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What the fuck is wrong with my computer.



  • I really like the idea of the pen. That's the big selling point for me. Feel like that will be a useful interface even if just for doodling in Photoshop. I'm looking to replace my MacBook and was originally aiming for an Air but these caught my attention. It would primarily be a laptop that just also has a neat trick. Which is where my dilemma is. The Pros have been around for a bit the Book is a new beast and both are expensive.
  • That's sort of the interesting part is that people have been reportedly having issues more with the Pro 4 than the Book. Some people are even saying now they still prefer the Pro 3 to the Pro 4. The pen is alright. I remember not being super impressed with it despite really wanting to like it. I've heard you could adjust various things about it to suit your preferences more but I didn't tinker with that at all. I did a lot of research on artist opinions between the Apple Pencil and the Surface Pen and the consensus seemed to be that there wasn't really any difference between the two. However I thought the Apple Pencil was quite a bit better in responsiveness. I guess that's beside the point though because you sound like you're looking more for a laptop so the comparison to an iPad is moot.

    There are rumors that Apple will be announcing any of their new laptops at WWDC which is next Monday (I think)? So you could probably see what they announce. Probably nothing spectacular but still.
  • FWIW on the (regular) Surface line, the keys are exposed when the cover is flipped open to the back, but they're disabled (so it's not like you're going to be accidentally typing garbage while holding it in one hand.)

    I've been happy with my Surface(s) for a while now, even though I keep having bad luck with my upgrade timing. The Pro 4's pen is way better than the Pro 3 pen, to the point that the pen is actually backwards-compatible with the 3.

    I haven't tried either the Pro 4 or the Book yet. Based on my track record with the product line, I assume that I'll get a 4 once I drop my 3 in the ocean or something, and then the Pro 5 will get announced a week later.
  • Hmmmmm... I found out that there's a Microsoft store near me, so I'm going to go play. See what they feel like.
  • One of my coworkers was testing a Surface Book out, and neither of us were really impressed with it. The keyboard looks and feels kind of chintzy, and the trackpad is particularly disappointing. The dock separation mechanism also takes like five to seven seconds to separate; it feels like it doesn't work until you get used to the long delay. When it does finally do its thing, though, it is pretty slick. The non-standard screen size can also be difficult to get used to.

    According to my coworker the tablet-side functionality is good, he has used several generations of Surface Pros, but has found nothing to justify the price of the Book. It does the advertised job, but certainly not at a $1500 level of quality.
  • Does anyone have any recommendations on a monitor for less than $250. Also if I get a higher resolution monitor should I also upgrade my graphics card, I have a Nvidia GTX 745 for reference.
  • Companies like Dell and HP make a decent monitor. Asus is alright as well. They're usually fairly cheap but robust.
  • This one has given me no problems yet.
  • Nothing wrong, just looking for opinions. Does anyone have experience with 3440 x 1440 monitors either curved or not. I'm really thinking about getting one.
  • Pulled my PC out of storage and now I'm having display issues. I thought it was driver based and that didn't fix it, then I upgraded to Windows 10 and that didn't work. Apparently my video card doesn't play nice with DVI anymore even though that's the only way it's been connected since I built it. It only works with HDMI now.

    It was fine at boot up but once Windows started loading the monitor would lose signal. I could boot into safe mode, and only normally when the display drivers were uninstalled. Once any display driver, either the auto windows or nvidia ones, were installed, black screen. The only thing that works is connecting HDMI.

    Any ideas? I'm fine with HDMI and that it works but it's driving me crazy.
  • My money is on a bent pin in the dvi cable or plug. Do you have a different dvi cable?

    I have other ideas but they don't make sense if you don't have trouble with hdmi.
  • I'm looking to switch from iOS to Android so what is the best Android phone on the market.
  • Google just came out with the pixel series, they will be your best bet if you have a verizon account.
  • Note 7 is pretty hot right now (bah-DOOMP)
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    I hear its popularity is exploding
  • If you don't mind being slightly behind, the Nexus 6P and 5X should start dropping in price soon.
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    I had the dual shock 4 working on my new laptop for about 10 minutes the day before Extra Life. Now that I actually want to use it, no go. What's completely bothering me is there's no error message or generally any information given. DS4 is a really annoying program when all you want to do is play.


