It was astonishing as a whole how much Alex talked during the entirety of all the GOTY podcasts. I like Alex well enough just did not expect for him to be the guy doing the majority of the talking. Also after this year it is cemented in my opinion that Dan doesn't contribute anything positive to the process. These are supposed to be fun to listen to, and as long as I have been listening this year's GOTY podcasts are among some of the worst.
  • I thought most of the other discussions were fine but uhhh the GOTY one was a little tiresome. There was a lot of calling out but pretty much everyone was providing middling arguments. Best moment was like one of the only ones I can think of where people were actually putting out arguments for why it’s good. The rest is just “well I had fun playing this and it was more fun than you had so put it up higher”.
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    As much as people really like cuphead on the podcast, and it should be a game I was almost certain I would get into, that game has some problems no one brought up. The platforming levels are pretty disappointing and feel tacked on. There’s nothing creative about them. And despite the bosses being creative they can just get incredibly frustrating in how the progression of them works. Most of those types of games that truly resonate with me provide a horizon for you to reach that Cuphead never really gave. It is completely pattern memorization at longer and longer intervals. So far I haven’t felt any excitement in optimizing a run or anything, it’s just can you keep repeating this slowly evolving pattern until you beat the boss?

    I found Hollow Knight to be way more solid in that regard, but no one seemed to care for that game. Then again I don’t get the impression many of them enjoy that type of game.
  • Dan is actually doing alright for his first attempt at a roleplaying game. Still, his fixation towards suicide runs is grating.
  • Jesus Christ, that one liner.
  • For a second I was like Dan and Danielle????? but I'd forgotten they'd done a danswers.
  • Anyone remember the name of a game that they quicklooked that had Alex playing and was about traveling through a mansion multiple times, during a party, to solve murder puzzles?
  • Dan is ... grating.

    Who could have guessed?

  • Squirrel said:

    Anyone remember the name of a game that they quicklooked that had Alex playing and was about traveling through a mansion multiple times, during a party, to solve murder puzzles?

    The Sexy Brutale?
  • You rock. That be it. Thanks.
  • The Sexy Brutale is a fun little adventure puzzle game that you can complete in a few hours. I recommend it.
  • Hmm, maybe I’ll give it another shot. I four through the intro and tried a bit past there and kinda lost interest.
  • I'll note that sound cues are very important. Not just for clues as to how to solve your current murder (what was that thing I just heard fall to the ground?) but also as a time keeping sense. You can hear/observe almost every death of the guests at the appropriate times. The gunshot will always sound at 4:00, you'll hear the slot machines go off, you'll hear the bell toll. etc etc.

    There is no bonus for completely mapping the paths of people in the mansion, don't meticulously track them like I did.
  • Man Sexy Brutale sounds awesome how have I never heard of this
  • This talk about Sexy Brutale made me think about getting it. Then I checked and I had already bought it last summer and forgotten. Now it's in my todo folder in Steam, probably sitting there as small forever.
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    @Dave That's what you get for not obsessively reading every single tweet on Twitter. AMindHalfFull and I have both played it and re/tweeted about it several times. Also I posted about it back in May here on the forums.
  • I think it came up in a couple GOTY categories from GB too, I originally saw I think Vinny and Alex do a quick look and was interested in it.
  • I randomly watched that quick look and wanted to get it but totally forgot. Just recently thought about it again but couldn't remember anything except the art style and the general game concept. Apparently it's a good thing I brought it up.
  • The reason why Ben doesn’t follow Dave anymore comes out!
  • Resident Evil 5 is fine. Resident Evil 6 is not.

    It's subpar on a first playthrough of a character, but then they say do that two more times.
  • I miss when Giant Bomb had people with good taste
  • He isn't taking it far enough. ALL RESIDENT EVILS ARE BAD. I've been saying it for years. Join me in the hate.
  • The true king is Dino Crisis.
  • The reason why Ben doesn’t follow Dave anymore comes out!

    Millenials must be stopped

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