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What the fuck is wrong with my computer.



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    I'll be getting RAM, I'm still trying to find a good price.
  • I've had pretty good luck with Windows 8.1, but Windows 7 is pretty tight too.
  • My windows 8.1 dell laptop is locked in airplane mode and won't turn off. I've googled a bit and, apparently, this isn't an uncommon glitch. I've already tried to troubleshoot through the control panel, but that hasn't worked. I looked and a dell forum and a tech suggested downloading a new wireless driver. I guess I can DL that to a flash drive and install in on my laptop? Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm typing this from my phone.
  • Have you tried tethering through your phone?
  • Check your laptop for a physical switch that controls whether or not the wifi is active on the laptop.

    Here are a few solutions that came up on a youtube search.

    Easiest solution:
    1. Right click on wifi network symbol in systray
    2. Choose troubleshoot network

    1. Right click on wifi network symbol in systray
    2. Choose open network and sharing center
    3. Choose Troubleshoot problems
    4. Choose Network adapter
    5. Choose the appropriate adapter (wifi or just all adapters) and click next

    Little lower:
    1. Device Manager --> Network Adapter --> right-click on wireless card
    2. disable card, wait for refresh
    3. enable card, wait for refresh
    4. Re-enable wifi from charms bar
  • My mom had a physical wifi switch that she hit without realizing it and was amazed when I figured it out in 10 seconds.
  • She arrested you under suspicion of being a burger wizard.
  • I only admit to being the best burger wizard. LOOK AT HOW FAST THEY DISSAPPEAR! Nomnomnom
  • Sounds like a great job :(
  • What's a good prebuilt PC company? I'm looking to get a decent desktop for gaming for less than a grand.

    And I guess also keyboard and mouse recommendations.
  • Ibuypower wasn't bad when I bought from them years back. Not sure now.
  • I was going to go with this Dell desktop because its on sale and I've had good results with Dells in the past.

    Also, I was looking at this mouse and keyboard
  • Can't say I know. Parts are parts and for the most part they've stabilized in the past few years. I wouldn't buy a Dell unless it was almost free but that's my bias. Fuck Dell. While I'm at it, HP can suck a dick to.
  • But it's like 40% off so that's almost no markup, right?
  • Buy an x51, get the lowest tier, and get the 750 ti upgrade. I bought one for my htpc and it runs games pretty damn well. On par with consoles and also a competent pc. If you still have access to an edu account you also get a dell discount.
  • Otherwise on newegg or something look for their bare bones pcs or whatever they're called. Then you could upgrade the card.
  • So, all my googling led to nothing, so figured I'd toss out a problem Im having with my PS3 here. I've got the thing set up to our home wireless network and in the connection test it gets through the ip address and internet connection tests but fails at psn. Sometimes it allows me to sign in then will drop me off. And I have no clue as to why. I've checked the psn status site and its fine. Also, tried to bridge it through my laptop and that was completely fruitless as well. Any thoughts?
  • Does the location where your ps3 is have shit wireless signal? Do you have a long enough cable to reach to the router to try a physical line?
  • its about 15 feet away from the router and it says its got a strong wirelesss signal so I dunno. When I had it wired it worked fine, but I dont have a cord long enough at the moment. I guess its also possible the wireless card is just bad.
  • You could get a wireless bridge from BestBuy or Fry's, test with it to see if the PS3 stays connected, then return it. If the PS3 stays connected, then the internal wireless interface is probably kaput. If not, then perhaps there is a WiFi problem.
  • I've heard the antennas on PlayStation wireless cards are garbage.
  • I have used Ubuntu for all my computer needs since almost two years ago. Now, because I might have to telecomute, I have to download some type of Windows operation (most likely Windows 10) system and Office. Have you guys have any problems with those?
  • Windows 10 has been nothing but good to me so far.
  • Yeah, 10 is legit. If your computer is powerful enough, you could try doing it through a VM. The IT at your job may not like it.
  • I am gonna ask them if I can do that. Thanks guys :D
  • Guys, long time I've been absent. But when real expert advice is needed, here I yam!

    My son wants to get a video capture card to record lame CoD trick shots (I have failed as a father), we looked at the Elgata (HD60), however our PC (laptop) is underpowered. Specs are something like a celery 2.2ghz processor with 2gb ram. (This was given to us)

    What do you guys use, recommend? I'm thinking PC upgrade is due however not affordable.
  • Okay so like, I got a free one of those tiny celeron lower power mobos with processor and RAM on it and got a tiny case with a power supply and a HD and a DVD-R drive and all, right? I hooked it all up and pushed the power supply and NOTHING HAPPENED. Any ideas?
  • My first guess is did you plug everything in properly? My second guess is do you have a different power supply you could try?
  • You pushed the power supply?
  • If you didn't hear a beep: are all those annoying little cables plugged into the mobo right? Also, does the mobo have an extra 4/6 pin it needs from the power suppy?

