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So...What Are You Playing Now?



  • Tekken 7 is a fun 3d fighting game.
  • I FAILED SO HARD THOUGH (thanks though I'll def be installing these now I got Mod Organizer and stuff all set up).
  • I've been dedicating some time to playing Yakuza 0. I think I'd only played a bit of 4 or 5 and really liked the open until a certain point then I kinda fell off it. This one seems more focused overall which I enjoy. I've been watching BEast at the same clip too. The way this game flips between serious mystery story and nonsense I really enjoy.
  • Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn which was enjoyable enough. It did have some of the worst costume design I have ever seen in a game. I understand the aesthetic they were going for, but shit everyone looked stupid. I was even excited to get the power armor in the game because it didn't look like the rest of Aloy's trash clothing. Unfortunately instead of it being the skin it looked like, it was instead immediately made into stupid alt fashion the moment it was equipped.

    Next up in the queue is the newly released Valkyria game. Fingers cross I can dress up better.
  • Yeah the power armor was kinda goofy. Hey lemme just take all the panels off those dope armor and sew them on to my shit clothes.
  • yeah, I had to order a used copy of Yakuza 0. This is what happens when you go for something without waiting. I should know better by now. Who knows I haven't touched it yet, maybe I will love it haha
  • I feel like there was never hope for that game. When the first demo came out everyone was like "What? This doesn't even play like the last games" and then they even put this out here for just $40. Like they knew it wouldn't be popular. Also the joke about how the main valkyrie always has a big chest seems to be in full effect. They are like stupid big.
  • Yo I could've told you that game was gonna be bad before they ANNOUNCED it. Before they even got the title out.

    Looking forward to the 45 minutes of the rental I'll willingly play before sending it back.
  • Boobs, boobs never changes.

    I bought Ever Oasis since I enjoyed the demo well enough and it seems like a decent bedtime waste of time.

    Still finishing up Echoes before then. Somehow I feel like I'm slightly over-leveled now but occasionally there are still enemies that are somehow just ridiculous compared to the others.
  • "Remember all those things people liked in Valkyria Chronicles? Let's not do that." Seems to have been the franchise direction barring 3 kind of.
  • Good thing I am in the mood to finish something horrible. Let's see if it can beat Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love as the worst game I have ever forced myself to keep playing all the way to the end.
  • That's the only Sakura Wars I've ever played. I saw it from a "campy" angle and enjoyed it(since i never play any others). I've wanted to play the others but never knew where to start.
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    ...I didn't know ...I just didn't know. It is so bad. I didn't know they could run something so beautiful into the ground like this. I put three hours of my life force into it and now I am committed. The new Valkyria I guess its bad, not fun bad or silly bad. Just stupid fuck all bad. I didn't know an opening to a game could be so boring, but I was proven it can be. Everything might as well be t-poses with different models on top having dialogues. I really went into it telling myself fuck everything I am going to have fun... Even blind rage optimism couldn't defeat how horrible of a time it is. There are loading screens in "cutscenes" like 4-5 in a 5 minute cutscene. I will report more in my descent into misery as I beat more of this game. Yakuza 0 is being delivered and need to decide if I sacrifice my joy to this garbage first or have a wonderful time with Yakuza.
  • I put three hours of my life force into it and now I am committed.

    No you aren't, no you aren't. No. You aren't.

  • Wave off! Wave off!
  • I just got to the Cabaret management part of Yakuza 0 and I may never play another thing in that game again. It is the best. Yuki is fucking rad and I just want to get all the platinum hostesses and do their special training because it is quite enjoyable. Also I earned 1 Billion dollars in Cat fights by bidding max on Maria and lots of trial and error. These few moments in Yakuza 0 have been some of the greatest gaming moments of the year.
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    Collecting all the cute Hassan.

  • What is this and are you in an office setting talking to monsters?
  • Fate/go, and I'm in an office setting talking to a totally normal coworker that is enthusiastic about his employment.
  • Resident Evil 5 is still a great co-op game even on my 4th playthrough.

