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The "I feel awesome today" thread.



  • With like 90% of my "friends list" unfollowed so I can't see their posts, along with barely checking Facebook, I wonder why I still have an account. I use the chat on occasion though and I need the account for that otherwise I'd probably just get rid of it.
  • Facebook exists for exactly one reason, to get the rewards from games you play that demand you favorite them on Facebook.
  • I finally managed to catch the injured starling that was hanging around my back garden for the last few days. You'd think a bird that can't fly would be easy to catch, but no.
    Anyway, after getting a nice snack of mealworms and a bit of rest in a warm box, he's now at my local SPCA for treatment.
  • You saved a bird! <3
  • I finished my VR dev in Unity class. Me and the two guys I've been working with have a one level demo of our VR game mostly working. I did 3D modeling (simple though it is), programming, sound effects and music composition. I got accepted into a internship to do VR dev client work for a company that does like meditation stuff and the like. I've also been a lot more productive with music in general and wrote a new song today. Also my girlfriend is wonderful and our dog is wonderful.
  • Picked up a few new cameras over the last week. The first is a Soviet Kiev 19, which which is absolutely gorgeous and works like a dream. I still need to pick up a Helios 44 lens for it, but the Helios 81 is still phenomenal.


    Second is a Kodak 35 made in 1946. This one has been a bit of a learning process. It's in great shape and just looks amazing.

  • If you find any ghosts, you have to tell us.
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