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What the fuck is wrong with my computer.

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Using Radeon HD 5770 graphics card. Sony Bravia 40" plugged in as a dual monitor. When watching video the computer will crash/reboot without warning. No error message, nothing. Just black screen and it's booting again. It's definitely something to do with the card and the TV. Computer doesn't crash when just the monitor's plugged it, does crash when there's no monitor, but the TV is plugged in. Almost certain it's to do with video, because that's the only thing that seems to crash it. MAYBE only with 720p video, but I've had it happen a time or two when it's just a youtube video playing (not even on the Bravia).

I've tried all sorts of combinations of uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers. No dice. What precious few scraps I can dig up in Eventviewer make it look like there's some sort of ATI error (duh) but googling the error doesn't seem to get me anywhere. If I google strings like "radeon bravia crash" I find people with similar problems and the end result is always "Give up, buy Nvidia, shit works" which is fucking great, but not much of an option for me. However, all the posts I've found on it are nearly half a year old, so maybe there's been a fix in that time.

One time during this setup, many Windows installs ago, my only problem was that sometimes the monitor wouldn't wake up after it went to sleep. At least it didn't outright crash. I miss those days.


  • Get that answer and let me know. You know I got the same shit.
  • Is it flash videos or on downloaded video? Try turning off hardware acceleration in Flash or maybe updating flash player.
  • It's both, actually. Flash and downloaded.
  • I used to have problems with my old ATI card in my desktop exploding when I did 3D acceleration or high-res video on a dual-monitor setup. Turned out the thing was overheating pretty badly (though it'd give me some nonsense error code that didn't help me figure out what the problem was at all). Instead of just artifacting like you'd expect, ATI's fail-safe utility would try to salvage everything by resetting the video card, which inevitably just meant my PC would turn off and back on, because those sorts of things never actually _work_. Bought a new case, installed large custom fans, and my problems disappeared. Your shit's new, though, so I'd have a hard time imagining that you're having ventilation issues.
  • I was running fine on XP. I installed Win 7 and now every few minutes when playing a game or watching a dvd/stream, I get the display driver has failed and recovered error.

    I also run on a lcd tv, it was again fine on XP now when I try to run at the native 1920x1080, I get mode not supported errors.

    I'm super pissed and keep debating buying a new computer, I just keep putting it off because I reeeeeally don't want to spend the money if I don't have to.
  • "Squirrel" said:
    I'm super pissed and keep debating buying a new computer, I just keep putting it off because I reeeeeally don't want to spend the money if I don't have to.
    How old is your present one?
  • Got it around winter '06. The graphics card is a 4850 I bought in '08? It's an Athlon X2 5000 as well. Power wise it's sufficient and it runs what I need it to fine. Or at least it did before I installed Win7. The best I can find is that my power supply is lacking in the 12v amps and that when I stress the card, I'm running into the hyper sensitive Vista/7 TDR bullshit. Though, from what I've found it can be RAM issues as well though I doubt that. It's only 2gb but lack of RAM wouldn't be the issue, faulty sticks would. Basically, I'm seeing that my display drivers are failing due to something (no one knows what) else causing the TDR to throw a hissy fit.

    The fact that everything ran without a hiccup on XP and broke when I "upgraded" is what's pissing me off. I know that if I got a copy of XP I'd be fine again and that bugs me. I can almost deal with the crashing display drivers but I will never understand why my tv can't output it's own native resolution anymore. I'm running 1600x1200, initially stretched but now with my tv set to display 4:3.

    I could buy a new power supply, switch to an nvidia card and/or get new RAM but I have a feeling I'll still have the same issue. Which means, spend money to not fix anything, buy a new PC out right from some vendor, or just deal with it. None of which feel like good options to me. And I can't even describe the fit of rage I would be in if I bought a new system and my tv still didn't display at the right resolution.
  • Yeah, that's frustrating as hell. May end up having to downgrade, which is a total pain after you've just gone to the trouble of upgrading. Standard practice for me is to always run at least one OS revision behind, that way I'm not paying money to beta test a software package for two years. After seeing Win7 in action, I'm somewhat intrigued by it, but stories like yours always remind me not to try and fix what isn't broken.
  • "Dave" said:
    It's both, actually. Flash and downloaded.
    Sounds like you got a lemon video card. Might be time for an RMA. :/
  • Might be time to say fuck ATI.

    I think about thirty windows reinstalls later I got it so it won't crash with single monitor, but if dual monitors are plugged in it's inevitable. Awesooooooome. And such prompt customer service ATI has.
  • "Dave" said:
    Might be time to say fuck ATI.
    I've been singing that song for quite some time. I have yet to have any serious problems with an nvidia card.
  • That's probably fair. I haven't really had any problems with my nvidia card other than running some new games. Which is reasonable and probably not the fault of the card. On a side note, dual monitors worked out of the box.
  • Yeah, if I can't resolve it in a day or two, I'll just get an nvidia one, RMA my card, and sell the replacement on eBay to try and recoup some of my losses. But then it'll turn out to not be the video card and I'll have to kill myself.
  • "Dave" said:
    Yeah, if I can't resolve it in a day or two, I'll just get an nvidia one, RMA my card, and sell the replacement on eBay to try and recoup some of my losses. But then it'll turn out to not be the video card and I'll have to kill myself.
    Based on your initial descriptions of the circumstances around the issue, it seems that Win7 may be the more likely culprit. Unfortunately, you might not know until after you've tested with a new card.
  • Nvidia and ATI have always worked perfectly fine for me.