    • The limited inventory space drives communication and coordination - it's valuable to have multiple weapon types on hand, but you can't reasonably carry every gun type yourself, so you're constantly calling out ammo drops for each other and mulling over "well, why don't you take this grenade, and then I can pick up this health item"-type decisions.

    • The game offers multiple ways to assist your partner beyond just the standard "revive" option - healing items heal both players simultaneously if they're used in close proximity, enemy grabs can be broken by your partner, and the valuable shoot+melee combo is easier to pull off with two people.

    • Because your support options are so good, the portions where the game briefly separates you are fraught with the tension of a missing safety net (but still typically position you so that one player can cover the other from a distance.)

    • SHEVA

  • Just reading that I have a sudden urge to NEED A HAAB.
  • After finishing Yakuza 0 in 60 hours that has to be some of the most fun time I have had with a video game in awhile. Cabaret club probably took like 12 of those hours and it was magical. I never would have thought I would regard a Yakuza 0 above a Persona game, but this is where we are at. Makes me super looking forward to Kiwami. Not to say it was flawless, the combat gets boring and repetitive after half way through, but everything else lifts it up so much it is only slightly annoying.
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    Today I finally got all of the magical swords in FF15. Also I discovered I can use my ring to make a wormhole.

  • I'm not playing Overwatch, I'm playing DOOMFIST!

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    So I got Gravity Rush for the Vita as part of PS Plus at some point and admittedly didn't get very far in it. I thought the motion controls kinda sucked. During a sale a couple months ago the remastered version went on sale and I always hear good things about it. So I decided to pick it up.

    Turns out I really like this game. The worst part about it is mostly the controls still, but they're decent enough with a PS4 controller that it's still pretty fun to fly around the world. The story seems a tad nonsensical so far but the characters are greatand the gravity mechanic is pretty fun to float around the world. The combat is a bit wonky and they want to throw enemies at you more than I would care for. It's sort of open world but the world starts off pretty small and the scale doesn't hamper the experience like other open world games. Also since you can just fly around it's simple to get anywhere. There's also like a weird ongoing gag with the family you help in the tutorial level that's pretty amusing.

    I bought the second game too since it was on sale and I'm hoping the controls are a bit better. But even if they were roughly the same I'd be okay with it. I'd recommend it, I think it was like $10 on sale and that's a pretty solid price for the fun it's been so far.
  • Played some of the FF15 multiplayer beta. It's super weird? You get 3 other party members, hunt and then pick up which food seems most delicious and then go back to camp to make food together.

    Right now the character creator doesn't have too many options, but it is beta.

  • Do you fight stuff or is it more survival? I forgot they were doing this this weekend. I was interested in it but haven't played ff xv in a while, and I didn't get very far before petering out on it so I wasn't that committed to it.

    I ended up doing the Splatfest this weekend which I think was my first one. I always missed it on the first game. Despite most people choosing Ketchup side the wins primarily went to Mayo but I sort of wonder if that's based on initial distribution. I was consistently getting paired with other Ketchup teams which I would think either doesn't count or counts as a win and loss which makes it moot anyway. Playing with randos started to get really frustrating though.
  • You fight battles together. Each weapon has a warp strike attack and a magic you can do. Sometimes the warp strike is also a magic combo. Magic seems to drain your MP super fast. You can also cast a barrier and do healing magic. I don't know how to activate it but you can also slow down time together to all do warp strikes in a combo.
  • Mayo won because there were too many ketchup players, so many had to play for team mayo.
  • Yeah I also couldn't tell if they were fighting for the opposite side since it would say Team Ketchup ready for them I though. Either way it was kinda wacky.
  • Still playing bad mobile games, still reading about events in bad mobile games.
    Then I came across one of the best special moves ever.

