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The "I feel awesome today" thread.



  • Wow! That will be quite an adventure!
  • Oh, wow! Good luck!
  • That's pretty amazing! I hope it all goes well for you!
  • Tomorrow I have my first date with a guy in like, 4 years.
  • Just had two random customers at work ask for my number and to go to the movies
  • "...and suddenly I woke up in a motel bathroom full of ice and my kidneys were gone!"
  • The joke is on them! My kidney is about as useful as my liver.
  • Well then get in there, girl!
  • Usually they don't want it for personal use. I'm sure bad kidneys sell just as well as good ones when you're behind a motel.
  • Kaazu you do you and be nothing buyt youself holy shit bboooze it feels zmazing to let go fuck the public I hate humanity and what my jobbb has exposed me to everyone is stupida solve your own damn probkens U donb't care about a vehichle abandoned
    there are people getting shot and you're all demanding saying it's been 22 minutes fuck U'm drunk
  • I told you to get out of that job when you got it.
  • That's kinda why I don't like calling 911 to report ditched cars, even though the desk dispatcher crabbed at me to do it last time. You guys have actual shot to deal with, you don't need me fussing about crap.
  • You are getting experiences that are going to resonate with you for the rest of your life, and there are many good lessons you can take from it. If you plan to try to go further in LE, dealing with the stress is fundamental to your success.

    A lot of dealing with super high stress is framing it properly and filling your life with things you are really interested outside the office. It's a job to deal with the public in this capacity and you are doing it. Their errors and judgement are not your own, and the best you can do is to work with what you have and don't get too invested. Talk to seniors to get an idea of how they are dealing with it.

    Lastly as a caution: you are a public servant who is currently employed and I've seen a bit too much information about you in this thread. If you need to vent as above, really really consider scrubbing personally identifiable information (specifically - name, location, and department.)
  • Now that I'm sober and can properly elucidate, there really is only the job. I work 60 hours a week on average and have a 3 hour commute each day. The way my seniors deal with it is quitting or drinking or both. As far as my stuff being in the public eye...really they just check facebook and nothing else.
  • Can you work to change your situation? Like everything about this seems far from ideal.
  • The hours I work are required. Normally mandatory overtime is very illegal but as we are an emergency service this is not the case. The only way to change it would be to quit. We're not staffing faster than people are quitting, so things are only going to get worse until the cities under our management decide to go back to doing things independently because it's only getting shittier or the county decides it's more important to run us effectively rather than only care about controlling us.
  • Can you do anything about moving closer to change the commute?
  • So where is the part where you feel awesome today? ><
  • Someone randomly recognized my screen name from a lets play I did 6 years ago and said they liked it.


    I bought 2 roombas, and am selling one for more than what I purchased both for.
  • So where is the part where you feel awesome today? ><</p>

    The part where they were drinking
  • edited December 2016
    Yeah I was drunk and responding to someone else and then it went on a tangent...though I did just get approved for a car loan through the credit union so hello 2016 Dodge Charger once that clears.
  • So, I'm going to be a dad this year AND we just got our offer accepted on a house! I really don't know how to be excited and this is weirding me out.
  • Double congrats!
  • We are hitting the bead warehouses in Manhattan and my wife is SO HAPPY.
  • Haha, nice! I hope you post some of the jewlery she makes with the stuff there. I always love seeing her work.
  • Party at Rhemgu's house.
  • Starting off 2017 on FIRE!
  • Are we all invited to Ian's house party?

    Also, congrats :)
  • I'm 100% sure Jenn would be totally fine with that.
  • We can all play Overcooked! (How is Jenn liking Overcooked?)
  • My god, it's full of sparkles.
  • I think my favorite part is how she's got two sizes of each color and very carefully organized them next to each other.
  • In an otherwise shit day, I got a new car!image
  • It's so beautiful... Why must it be a Chrysler.
  • Starting tomorrow I am going down to Raleigh, NC to hang out in a hotel for 5 days and play board games for 24 hours a day, until I pass out and do it all again. Gonna be a party town.
  • Sounds like my kind of party.
  • Someone described a potential new job to me today, and the description might as well have been "what you've been doing for the past year and a half".

    This is good, because I sat down and looked at my position and where I might be able to go, and I kinda realized that I'm topped out here. I've got security in where I am, but barring some complete turnaround I'm going to be here until I retire. So the idea that there's something in a growing industry that needs the skills and experience I've got is...quite interesting, really.
  • hanging out at New School, and like, I hate being in NYC but I am pumped to roam Manhattan for food tonight
  • My group did a room escape over PAX weekend. There were enough of us to split into two and do a competition.

    Success is only made sweeter by the failure of others.
  • 9:00AM, walk into the office. Open my cabinet, pour a whiskey. Queue up the PA system and tell my boss, "Not now, Ice Cube is talking."

    Today is going to be a good day.
  • Only a single onesie? Get with the program.
  • The thing is, she was told that it would be a pajama party event. Everyone else chickened out and I didn't want to get arrested.
  • I've been working on my wedding flowers...
  • Pretty, but how do they smell?
  • Like books. Best. Smell. Ever.
  • I think DC flowers might smell better than Marvel flowers. Just saying....
  • wait wait wedding?
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