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The "I feel awesome today" thread.



  • Yep. I'm getting married on May 13. We are making all of our flowers from comic books
  • Those are some super cool flowers, that's awesome.
  • Oh, I didn't see that line about a wedding! Congrats!
  • Those are neat looking! How many do you need to make?
  • We are going to try to make in the 100's of them.
  • How can I rig the bouquet to light itself on fire right when it is caught.
  • Something involving a model-rocket igniter wired to a remote control, and a person standing by watching?
  • Possibly flash paper?
  • edited February 21
    This is sort of thinking outside the box, but what about having the people catching the bouquet already having their hands on fire?
  • If you're serious please be careful because this may not end well at all.
  • But at least it'll be memorable.
  • Yeah you can't really guarantee someone will catch it by the stem. Also you would probably need some sort of remote igniter since it would be too unpredictable otherwise.
  • And ofcourse it is on my left side
  • Damn, that's a statement
  • I got picked to do the Art Institute job! Nothing beats visiting a museum and having it all to yourself.
  • After getting out of my last relationship which was a nightmare for many reasons, I think I've figured out that with my job I don't have the time or energy for both a full on relationship and myself. I'm trying something more casual, ended up spending a night in a hotel, and I have to say this is the best I've felt in a long while. I can't yet tell if it's because it's a far less restrictive relationship or because she's, you know, sane and reasonable, but I'm liking this! I'm just happy and not full of dread.
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