    If you did hear a beep: reseat the RAM?
  • I feel like reseating the RAM is the turn if off/on again of computer building.

    But that's probably for a reason.
  • Yeah. The best thing I've learned is that 90% of inexplicable computer problems are caused by bad/poorly seated RAM. Even stuff you'd never think to check, like those impromptu, seemingly random reboots that made me start this thread in the first place!

    The rest are driver issues.

    If SOMETHING is happening (i.e.: It's not completely dead) but you can't figure out how the fuck why it is, it's probably the RAM.
  • Can you even get to the BIOS most of the time with that issue? I figured the system would at least start under such circumstances. If you could get to the BIOS you can usually identify if you have the RAM you're supposed to have.
  • This sounds utterly patronizing but it's also got me a couple of times: Did you turn on the switch on the power supply itself? (I had a computer that refused to do anything despite all efforts, and then I noticed the toggle switch on the back. Flipped it to "I", pushed the power button on the front, booted just fine.)
  • Did the mobo come with a diagram for how the power switch/case leds were to be connected? I know that can be super tricky. I had this experience and it was because my MB had shorted. Hopefully that's not the case with you.
  • It didn't come with one but I found the diagram on the manufacturer's website's manual page. I don't hear a beep or anything so maybe I don't have all the annoying little cables in there correctly. I guess I will take another swing at it.
  • Hmm okay I double checked I had the dumb little cables in there correctly. I'm suspecting the power supply is bad. Guess I will try for a replacement.
  • Before you do, try the paper clip trick.
  • Just to be clear we don't mean the trick where you bend a paper clip into a U shape and stick it in an electric socket and wake up twelve hours later with a tube going up your nose, right? Because that trick sucks.
  • Ok, so google have given jack all, but for some reason things like steam and battlenet just aren't connecting to the internet anymore, or if they are its only for a few minutes before it looses connection. Browsers working fine and downloading things decently just not those programs. Any ideas? I'm fairly convinced there some kind of malware thing going on, but avg isn't catching it. So i dunno.
  • Malware would more likely target your browser than Steam or Battlenet. If it is malware, it's probably goofing with your DNS. Try setting your tDNS to Open DNS's servers or any other DNS servers.
  • Anybody have experience with any of the roku boxes? I'm thinking of picking one up so I don't have to risk burning out my backwards compatible ps3 just to watch neftlix. They all appear to have the same features but the 2 doesn't have a headphone jack in the remote and the 4 is the only one to support 4k.
  • I've only experience with the 2. The best way I can describe it is that it is fine. The setup is pretty painless . The 3 seems pointless since last I checked the only difference is it can play shitty phone games?
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    Their player sucks for live broadcasts? How do I know? Because our team at work ran them through a bunch of tests for streaming live media. For VOD they seem fine though. Although I still remember them being really stubborn about switching layers when you have a bad connection. Instead of aggressively caching and switching layers they opted to try and buffer the current highest layer 2-3 times before switching. Apples player is much much better though. And I would probably say even Amazons would be better as well. Chromecast are also cheap but they're kinda a pain in the ass from my brief time working with one. Just because you have to control everything from your phone for the most part.
  • I accidentally did something to my bios and had to reset my computer. Luckily, I had everything backed up. I had to say goodbye to my weekend thanks to that.
  • Apple has officially stopped supporting Quicktime for Windows.

    Wow, talk about the end of an era!
  • Yep. Guess RealPlayer won that format war.
  • Anyone have any experience with the Surface Book? I'm thinking about getting a 2 in 1 and am leaning toward the Pro 4 but I'm curious about the Book. Laptop that becomes a tablet is pretty cool and probably more sturdy than a tablet that has a keyboard. First gen product vs 4th gen though...
  • I've only tinkered with them in stores but they weight is kinda incredible. I think since it detaches it might work better as a tablet. I actually bought a pro 4 and "tried it" for a week then returned it. There were a few things that bothered me compared to like an iPad or something. I imagine that the book would have some of the same issues. One of which was the wake up response time. It was pretty bad comparatively. Scrolling on the surface 4 (through a website) was really jittery A LOT of the time. Then the keyboard case was kinda annoying because it exposes the keys at all times while flipped over. But that shouldn't be an issue with the book.

    I only bring these up as part of the "tablet experience". If you get a surface, I would first and foremost go for it as a laptop analog that allows you to hold it in weird ways.
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