    Skip to the minute mark if it doesn't already do so.
  • Been playing a ton of Hollow Knight over the past few days. I don't usually play metroidvanias but that game hooked me bad. It's probably the best looking game I've played all year so far, the art is just gorgeous and so detailed, and the various areas are very distinct and have lots of different looks to them, I love it. I also really like how it builds its world and lore in a way that's very reminiscent of Dark Souls but has a good dose of charm, cuteness, and humor mixed in in addition to the grim, depressing tone.

    Also tried out The Shrouded Isle, a game about managing and leading an island cult to a dark god, choosing your advisors then choosing which one to sacrifice every season. It's a neat idea and fun if you're interested in the premise, but also definitely feels like a game that's solvable and probably lacking in much replay value beyond a handful of plays.
  • ThatGent said:

    Still playing bad mobile games, still reading about events in bad mobile games.
    Then I came across one of the best special moves ever.

    The power of rock girl Oda Nobunaga
  • After seeing Eoghan stream some I went back and played some more XCOM 2. Maybe it was because this time I was playing on Easy, maybe it was the small amount of foreknowledge my failed Normal campaign gave me, maybe it's because this time my rangers studied the blade, and maybe it's because the RNG hasn't given me three timed missions in a row where I start at the base of a three story building with two pods at the top, their all seeing eyes spelling ruin for my squad.

    In any case, this time it's been much more fun. I appear to be at the penultimate mission after spending the last four in-game months wasting time. I basically ignored the Avatar Project for months at the start and it's been sitting around 75% until I did these last story missions. Maybe I'll stream some myself once that new DLC drops.
  • Slicing up aliens is always better than shooting them. I'll probably go back to XCOM 2 when I've finished *checks list* the other 14 million games I own
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    So I got a Switch a couple weeks ago and my ID is SW-1173-5716-0423 if anyone wants to add me for.... internet reasons?

    Picked up Puyo Puyo Tetris first and it's pretty good. I feel like my tetris has improved greatly and my puyo is super weak, how does anyone ever go pro at puyo. Though when I followed a Puyo pro on twitter she followed me back so I'll need to look up some tips. The writing for this puzzle game is pretty funny and never tries to imagine itself in a universe where anything is serious, which is good when the solution is always "force the conflict into a puyo or tetris or fusion battle." The Swap mode where you fight for 30 seconds on a puyo table and then 30 seconds on a tetris table is the best mode imo. The game has good unlockable progression too, I don't know how many more chapters there are in the story, after the 50 levels I've done, but from playing the other modes for the other half of the time, I've only bought at about half of the puyo and tetrimino alternate patterns, and none of the alternate voice packs. Still 6 characters from the story to unlock too.

    As opposed to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which has all the characters and courses unlocked from the get go which is kind of lame. You still need to play to get coins for the karts and kart parts. Still a great mario kart game.

    Splatoon 2 I've put about 4 hours into I think, maybe less, but I love its setting and its sense of self. The city plaza with the drawings from other players showing up as speech bubbles and graffiti really adds to the Shibuya kind of setting they're going for. Not played too much of the multiplayer beyond getting to level 4 but it does feel very chill and low stakes, which I appreciate if I've playing by myself and unable to talk to teammates. Shooting ink to make pathways so that you can squid swim around faster feels great. Reminds me of Jet Set Radio <3

    What's eaten more time than Spla2n though is Puzzle Adventure Blockle, which is an $8 download. I feel like a real pioneer on this game that's only a week old, because when I got to the end of its 80 levels, I couldn't look up how to beat it because there are no guides or videos on the internet of this game yet. As I found out after beating it, there are 80 MORE puzzles that unlock after beating the story. Pros: Great art direction*, surprising amount of puzzle elements introduced over time, puzzles that are pretty challenging by the midway point. Cons: The story gets real dumb and doesn't recover, the most common song in the game is real bad which makes the other songs ok in comparison, the completion bonus for getting the 3 level requirements doesn't amount to anything which is good and bad, depending on if you want a reward.
    *The same anime girl that probably made me first look at and buy the game is also the worst implemented part. Her art style really clashes with the rest of the world and she is mostly eye candy. There aren't many poses drawn for any of the characters and one of her defaults is that weird pose where a girl rests her hand on her bosom that Fire Emblem Heroes seems to like a lot.
  • Not that puzzle games can't have a story...but who cares about the story of block moving puzzle games?

