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The "I feel awesome today" thread.



  • Yep. I'm getting married on May 13. We are making all of our flowers from comic books
  • Those are some super cool flowers, that's awesome.
  • Oh, I didn't see that line about a wedding! Congrats!
  • Those are neat looking! How many do you need to make?
  • We are going to try to make in the 100's of them.
  • How can I rig the bouquet to light itself on fire right when it is caught.
  • Something involving a model-rocket igniter wired to a remote control, and a person standing by watching?
  • Possibly flash paper?
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    This is sort of thinking outside the box, but what about having the people catching the bouquet already having their hands on fire?
  • If you're serious please be careful because this may not end well at all.
  • But at least it'll be memorable.
  • Yeah you can't really guarantee someone will catch it by the stem. Also you would probably need some sort of remote igniter since it would be too unpredictable otherwise.
  • And ofcourse it is on my left side
  • Damn, that's a statement
  • I got picked to do the Art Institute job! Nothing beats visiting a museum and having it all to yourself.
  • After getting out of my last relationship which was a nightmare for many reasons, I think I've figured out that with my job I don't have the time or energy for both a full on relationship and myself. I'm trying something more casual, ended up spending a night in a hotel, and I have to say this is the best I've felt in a long while. I can't yet tell if it's because it's a far less restrictive relationship or because she's, you know, sane and reasonable, but I'm liking this! I'm just happy and not full of dread.
  • I acquired a husband...


  • Congratulations!
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    And the sky full of stars :)

    That's so wonderful!
  • One of our friends made that dress. It was so fucking gorgeous.
  • Congratulations! And that is a nice dress.
  • Congrats! Glad you're happy.
  • Late congrats!!!!
  • We got approved!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm moving out and the lease starts on the 1st of July. 1400 square feet, $1425 a month, 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom, big screened in patio, and newly renovated everything!
  • Nice man. Enjoy it.
  • We plan on it!
  • I officially have the keys to the place! They replaced the carpet with wood laminate, kind of pissed about that, but otherwise really happy!
  • Carpet is terrible. You're better off. Congrats dude.
  • Carpet is safety for a small dog that slides easily on wood and tile, especially with a staircase. But thank you!
  • Animal claws tend to scratch up wood (or wood substitutes).
  • I don't really care about that, only him breaking his neck
  • So having my own place is pretty amazing. I highly recommend it.
  • Never seeing one's family is a great way to unload unnecessary stress.
  • It also drastically improved my relationship with my parents.

  • I get along a lot better with my sister now that we only see each other once or twice every year.
  • A week into the move and things are still going well!
  • My husband and I are planning on visiting Nashville on 8/20 and 8/21 for the Solar Eclipse. Anyone going to be near there?
  • Neil Cicierega - Mouth Moods is on of the best mash up albums I have ever heard and have been smiling all day while listening to it!
  • The YMCA one on that album is very good imo.

    When that album dropped I sent it to a bunch of people and I think one of them made it past the first song. :cry:
  • it's so good
    it's SO GOOD
  • Yeah I have found that most of my friends I have tried to make listen to mash up music can't deal. I first found it with Girl Talk then it went into Super Mash Bros and White Panda from there. After listening to his Mouth Silence and Mouth Noises albums though I think Neil is definitely top tier.

  • If it's not an anime mash up, I don't listen to it.
  • So my cable subscriber has this weird channel called El Rey that plays old Kung fu movies and random programmming.
    Spent the afternoon watching Five Deadly Venoms with my daughter who got super into it.
    Well spent afternoon :).

  • @DG_Nick Home Improvement is very anime
  • image

    There's something really satisfying about finally just giving up on something that wasn't doing anything for you anymore, no matter how insignificant.
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