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Giant Bomb & Waypoint



  • Brad might have an award at being the worst Sonic Mania player haha.
  • Even though they're being super lukewarm, Bombo pod has me hungry for some

  • Yeah I love how they're like "I really enjoyed my time so far buuuuut..." then bash on it for 30 mins.
  • I bought it and then decided to commit to beating Kiwami.
  • BTW I think their criticisms are fair, but it's hard to keep track of the fact that overall they like the game when they really only talk about what they don't like.
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    I still can't fucking believe Steve would roast Patrick like this...

    ...and furthermore, let Patrick self-immolate by posting it from the main Waypoint account. Christ.
  • Abby's got some really good victory/failure/fear screams and also a very characteristic "Vinny~~" laugh. Can you imagine an alternate earth where Austin stuck around and the VINNY!s ran fresh and clear through the halls from end to end.
  • There is some scuttlebutt about abby possibly joining up with waypoint. Which I think would be rad but also sad for GB.
  • Yeah, they need to keep the Dan ratio as low as possible, but having no video people is also really bad.
  • Wait, I haven't been jacked in for a while, is something happening with Dan?
  • Why is Abby potentially leaving?

    Man, a Vinny, Alex, Austin, Abby office would have been so awesome.
  • Its pretty far fetched but basically Waypoint has been missing proper video producer person since their intern left and there has been enough cross GB/Waypoint stuff via streams and twitter that its got people talking. Danika, jokingly shouted #hireabby the other day and Austin was like "look, I trying to find money"
    Squirrel said:

    Man, a Vinny, Alex, Austin, Abby office would have been so awesome.

    Man can only dream of such a team.

  • Yeah since Dan got a dog he talks less which is a much needed break. It would be sad if Abby went over to way point, because the Vinny & Abby familial relationship is such a refreshing thing for GB. Also still get rid of Ben, he has not had a renaissance like Dan where he found a schtick that stuck with the team. Ben makes every thing he is a part of worse.
  • Ben is fine, I'll take him if he keeps Rorie off the pod.
  • Brad. So fast.
  • Everybody's Super Bradley Racing...
  • 10 AM Mon - 10 PM Mon Drew and Alexis

    Still only one from West is Jason. What's going on over there, can't even stream for the bbs?
  • Just when Dan start to wear down on me, he does a magician act and I am back in!
  • I am aesthetically neutral enough on the new giant bomb hoodie (more importantly: I crave hoodie variety enough) to spend the past three years of $15 coupons on it all at once and essentially get it for free, but since you can't do that I guess I'll just continue letting them pile up in my email since they haven't put out a shirt I've liked since the Vinco/Windjammers one. :neutral:
  • How many fidget spinners can you buy?
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    ...i guess two?

    But I'm 35 years old.
  • Spin them into the streets. For the childrens!
  • *cut to 2018's 25 hour charity stream, where Dave is throwing fidget spinners off a bridge to the "lucky winners" driving on the road below*
  • Patty-nee for the people.
  • The bombcast was pretty terrible, tbh
  • I think 4 is definitely the max you can have before it just becomes a real shit show. I don't remember Abby really saying shit. The HQ bit was horrible. Ben still ruins the taste of the whole meal. While I do enjoy Vinny and Jef doing most of the talking, I would prefer everyone else to just not be in the room.
  • I remember Abby saying something and then Ben repeating what she said.
  • Dear Nick (and Ian),

    I've hit the Dream Daddy part of the GOTY debate, and I believe I understand why Abby is digging her heels in defending it. Citing a lack of experience with the genre, Dan and Alex are fighting her and Brad and Jeff are sitting neutral. If Ben or Jan have spoken up about it, I've forgotten. Vinny is on her side.

    Throughout the debates, Abby has had a lack of support for her nominations. For several of the games she's nominated, she's been the only one who played them. Beyond that she's been a dissenting voice against the majority opinion on games like PUBG, Destiny 2, Persona 5, and maybe Cuphead (though my memory is fuzzier there).

    Finally, she has another person who holds her position on a game she feels strongly about. Vinny, at least to the point I am (1:40:00), has her back. Finally she has the chance to leave her mark on the list. Unfortunately, it's come at maybe the worst possible time and place.

    I'm not sure I agree with her, but I believe I know where she's coming from. From what you said in the Discord, this goes on for a while. Hopefully next year she can build a better bloc.
  • I was completely with her on Dream Daddy even though I haven't played it, and the thing that continues to annoy me about Giant Bomb is they like the same six games over and over again and hire people who also like those six games, and also everyone was completely arbitrary about the standard they were holding that game to versus others.

