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So...What Are You Playing Now?



  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is mechanically good but environmentally boring. I've been thinking of it as the philosophical opposite of Yakuza, going big instead of small.

    Also, Digimon World; Next Order is a good raising game.
  • But which digimon is most huggable and why is it Numamon?
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    I was actually wanting some goofy Digimon but decided to do Cyber Sleuth which seems more JRPG than raising, and it was $20. But I kinda want the raising part. So maybe I'll have to keep my eye on Next Order. Although I haven't put much time into Cyber Sleuth (see: none really) so it might actually fill the Digimon void for me.

    I have a lot to say about Horizon, but I'll leave it at the fact that I think at times it shines in a Mass Effect sort of way, but mechanically is really frustrating more often than not. And I would agree the environment is real pretty, but there isn't much going on in it. There is close to zero reason why you should explore anywhere but where there is a marker on the map. Which is weird because when you contrast with Zelda: BotW (not really a direct comparison but bear with me) it also has lots of empty land, but they did a really really good job at peppering little pieces here and there that just make it crazy. There's honestly a lot of spots on the world map for Zelda that are really boring, but then when you're wandering through this empty place and there's randomly a fucking ogre just sleeping on the ground that's like 5x your size and you say "what the fuck is that?" it turns out to be really awesome.

    The little mini bosses in BotW are probably my favorite part of that game because you just randomly run into them.
  • Its hard to tell if its something new because there's been at least one other game in the Digimon World series that I haven't played, but there's a good sense of persistence which makes the down time still feel like you're getting somewhere. Your tamer learns talents that makes the raising part easier and decently early on get the ability to upgrade the building of your town.
    ThatGent said:

    But which digimon is most huggable and why is it Numamon?

    I like Hackmon.
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    This all begs the question, when are they bringing back Monster Rancher? I need something to use my CDs on.
  • They brought it back a couple of years ago but I don think it did well enough. They removed the CD/DVD spawn mechanic :(.
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    Wrong thread
  • OK, unless I had a real glitch, and I'm pretty sure I didn't, Nier 2 is fucking impossible.
  • Are you playing on Normal?
  • What part are you stuck on?
  • I'm on normal, and I'm at the final(?) form of what I'm given to believe is the boss for the first regular ending.
  • Huh. I dont remember there being any kind of gimmick besides just hit him and shot him with lasers. His attacks do a lot of damage but I just used up all of my healing items id stored up over the course of the game.
  • I had no problem with the fight, but I also did a lot of side quests before then so the fight was never too hard for me. Also have that auto healing chip that heals you when you don't take damage for a time.
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    My problem was when he got very low my pod told me my something-something was destroyed and I had no melee functions, plus in reality I couldn't shoot the laser or evade anymore. I don't think I could even run. It also looked like I'd been hacked, with my HP gauge going down to a second line. I only got him that low once. Maybe the experience sapped my morale, and eventually I went to bed anyway. I have the auto-heal chip and boy do I know how to utilize healing items since medium recovery is what I invest most (all?) of my G in.

    Edit: He shouts "[something] Brother!" and emits a yellow explosion that does the hacking. Go to your menus and you will see all the words glitching out. I don't think there is a way to avoid it. Maybe I can last it out till I self-repair (if I can).

    Edit: well I made it by the skin of my teeth. Maybe level 23 was too low. Anyhow, thanks and never mind my problem.
  • Been trying to go back and play Horizon some more, Binding of Isaac Afterbirth challenges demand all of my time at the moment though.
  • I was level 32, so yeah you were a full 10 bellow me.
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