    Apparently I over complicated it, getting rid of DS4 makes the controller connect properly to just windows 10 but it still doesn't work in games properly.
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    The nice thing about OSX is the Dual Shock just works, even over bluetooth.

    The bad part is how there's not that many games to play with it :(

    I got some good use out of it when I was remote streaming Witcher 3 from the computer in the living room while I played in bed, but I was just thinking how it'd be nice to have a DS4 while I'm playing Dishonored 2 with the clunky old Xboz controller.
  • So I was just going to text you, you only use xbox controllers on pc? DS4windows doesn't seem to want to play nice. If i just connect the dualshock to win10 it works fine in Steam Big Picture but I lose certain buttons once a game loads up.
  • A ds4 should just work out of the box on windows 10. Have you tried to use it without ds4windows?
  • Yes but I lose random buttons when a game loads. I also just got severe input lag.
  • I still use my $10 360 wireless dongle from like 6 or 7 years ago. And controllers that are basically as old. Which sucks because it seems like the point of failure on Xbox controllers of all shapes are the battery packs. I don't know if this is for sure the problem, but it seems like the springs/battery connex get weaker and if you jostle them they turn off. So I basically have one Xbox controller I can use without sitting absolutely still at all times.
  • Thanks for linking that. I can give more details if anyone needs them
  • I guess this is only kind of related to computers but does anyone have any good computer desk recommendations?
  • Updesk. Being able to switch between standing and sitting is really nice
  • What is updesk?
  • Nothing, how are you?
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    It's an adjustable height desk, we use them at work. I love them
  • Unfortunately they're a bit outside my price range, I was looking for something closer to $250.
  • What is updesk?

    Getter said:

    It's an adjustable height desk, we use them at work. I love them

    (starts breakdancing)
    wait, which of us is supposed to dance here?

  • Hey guys, are there any web developers here who'd like to consult with me on some stuff? I have JavaScript questions which are now beyond YouTube tutorials -- if anyone's interested (I don't know that I have anything to offer in return) please get in touch!
  • Unfortunately they're a bit outside my price range, I was looking for something closer to $250.

    My Wife just bought an updesk (apparently that's what they're called) From IKEA last week for crafting. She loves it. She no longer has to hunch over like a goblin and sit for more hours than she already does at work. It was $255 with CT Tax. If we didn't have a tiny apartment we'd have them for our computers as well.

    This lil fellow right here.
  • So I dunno if anyone will be able help here, but since trying to google solutions to computer problems is a Sisyphean task, I figured I'd try to ask here, doesn't hurt to try. I have a couple of problems, one recent and one long-running.

    The recent one is that, any time I restart my PC, as soon as it gets to the login screen it completely freezes with the only option being to hard shutdown until I get safe mode to trigger. If I can do that, and then disable any network connection devices, then restart, I can login successfully. Or if I disable them before restarting, it's all good. But as long as my computer has its network devices enabled, restarting always results in a hard freeze. For context, I'm on Windows 10.

    The more long running thing is more of a quality of life thing than a drastic thing. Every once in a while with no apparent rhyme or reason, loading on my computer just hangs for a minute or two. Anything that's already loaded works fine, but say I wanna reload a webpage, open a new one, open some other program, or a game needs to load something when this hits, it just hangs for a while, loading screens or the little loading circle in Chrome repeating endlessly until it passes, or the new window or program not opening until it's over. I call it a "waiting for cache" error cause that's what the little tooltip in the bottom left of chrome says while it's loading.

