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So...What Are You Playing Now?



  • Yeah, if there is one thing I hate about this game it's when you realize where you were was where you wanted to be and you went to the other side of the map trying to find a path.

    I already looked up the endings but I probably want to go for the "Dream No More" ending so I don't know if that tacks on more time.
  • Yea, that's the good/most effort ending. Requires beating some really hard otherwise optional bosses and maybe (don't remember) doing the game's platforming challenge level. Also once you finish the game your save stays and returns you to pre-final boss fight, so you can go for it as soon as possible and if you feel like you want to keep going after that, you can. In case you didn't know that already.
  • Ah okay. I was gonna ask about that. Wasn't sure if it was gonna push me into a NG+. Maybe I'll just mainline story and then return for some other endings.
  • I was really into Thimbleweed Park, but goddamn, that game really drags on. I put it down after getting into the pillow factory and I'm finding it hard to go back to. How much of this game is left? I might just use a walkthrough to get through the rest because I don't know if I have any appetite for solving more puzzles.
  • Can't believe playing on PS4 is making me miss out on these good good installs
  • Slowly playing through Oxenfree. Haven't heard anything on the radio scarier than Limbaugh, but that's probably setting the bar way too high.
  • I had no interest in a Monster Hunter JRPG when I first heard about Stories. I'm only what I would refer to as a casual MH person, I'll play for 15-20 hours and put them down. Saw there was a demo for it Stories so I was like fuck it I'll check it out. Turns out I really like this game. I feel like it sort of surprised me the same way that Yo-Kai Watch did originally. The games look very similar aesthetic-wise as well. I'm really thinking about picking this game up.
  • I kinda missed the Dragon's Crown train the first time around, but I have some online friends planning a game night so I decided to give it a go. I'm really enjoying since I have time to actually learn the controls. Playing Dwarf to start, but I might go mess with other characters once I unlock the online play
  • Hurray for cooking game! Wizard and witch are the only really different classes. Wizard is great non-puching aoe damage and witch is the only "healer" class. The best class remains to be the fighter, as it lets you put up a shield to protect your team just in time to be too late.
  • Where's my animated GIF of the elf dash shot so I can show you how wrong you are. :|
  • I got your elf dash Right Here!
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