    You can't RMA via NewEgg or whomever you purchased it from?


    Have you read this article yet? ... ,9529.html
  • I had not read that and knowing I have an issue that no one can solve is frustrating. Considering that it basically said the same thing I did and even listed both our models(and in my case, manufacturer) I think there is some value in just buying an nvidia card now.
  • So, what nvidia card is comparable to the 5750 in power/wattage?
  • From what I know, that 5750 is one of the lower power consuming cards you can buy, and nVidia are usually hogs. So, getting close in power? Not likely. But unless you're close to maxing out that psu you should be fine.
  • I guess I have a 650w power supply? I thought it was 550. So I'm probably fine? I honest I have no idea what uses shit these days. I also thought I saved myself because the gtx 260s seem to require two connectors, but I guess my power supply also has that? I thought it only had one.

    Probably gonna get this: ... -_-Product

    Not as cheap as some options, but has the benefit of being fully refundable.
  • 896MB? I don't even understand that number.
  • ... mailconfig

    Been thinking of just getting that. What ya'll think?
  • My computers drive is out of date. Maybe thats just it.
  • "Squirrel" said:
    That is pretty damn nice.I just hope that pc is finished in a matte black , and not a glossy black like some of our HP notebooks at work.
  • So basically you're saying your computer is going to overheat too.
  • I don't understand you at all Nick.

    Also, yeah I'm pretty sure it's glossy. I too would prefer a matte finish but honestly I don't really care one way or the other.
  • "Squirrel" said:
    I don't understand you at all Nick.

    Also, yeah I'm pretty sure it's glossy. I too would prefer a matte finish but honestly I don't really care one way or the other.

    You can probably just grab some sort of laptop skin to cover the glossy nonsense. It shouldn't be a make or break factor in buying a computer, but unfortunately a lot of companies still don't get the glossy finishes suck and collect too many fingerprints.

    That laptop looks pretty nice for the price, I have to say.
  • sorry about the card, the HD5770 sounded so good in theory, but i ended up returning mine because my bravia was having none of it.

    I'm aiming for a 260, but I also have to get a 550w-600w PSU.
  • I MAY have excised the final problems, where the computer would crash only when looking at video that'd we'd recorded from the Xbox, or what have you. It was the capture card, duh, but we can't really NOT use the capture card because that's the whole point of this friggin' computer. But it seems like by disabling the capture card from device manager until I need it the system remains stable.

    Also, since the computer kept crashing when we tried to record stuff from it, we figured out we could just Fraps the output from the capture card instead of recording from the device itself. Jerry-rigged to hell, but it works I guess.

    Still, I only tested it for about ten minutes this morning. I'm still convinced it's gonna blow up. :?
  • What capture card do you have?

    Also, I want my damned laptop already. This fucking headache crashed playing Plants vs Zombies. I have a ton of steam games I should get to and I figured I'd treat myself to the one I've put waaaay too many hours into. Nope. Fuck you to computer, fuck you to.
  • I'm glad there's a thread for this.

    So, I'm running Windows 7 off a Dell Inspiron and in the past week I've had two hard disk read errors, one a week ago and one this morning both of the same nature, and this evening I had my first stop error. The stop error closed itself down before I could read it since I was caught so off guard by that it had happened at all.

    The first hard disk error was some sort of BIOS problem. I'm confident it wasn't the drive itself since I could easily start in safe mode and all of my data was then and is now intact. The problem was fixed once I'd restored BIOS defaults, and Windows started instantly, so to speak. The second one almost seemed to resolve itself. I was prompted to reseat the drive, but I just performed a hard reset and it was getting ready to start windows on its own. To be safe, I stopped it and reset the BIOS defaults again, and it was running well all this afternoon.

    The blue screen happened while my girlfriend and I were playing a freeware game I've had for a couple of weeks now, this present version of it at least a 3. Again, I didn't catch the nature of the error since it was quick and caught me off guard. Since it happened so close to two hard disk read errors, I ran a memory check, which turned up no issues, and a scan of the drive itself which turned up one bad cluster in a file from a previous Windows installation back when I first got the computer about 6 months ago.

    Normally, I'd be worried about both of these things reasonably a lot if they happened alone, but that they've happened together has me scrambling. Any ideas?
  • So I got that stupid virus that says your computer has a virus and replaces your computer IE screen with another one also keeps a bunch of popups covering your screen. Anyways I followed the steps online to remove it with the anti-malware in safe mode. It worked but now when I'm in safe mode the computer works fine but in regular mode I can't open symantec to scan or update and my computer had slowed down to the point that seems like it's frozen.

