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Books, I read them ...



  • I read the "Spelunky" book from the Boss Fights Books series and being the super spelunky fan.... I thought it was good. I've grown tired of hearing the story of how Miyamoto was inspired to make Zelda 1 based on adventuring in his town's hills so it was slow in the beginning but hearing about the actual progression and set backs of the game's development from its first pitch to add it to XBLA to its Steam release were cool to hear about. I was also glad that there was a section covering the inclusion of the damsel and how that changed. It was nice reading that the maker of one of my favorite games could sympathize with his audience and wants to put more thought into his work moving forward. Also it taught me that there is a terribly hard to spot easter egg on the character selection screen that is a tribute to his wife. Awwwwww.

    I also read "The Internet of Garbage" by Sarah Jeong, which was super interesting and more in depth then her talk by the same name. You can find that talk on youtube. But it's interesting hearing a case from a legal position of why social media and other websites are so bad at mitigating spam or problem users. Similar to RadioLab's episode on Facebook's "trust engineers."
  • The Internet Of Garbage sounds interesting, but I'm really concerned it's gonna end up as one of those "so how important is the First Amendment really, isn't it maybe time we all got past it" things.
  • It's definitely not a defense of the First Amendment like that, more of a "well, this is how 1st Amendment and copyright law have pushed and pulled internet content creation and where that has left us with spam and harassment campaigns making the internet nigh unusable for individuals or groups, usually women." But there's also some hope on how maybe with better thought put into setting up websites then users would be compelled to police their own actions or server side algorithms would stop harmful content before it needed to be deleted. It is all pretty messy.

    I read Spelunky and The Internet of Garbage back to back and I was amused that both happened to bring up Anita Sarkeesian.

    My husband ordered this book for me. I seem to be associated with radical queer politics now...
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    Just started this one today. The first couple essays are largely on the push for marriage equality and how the mainstream liberal gay rights movement is largely focused solely on the middle class white cis gay and lesbian communities. This meant that they were spending millions of dollars and countless hours working to give those in the queer community who were already in the best position, while largely ignoring and throwing under the bus those that needed far more support, largely queer people of color, especially trans people of color. It also looks at how many of the groups approraited black cival rights leaders, such as Rosa Parks, while also using heavily racist imagery in their campaigns by portraying the black community as homophobic.

    Kenyon Farrow's Essay "Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black" has been my favorite so far and highly worth the read.
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