    As much fun as splatoon is for the low stakes multiplayer it can be super frustrating if your team is just screwing around.
  • Slime Rancher is cool, but it could use more of a story.
  • exagenous said:

    Not that puzzle games can't have a story...but who cares about the story of block moving puzzle games?

    Well, it's more that it being bad feels worse then if there wasn't one at all.
  • Played a handful of hours of Darkest Dungeon on PS4 and holy cow the controller layout is not the best. Managing the party particularly at the base is clunky. Still after 8 hours you learn the quirks and the game play and atmosphere is more than enough to make up for it.
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    It's jank as hell, but after a couple hours I adapted and when I was in my prime the only mistake I'd make is REPEATEDLY WASTING MY FUCKING FIREWOOD WHEN CLOSING OUT OF A LOOT MENU BECAUSE OF HOW THE CONFIRM/CANCEL BUTTONS WORKED WTFFFF. >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

    Like seriously, either I'm a savant at finding unfortunate button combinations or that was something they REALLY should've ironed out in testing. Like, maybe let you cancel out of camp if you haven't done anything (there's no RNG when you -start- the camp, so why not?) or even just not defaulting firewood to the first fuckin slot in the inventory.

    I heard there's an ipad version on the horizon and though I don't think that'd be the death of me like ipad FTL was, I remain extremely:

    EDIT: damn, looked it up and it's BEEN on ipad since February. But $25 is p. high for a game I already own, initially paid $13 for, bought again on PS4, and never even finished.
  • Well now I don't feel like such an asshole because I have done the same shit with my firewood and it has been pretty trash. I definitely like the Vestal and Jester party to keep the party healed and sane. Although when I was playing in the Beta I could have sworn that the lute solo was a party wide stress relief. As it is now the jester doesn't get enough love especially when all his rear party attacks revolve around bleed. Bleed will forever be useless against all the bone people so eh. Also don't know if they made it easier since beta times, but I have only had like 1 complete party wipe in 8 hours.

    Wish I would have known about that Ipad version I couple of weeks ago, because that sounds like a pretty great implementation.
  • So now that Swery's new game has been announced, I decided I'm going to try and play through all of his games starting with Spy Fiction. At first glance it looks like a total MGS clone down to the interface and sneaking suit, but it does do some interesting things. Like you can take a picture of any NPC and change into them by ducking into a closet/box/trash can and blend in by say pouring stuff into beakers or cooking an omelette. It also has some hilariously bad Austrian accents. Only two missions in and I'm curious how wild it is going to get.
  • I got a Switch my code is SW-6263-7927-0210

    I only got Splatoon 2 for now.
  • Now you can get Rabbids.

    Now you can be Rabbids.
  • Look, we must empower the Rabbids to kill the Minions. It's the only way.
  • So I bought Hollow Knight during the summer sale on Steam and originally thought it was supposed to be more of a platformer than an action game. I was sort of turned off by the platforming and the fighting initially but I've started to realize its way more of an action game than a platformer, and it's been more enjoyable after contextualizing it more. Although it sounds like its probably longer than what I'm wanting. So I'll probably keep playing until I burn out on it.
  • I'd say that getting an ending in Hollow Knight takes maybe about 15 to 20 hours while getting "good ending" (or the one that takes more effort) is closer to 30 and some 5 to 10 more for 100% completion. Biggest swings happen when you roam the map from one dead end to another trying to find that one place you missed that you can now access with your new movement power.
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