    But the Nier stuff no way no how.
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    Nier is fascinating in a bizarre way, I don't really think the story is that great, nor is the gameplay, nor is the world. But just this weird culmination of things that just barely manages to hold itself together has me thinking about it a decent amount.

    While I don't disagree with the statement that she doesn't get a lot of support and dismissed with the vapid argument of "oh well I haven't played this so I have no opinion", I still don't really understand what is endearing about Dream Daddy. I've bought it and I plan on playing it. But I'm just saying that from what I've heard in the podcasts I have a very weak sense of what makes it good compared to any game beyond the general knowledge of it's content. And I think that is partially why there isn't as much support for those types of games. A couple others I can think of is Bury Me, My Love and Subsurface Circular (I don't know who nominated this actually). But those niche titles who people tried to suggest as contenders were loosely covered to the point where if you had not played it you don't really understand what makes it special.

    The Bury Me, My Love moment was pretty impactful just even listening to the description of it. But the context that leads up to those types of moments was glossed over with no real details.

    But yeah, what Dave is saying does make it hard to highlight those types of games. What I'm hoping maybe is that since Abby was sort of a late entry she hasn't had as much time to be influential as she will be in the future. I'm optimistic her presence will help push the others, at least on Beast, into playing some of those types of titles. Well... maybe not Dan who just doesn't seem to give a shit on anything that isn't already in his wheelhouse.
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    3:50:00. The arguments being put forth by Dan against Dream Daddy keep circling back towards attacks on Visual Novels as a whole. I think Abby and Vinny's passion has won them the inevitable win, but now Dan is digging his heels in against it and Brad is feeling salty about Uncharted. :frowning:

    Edit: Abby's attacks against Dan's enjoyment of Yakuza feels like it's been largely mollified by Alex's counterattack that, in summary, it wasn't a good streaming game. Dan started his maneuvers with attacks on visual novels and the group's lack of experience with them. When he saw that wasn't winning him points he switched to attacking from the standpoint of that only two people had latched onto it out of the group and that this had to be a group list. Now he knows that the Dream Daddy bloc is winning and is again resorting to denigrating attacks against the medium itself to try to put Yakuza ahead. It feels to me like an inherent belief that Visual Novels don't have merit in a very "I've never tried this food because I decided when I was four that it must be awful" Dan way. It makes me sad.

    For Brad's part, he seems salty that Uncharted is getting snubbed again. He's straight up said that, having never played Dream Daddy, he needs to Trust his coworkers stance on DD, but seems unwilling to extend that trust to Abby, who had Uncharted in her pick for the four slots, but holds it lower than Dream Daddy and Night in the Woods. His frustration at the table's lack of passion for Uncharted (and in Jeff's case, distaste) is obvious to me and again, makes me sad.
  • Wow, my sense of time is terrible. Ben and Abby were hired in May. It feels like it was only a couple months ago.
  • matatat said:

    I'm optimistic her presence will help push the others, at least on Beast, into playing some of those types of titles. Well... maybe not Dan who just doesn't seem to give a shit on anything that isn't already in his wheelhouse.

    Yes, and yes.
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    Alex: "I think Destiny goes below Tekken 7, but I'd be willing to put it above Tekken 7."
    Jeff: "What if instead you put it above Cuphead?"
    Ben: "WHAT?!"
    Abby: "Nooooo!"
    Alex: *incredulously* "No."
    Abby:"No no no!" *pounding fist on table*

  • Does the order 2-10 really matter when most of them aren't even the same genre?
  • Don't be an Ast.
  • What if no destiny on lists
  • 6:25:00 This Zelda vs Nier impasse sure is something, and now moving Mario just came back into the fray.
  • Dave said:

    What if no destiny on lists

  • What if no destiny
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    Abby never bothered me. Dan started to with his out right dismissal of Dream Daddy for it's genre. I didn't have a major problem with anyone this year. It's 8? people having a conversation about 10 games that they only partially agree on. It was going to be long and sometimes circular.

    I will say though, I still have zero understanding for why pubg is so popular.
  • Dave said:

    What if no destiny

    Also good. #sorrynotsorry
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    Squirrel said:

    I will say though, I still have zero understanding for why pubg is so popular.

    Have you played it? Genuinely curious, because that will make a lot of difference if you haven't.

    Not saying I think it's amazing or anything, but I can definitely see why people would be really into it. I find it a bit too stressful most of the time.
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