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What are you eating/ drinking?



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    Looks more like a mudkip.
    Another way to make chili even better is instead of a crockpot, use a blender, instead of beans, use icecream, instead of tomato sauce, use milk, and instead of ground beef, use cookies. Best chili ever.
    It tastes kind of unusual with my chives, chili powder, celery, onions, cumin, and jalapenos.
  • Better, apology accepted.
  • O my gods! Mixing chili with mac&cheese is sinful levels of amazing!
  • That used to be an option at the weekly mac & cheese station in my workplace's cafeteria, but for some reason they cut that one and kept all of the comparatively lame varieties. I miss it.
  • I bought a two-liter of Grape Nehi in the checkout line at Goodwill because it was 99 cents. I regret nothing.
  • You will soon.
  • What is nehi?
  • I'm trying to go the entire week without eating meat. Mostly been eating rice&beans and salads. Feel better than I have in a long time. I may continue this once the week is over.
  • Rice and beans (or slight variations of it) are pretty much the best core of any non-meat meal. Also peanut butter is also really good.
  • I know they are probably beans but I toss chick peas into my salads pretty often.
  • Yep any legumes really, chick peas, lentils, split peas or any of the colored beans fit well. I'm just not a fan of salad or most specifically lettuce since if I have to have one I'll just order tomatoes on their own or with avocado.
  • Morningstar's Mediterranean Chickpea Burger is crazy good. Their meatless buffalo wing is pretty excellent too. I really don't have much of an urge now to go back to meat.
  • I'm more of a Gardein and Boca guy since Morningstar has a bad habit to put eggs in a lot of their things.
    But chickpea burgers do sound pretty good.
  • It is fantastic. I need to get some tzatziki to put on it.
  • My girlfriend and I didn't coordinate the ingredients very well and just decided to run with it. Imitation is still flattering right?



    Our Results:
  • But how did they taste?
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    Haha, those are awesome.

    The Kurbs of Eternal Suffering.

    (the top left could be Tetsuo Kirby)
  • Not as sweet as we hoped but I liked 'em. But instead of eating lame cookies we just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies instead. Living on your own is great.
  • I'm more of a Gardein and Boca guy since Morningstar has a bad habit to put eggs in a lot of their things.
    But chickpea burgers do sound pretty good.
    I made some veggie burgers with Chickpeas, feta, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes. They weren't bad, but tasted...a bit dry? I'm going to have to look at some other veggie burger recipes. Also I bought some Boca burgers yesterday and HOLY FUCK THEY ARE AMAZING!!! and a dollar cheaper a box than morningstar products at my local store.
  • Their breaded chicken patty is a staple in the house.
  • Made vegetarian lasagna. Onions, bell peppers, and vegetarian 'chik'n'. It good.
  • We hopped on the Blue Apron train a couple of weeks ago and it has been pretty good to us so far! I think the best dish so far might have been the halibut/date vinaigrette/quinoa (or maybe the calzones), but everything has been pretty darn tasty.
  • How was the quality of the ingredients when they got to you?
  • It all seems fine so far - the head of lettuce for last night was nice and crisp, and the meats are sealed in plastic and shipped with ice packs. No complaints.
  • We have been having dinner parties every Wednesday, Last night I made crepes with spinach, kale, peppers, tomatoes, chickpeas, hummus, and goat cheese. For dessert I made crepes with apricots sauteed in cinnamon with cream cheese and brown sugar.
  • Started reading "Seven Fires". I have heard great things about it, and after reading a few chapters. I am excited to give it a go this spring/ summer. Pictures to come.
  • How are Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies simultaneously gross but good.
  • Only half of your statement is true. #gross
  • They are gross, you are addicted to sugar.
  • Nah I'm on board. It's that delicious, delicious preservative chemical aftertaste.
  • I think I managed to Cutthroat Kitchen sabotage myself while trying to reuse the spaghetti sauce from last night. Judges, I present to you my take on pasta bolognese, with a, uh, bright splash of fruit flavor.
  • What do people think of hot sauces? I've been trying to up my tolerance recently and have been enjoying Firehouse Subs and their putting dozens of bottles at your disposal to put on your sandwich. I've been settling around the 7 range if you're familiar with their 1-10 scale. I tried something called Scorpion (8) the other day that was probably too much for me. Hours later I discovered I could feel the exact position of my esophagus in 3D space.

    I've rather enjoyed Fire and Spice (7), it had a nice flavor, but it's been too long since I last had it to pin point what I liked about it. I guess if falls under the "pepper sauce" catagory?

    I can handle anything labeled chipotle pretty handily and some habenero stuff.
    Oh, I keep a bottle of Cholula in the fridge for my eggs when I do make breakfast.

    I wish the Scoville system felt more meaningful in terms of universal usage and not being so huge in range.

    Side question, if you ever go to Buffalo Wild Wings, what do you get? Asian Zing and Thai Curry for me.
  • Something like Cholula is probably the best. I find that as you go up in heat you lose a lot of flavor, like tobasco. Tobasco is all heat and no flavor.
  • I just found out about chopped cheese. Now I want to try one.
  • Don't just tease us with "chopped cheese" I need some deets on that chochee
  • NY Times article about it recently. Although I heard it on an A$AP Mob skit today which is what actually turned me on to it. Sounds sort of like a Philly cheese.
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    Dragons crown bacon
  • That's a good first ingredient. Now where's the the veggies, seasoning, and dick that steals your hard earned meal?
  • Based on how I am feeling now, I probably should have added a vegetable
  • Mixing my Chilli with Sheppards pie was the best idea I've had this week.
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