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The "I feel awesome today" thread.



  • With like 90% of my "friends list" unfollowed so I can't see their posts, along with barely checking Facebook, I wonder why I still have an account. I use the chat on occasion though and I need the account for that otherwise I'd probably just get rid of it.
  • Facebook exists for exactly one reason, to get the rewards from games you play that demand you favorite them on Facebook.
  • I finally managed to catch the injured starling that was hanging around my back garden for the last few days. You'd think a bird that can't fly would be easy to catch, but no.
    Anyway, after getting a nice snack of mealworms and a bit of rest in a warm box, he's now at my local SPCA for treatment.
  • You saved a bird! <3
  • I finished my VR dev in Unity class. Me and the two guys I've been working with have a one level demo of our VR game mostly working. I did 3D modeling (simple though it is), programming, sound effects and music composition. I got accepted into a internship to do VR dev client work for a company that does like meditation stuff and the like. I've also been a lot more productive with music in general and wrote a new song today. Also my girlfriend is wonderful and our dog is wonderful.
  • Picked up a few new cameras over the last week. The first is a Soviet Kiev 19, which which is absolutely gorgeous and works like a dream. I still need to pick up a Helios 44 lens for it, but the Helios 81 is still phenomenal.


    Second is a Kodak 35 made in 1946. This one has been a bit of a learning process. It's in great shape and just looks amazing.

  • If you find any ghosts, you have to tell us.
  • A thing that I did all of the CAD design for, and all the drawings for, and wrote the assembly instructions for, and handled half the procurement for...

    is being assembled and, so far, works just like it's supposed to!
  • The first five minutes of me coming back from a five week project involved my cat herding me into a chair for an hour long petting session, followed by taking post next to my bed so that I don't leave again.
    It's nice when something cares about where its food comes from.
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    Am i officially a hipster?

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    But I guess so am I.
  • I'm in Houston, our house hasn't taken on any water yet (plus very little water is in the street), and my toilet is flushing like a champ. After the last flush I patted him or her on the head and said, "good job."
  • Good luck down there!
  • It's so weird that we have a place and time where "there's very little water in the street" is a sign of hope.
  • They liked the prototype we made for the VR meditation app so much they want to develop it further into a fully released product.
  • They liked the prototype we made for the VR meditation app so much they want to develop it further into a fully released product.

    Congratulations! Is this for Cardboard-type headsets, or is it for full-ring Samsung/Oculus setups? (Or an AR-type thing, like HoloLens?)
  • We have both an Oculus Rift build and an Android build you could use on Cardboard or on Samsung GearVR or Google Daydream. Kind of looks like shit on Cardboard but everything looks like shit on Cardboard. As long as you aren't relying on really precise spatial tracking or doing complex things with the controllers (like tracking them in 6dof) it's quite easy to port between PC builds and Android. It's definitely not meant to be AR -- I'm much more interested in full immersion so that's what I've been studying. Plus a Hololens costs like two grand.
  • I guess full immersion would be even better for a meditation app. The whole point is to shut out distractions and focus on not-focusing.
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