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Giant Bomb & Waypoint



  • Patrick Klepick joining GiantBomb. I hope he doesn't come on the bombcast because I find him really annoying.
  • But his reporting of the video game news is so top notch! The highest one!

    The Giantbomb crew are streaming while watching themselves play games for their quick looks.
  • I hope the site comes back up soon.
  • I found this kind of cute.

    It's a Russian knockoff of Giant Bomb.
  • I'd hoped they'd have Russian endurance runs.
  • Shenmue 3 by Carbon Neutral Games:
  • I'm a few weeks behind but the whole Pizza Sphere bit was incredible.
  • Any word on who they'll have dropping by for E3? I must admit, I kind of hope the drunk nazi woman shows up, as annoying as she is she does keep things entertaining.
  • You shut your god damn mouth.
  • I want her to drunkenly apologize for the last time she drunkenly apologized.
  • Interns play increasingly scary games like Luigi's Mansion:
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    Buckner and Garcia wrote a song about Giant Bomb

    oh, I guess they're putting it in rock band.
  • Anyone who doesn't want to pay their membership fee can watch all the premium video's on the Giant Bomb app for free. Having seen the new premium content they have been putting out has convinced me to actually buy a yearly membership...when I get paid at the end of the month.
  • That seems like a shady loophole. Anyway, I paid for a subscription awhile ago. The bombcast is the one of the like 2 podcasts I listen to with what anyone else might consider frequency. Plus I like the personalities behind the content and their motivations. $50 for a year for the amount of content I listen to and feeling like I'm helping out is fine with me.
  • Yeah, once Vinny started doing those videos with Drew I was sold.
  • Well I meant more like I love Vinny and knowing that he does exactly what I would like to do myself, and all the bullshit that entails, I'm going to toss them $50 to help out. When you think about it, yes giantbomb is basically a wiki but when 90% of the content they post is video related and only 3 dudes put it together? That's awesome.
  • I enjoyed listening to Vinny talk about The Witcher every week, and I look forward to hearing him talk about Dark Souls every week.
  • Jeff's "recording in a booth" jag is really starting to annoy me. Also does he even like games anymore? He's cynical about fucking everything.
  • What's the recording in a booth jag? Having listened to the last 5 episodes over 2 nights what is he being cynical about? I'm considered a cynical hater by you guys and I don't feel anything similar to me here.
  • I guess the latest "incident" was this, but basically he's calling out that VAs voice doesn't match the scene in which it is played, specifically that they sound calm/flat in a dramatic/emotional scene.
  • and the time before that was this. He just seems to complain about everything, maybe that's not a shared perspective, you tell me.
  • So you just hate him because he was hatin' on Dead Rising... I sees.
  • His points about Dead Rising are completely valid though. It's not a game he's willing to put up with. Having to play the first couple of hours over and over to see the last asks a lot of the player. It's why I haven't considered buying it. Ignoring the fact that I never finished the last one out of boredom.

    Same about his hating on Dark Souls. He's not a guy who I agree with a lot on games because our tastes vary but I agree with the criticism he's leveled at the current fanboy games. Like Gears 3. Though I seem to come down harder on that one than most.
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    Well what does he like. Perhaps it's just this string of him hating on stuff, I mean I guess he likes gears? and batman?

    I had watched the ac video too, posted that like right after I saw it
  • He talks the hell out of Track mania. He praised Forza 4 even if he admits it's getting tired. He liked Deus Ex, the new Driver. I think you're just being hyper sensitive because he's criticizing something you like.
  • The man eats, shits, and breathes video games. When you do something that much you're going to get very picky.
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    Why did the site have to go down now of all times? Edit: back up. Couldn't get on for about a half hour or more.
  • Giantbomb premium memberships are $35 for a limited time only. I took the plunge and was thanked with a hilarious message and confetti.
  • The best sky category is fucking stupid.
  • It's called a joke... like the Northies are any better.
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    It's a joke that went on way too long. Skyrim shouldn't have won, obviously the joke game shoulda won the joke category. I do still adore the Northies.
  • I'm surprised to see Saints Row The Third on the top of peoples lists who aren't Jeff. I didn't want to play that game, but the more I hear about the more I think I should...
  • The more I hear about it the more I will play that game.

    When it's $5.
  • It's fucking nuts. Second mission they have you with, I'm guessing, the main npc from the other game and your sidekick being held hostage in a plane. You escape, jump out and have a free fall gun fight. You fall back through the front window of the plane, killing the dude who grabbed you, as you fall through the entirety of the plane and then out the back again. Then free fall fire fight till you catch your sidekick and parachute to safety. Second mission. Separated only by cut scenes. The game doesn't even start till that ends.

    And yes, No one man should have all that powah. Hate him on that song but yeah, it's an another awesome moment.

    I also have a giant purple bus that me and my punk girl crew roll around in. I get it by base jumping off my penthouse, calling one of my crew to deliver it, and rolling out when I hit the ground.
  • Yeah, Saint's Row the third isn't challenging in the least but it's by far, the funnest game I've played this year.
  • Yeah, ganstas, whore jokes, and dildo bats turned me off, but hearing about the pure insanity of it is having me question my assumptions about the game. It might just be having the Bombcast drill the point for like a month. Also, I love Power unironically, fuck da haters.
  • I hate GTA style games. I don't like poop jokes or just low brow humor. I won't upgrade to the dildo bat, most of the idle street dialogue is utter crap but I'm enjoying the game a lot. I got it solely because Best Buy had it on sale and I had a year old gift card to burn. Otherwise I would have ignored it to. Even playing it, I don't think it's worth buying at full price unless you're into the themes.

    I was browsing a costume store and it had a cheerleader outfit, I realized I made the girl from Air Master except my girl looks like a masculine lesbian convict from South Boston.

    Listening to them hype it up is what got me to buy and I don't regret it.
  • Im with Dave on waiting until its cheap as shit, although I will probably buy in at $20
  • I rented it. I'm completely converted. I can't even really express why it's just, shit, that game feels perfectly designed for dicking around and having fun. And the humor of it wasn't just crass and ridiculous like GTA. Well it was, but executed well.

    I feel like this makes me a bad person somehow. You guys should really play Saints Row.
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    dicking around...
    How appropriate, considering the dildo bat.

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