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The deals thread



  • Now I can throw two burritos on the floor.
  • I still have mine sealed when I got it new thinking it was going to be hard to find, how wrong I was.
  • Noooo poor burritos, what did they ever do to you
  • It's mostly my dislike for Qdoba which I'm basing purely off of the downtown Seattle location.
  • That is a fair and reasonable reaction to a qdoba.
  • Chipotle is so much better (but Qdoba is so much more literally right across the street from my apartment :( )
  • Chipotle better but I like Qdoba's bad, garbage queso.

    Both are kind of bad in their own special way, compared to any real burrito, but Chipotle's on the highest tier for fast food.
  • I went in once and very clearly ordered a quesadilla and for some reason the girl thought I said like nachos or some shit. Then she starts bad mouthing me in Spanish right in front of me to a coworker. Then the guy ringing up my order kept talking about how high he was. Once I left there I was like fuck this place. Chipotle is literally across the road too. So now I just go there or a better place called Blue Water Taco Grill or the taco place in Pike market that I just call street tacos.
  • Is it still "fast food" when it takes fifteen minutes to get because there are four other orders ahead of yours?
  • I just remember how excited dave was to get qdoba once, also because of a 2 for 1 deal maybe? So he brought two baby sized to a bar but he couldnt eat at the bar so he stood outside and ate one and just stared at the other one for the rest of the time we were there.
  • I meant human baby sized burrito, not baby burrito sized burrito
  • Is human baby sized not the default size for a burrito? If not it should be.
  • The first episode of Baby Mentalist wouldn't have made sense otherwise.
  • There is a burrito place a few blocks from my new apartment that literally has pictures of babies next to burritos for size comparisons.
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    Are their burrito sizes Asian, European, and American?
  • Here's a picture I found of it.

  • Fuck that. Those are not edible. If I can't pick it up and eat it without it bursting all over the floor then it's just dumb.
  • Yeah, babies do tend to burst all over things. (bah-DOOMP)
  • I clearly meant the babies. Who would eat a burrito? I'm not a savage.
  • That picture is the best thing anyone has ever done with 20 babies.
  • Somebody warn Jenn.
  • ^^ it's the same baby with different makeup in all the pictures.
  • Lords of the Fallen is on sale for 18 bucks on the playstation store (with plus). Is it worth it or was it just a methadone while everyone waited for Bloodborne?
  • I played like 10 minutes and wasn't very impressed with it. But then again 10 minutes isn't very long to get into a game like that.
  • I'm a bit late to the discussion but panchero's burritos>chipotle burritos>>>>>qdoba in general. However Chipotle's burrito bowls are>life itself
  • I want to believe burrito bowls are good, but I've never received one that isn't just a wet mess. I'd like to hear "recipes" that include the proper ingredients to make a burrito bowl something other than a trough of moist slop.
  • ^^ So the difference between pretty good and life itself is just a tortilla?
  • We all have our own nirvana.
  • I want to believe burrito bowls are good, but I've never received one that isn't just a wet mess. I'd like to hear "recipes" that include the proper ingredients to make a burrito bowl something other than a trough of moist slop.
    Go to chipotle, order burrito bowl to go. Order double rice, both types of beans, peppers, chicken as the meat (no double you gotta pay extra for that shit), following that, double mild salsa (for tomatoes), corn if you're about that, then double cheese. Pay for that shit, shake the fuck out of it, then proceed to eat on premises.

    Might've missed something but I think that's all of it.
  • Oddworld: Abe's Oddyssee is free for 24 hours.
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    Halloween Jewelry Sale!

    Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween! What are you going as this year? We'll post pictures later and on our Twitter feed @skybluebirdie . Now for a SALE! Save 20% on all Web orders at now through November 2, 2015! Use coupon code SPOOKY in your shopping cart before you check out. This is good on everything on the Web site, so shop now and stock up for *gasp* Christmas. Also check out Facebook page at to see exclusive items (exclusive because we've been too busy to put 'em on the website yet; send a message or an email to Sky Blue Designs if you see something you like!) And don't forget to Like, Comment, and Share our status with your friends to spread the joy -- and the discount. ;)


    Facebook-page item: Poppy Jasper from Morgan Hill, CA, on a silver bail with an adjustable-length black cord:

    Facebook-page item: Swarovski element small round pendant on 18"
    Sterling silver chain. Many colors available, in both silver or gold-fill.
  • Considering this week Fallout 4 and Tomb Raider are coming out, I think it's worth noting that Target is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on all video games.
  • Elite: Dangerous is down to $15 on Steam right now. Be forewarned that it is basically the anti-Dave game, consisting almost entirely of vast amounts of same-y procedural generation, but even factoring out Steam's misrepresentation (mostly due to me leaving the launcher open), I have sunk probably hundreds of hours into it, because you get to fly spaceships around and that is pretty cool.
  • Shadow Complex is free on PC.
  • Monument Valley is free on iOS.
    (not really)
    (but kinda)
    (because I bought and finished it literally the day before)
  • I'm free on weekends.

    No I'm not, sorry I lied.
  • $0.99 is not free on weekends.
  • One-day Razer accessories sale with 50% off.

    Starts 1/14 @ 6p Pacific time, and requires a Razer Insider account (free signup).
  • I feel like they don't know how much movies cost nowadays.
    Sega is up to something. I don't know what yet.
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    Flash Sale Code Red: jojo's all-star is for sale on psn for like 5 bucks. Also, fatal frames 1-3 are 99 cents on ps3.
  • A bunch of Johnny Wander merch is going out of stock very soon over at TopatoCo. Yuko and Ananth are cool people with cool stuff, maybe check it out?

    Also go check out Is This What You Wanted?, the comic they're currently working on in collaboration with Tessa Stone. It's reaching the end of its first chapter, and I'm digging it!
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