    Anybody have any ideas what I could do?
    Also I'm writing this from my phone since I can't on my computer.
  • Oh yeah, that virus. I'm always getting them so I know exactly what you're talking about.
  • Just reformat. Don't waste your time.
  • "Dave" said:
    Just reformat. Don't waste your time.
  • After that, you may want to check the firewall on your modem/router deal.
  • If turning startup items off in msconfig does not remove it , there's a good chance it's running as a silent/hidden service and probably running a rootkit preventing removal .Complete pain in the ass to remove.Have removed many similar type of malware and it's a brutal process.

    Also for anyone out there contemplating getting a Netgear DGN-2000 . For the Love of God do not ever purchase that piece of shit.Gets as hot as an oven and 3 months down the line the ethernet ports on the things die out.
  • So I'm on a new computer now and in the middle of playing a game my computer just keeps turning off, it did it 3 times now and it only does it when I'm playing the game, anywhere between 5-8 minutes into it.

    I'm not sure if that's considered crashing since the whole computer turns off instead of just the game by itself. I did some online research and people with similar issues (but only game turns off in their case) say it their graphics card that's not up to snuff.

    You guys here now a lot about this, if I get a new graphics card should that solve my problem or is there a chance that it could be something else?
  • When the whole computer is shutting down, that smells like a hardware issue to me - it *could* be some component like your video card or your RAM glitching, but it's more likely that overheating or an insufficient power supply is to blame. What's the rating on your power supply?
  • Where do I see that?
  • If you're playing on a a laptop it's probably the processor or videocard overheating.
  • Okay, here's a computer question! How come my computer will not start up if I have my external USB HDs connected to it? If I unplug them, it starts up fine and then I can plug them in as soon as the Windows loading screen shows up, but if I do it before then, the computer just hangs. Annoying.
  • edited November 2010
    If you're running Vista or 7, the OS thinks you're making use of Readyboost.

    It happens to me to if I boot up my laptop and I have my phone connected to it.

    If you go into your Bios and manually configure the boot process to check HDD first it should stop doing it but I haven't done so myself since it's a minor inconvenience on my part.
  • I'm running Windows XP?
  • "Creaty" said:
    Where do I see that?
    Assuming you're on a desktop, you should be able to pop open the case and find it - it's the big box that the power cable runs into. There ought to be a fairly prominent wattage number on it, e.g. mine says 500W near the top.

    Dave's right, though, if you're on a laptop instead of a desktop then I'd peg overheating as the culprit.
    "karaokeninja" said:
    Okay, here's a computer question! How come my computer will not start up if I have my external USB HDs connected to it? If I unplug them, it starts up fine and then I can plug them in as soon as the Windows loading screen shows up, but if I do it before then, the computer just hangs. Annoying.
    (As Squirrel pointed out while I was typing this) usually you can fix that by going into the BIOS during start up, and changing the boot order to put USB devices dead last.
  • Check my edit, worth a shot. Your system might have usb as a higher boot priority than the hard drive and it's looking for your OS there.
  • I'm on a desktop and it's 450 W

    Edit: Just in case, these are the other components:

    MSI K9N6PGM2-V2 Motherboard - NVIDIA® MCP61P/6150SE, Socket AM2+, MicroATX, Audio, Video, PCI Express, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, USB 2.0, RAID,

    AMD HD9750WCJ4BGH Phenom X4 9750 Quad Core Processor - 2.40GHz, 2MB L3 Cache, 3600 MT/s FSB, Quad-Core, Socket AM2+, OEM Processor,

    MSI R4350-MD512H Radeon HD 4350 Video Card - 512MB DDR2, PCI Express 2.0, CrossFireX, Dual-Link DVI, VGA,

    Seagate ST31000520AS Barracuda LP Hard Drive - 1TB, 5900rpm, 32MB, SATA-3G,

    and 2 of these Crucial 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory.
  • Well, I ran that through NewEgg's PSU calculator ( ) and 450W sounds like it should be plenty.

    Overheating's a likely culprit, although that's a little surprising given that it's a new machine. Is it unusually quiet (i.e. quiet enough that a fan might not be running?) Is it in a decently ventilated spot?

    Another possibility is just a loose component or cable somewhere - I'd double-check to make sure everything's properly seated. I once had a computer with random shutdown issues that turned out to be caused by someone occasionally tapping their foot against a cable that wasn't fully plugged into the back of the video card, causing it to jitter.
  • Grab a copy of PC Wizard. It will allow you to monitor the temperature (among several other pieces of logistical information). That will help you figure out if it's overheating. You may want to contact the company who sold it to you to let them know you are having issues with the rig.
  • My wife bought it from tiger direct and her friend put it together, he specifically asked for a larger fan than the one that came with the bundle.

    I'm installing the PC Wizard as we speak so I'll see if it says that it's heating up.

    Edit: added the screenshot of the PC WIzard screen
  • If it's available, check your video card's GPU temperature as well.
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