    I figure this is a huge long shot, but I figured it was worth a shot at least.
  • 2nd one sounds like you're running out of memory. Do you close chrome every couple days? You might have a memory leak if you're keeping it running until it crashes.
  • Alternatively, 2nd one sounds like it could be a hard drive starting to fail (or if you're lucky, it's just full.) All of the activities you describe are likely to involve a hard drive read/write, either to load the new program/game content off of the drive, or to write stuff into virtual memory (for anyone that doesn't know what "virtual memory" means, the super-short explanation is that your computer uses your hard drive as extra space so it can pretend it has more RAM than it actually has.)

    Best suggestion I have for the network device one, which you've probably already tried, is to check for updated device drivers. Even if Windows reports that the drivers are up to date, see if you can figure out the exact manufacturer and model of your network device(s) and check the manufacturer site for drivers; sometimes Windows won't download the latest ones either because the manufacturer hasn't technically "released" them officially (i.e. they're in beta) or because Windows couldn't actually tell what device you have and so it just installed the generic drivers.
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    OK, so I tried to manually update the drivers, while attempting it the PC froze, I rebooted, and it rebooted fine? And I then immediately restarted and it was still fine? So maybe I'm ok now?

    On the other issue, I'll admit I don't close Chrome terribly often, but I don't really run it till it crashes either, probably some kind of middle case. And while Chrome is a big memory hog and is almost always the biggest memory hog on my PC, I've seen the "oops we ran out of memory error" on Chrome and it's never had much correlation with the issue. Not saying that it couldn't be that cause I'm not great at this though.

    As for the other suggestion, while neither drive seems full (17GB and 1.3 TB full respectively) I could definitely see it being a potential failure, given that this was initially a refurbished PC, so I would think problems like that could be more common thanks to that. It doesn't seem to be isolated to things on one drive, which I would guess either means it's both or it's the SSD that has Windows itself on it. I don't know if there's a way to tell for sure if that's the case or if I just need to replace them & hope that fixes it?
  • If it's an SSD, did it come with any software? That can tell you about the health of the drive. Alternately you could download Crystal Disk Info to check on the health of the drives
  • Well, I've checked out Crystal Disk Info and by its metrics my drives are both in good health, so I guess that's not the problem? I dunno. I mean, I can live with this if I have to now that the worse problem seems to have fixed itself.
  • Anybody have suggestions for headsets with mics on them? Looking to replace mine. Nick already suggested the Astro A50.
  • I had a pair of Turtle Beaches I was fond of.... until I updated to Windows 10 and there didn't appear to be drivers for the pair I got, but that probably wouldn't be an issue for something new. Based on the price, it must have been their $40 Z22 headset.
  • Deffo had one of those moments where I just "missed" the table setting down a full glass of water, which fell between the table and couch, where my laptop was sitting. And the glass shattered into a billion pieces on impact.

    Left the computer off in front of a fan for a full day, turned it on, the fan is going full speed, speakers appear dead, and I'm not 100% sure the battery is charging because it's not showing up in the task bar and system preferences won't let me click it back on.

    Oh well, I got apple care so it's nbd, but I'm gonna be bummed if it comes back to me without stickers, one of which I just put on. :(

  • So this story has a SEEMINGLY happy, if somewhat delayed, ending in that it's been long enough for my job that they're (as far as I can tell, fingers crossed) just replacing it. I did some looking around and it seems like the difference between the macbook pro/air in weigh specs is negligible (like <0.10 of a pound) but the tech specs are huge (2.2 ghz vs 2.9 ghz processor--and the Airs are still using 2 year old processors on top of that, so it's more than the numbers say.

    ...I guess the one thing I didn't consider is I think the pro has the stupid new cabling junk with the USB-C connector, so I'm back in Apple's peripheral cable nickel and diming if I want to, like, plug in headphones and etc...

    Either way whatever. I'm stupid lucky to have the job I do, coz otherwise I couldn't justify new laptop purchases like ever, let alone new macbooks. I'd still probably be using that <$300 netbook I bought in 2010.
  • But what about the stickers???
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