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So...What Are You Playing Now?



  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is mechanically good but environmentally boring. I've been thinking of it as the philosophical opposite of Yakuza, going big instead of small.

    Also, Digimon World; Next Order is a good raising game.
  • But which digimon is most huggable and why is it Numamon?
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    I was actually wanting some goofy Digimon but decided to do Cyber Sleuth which seems more JRPG than raising, and it was $20. But I kinda want the raising part. So maybe I'll have to keep my eye on Next Order. Although I haven't put much time into Cyber Sleuth (see: none really) so it might actually fill the Digimon void for me.

    I have a lot to say about Horizon, but I'll leave it at the fact that I think at times it shines in a Mass Effect sort of way, but mechanically is really frustrating more often than not. And I would agree the environment is real pretty, but there isn't much going on in it. There is close to zero reason why you should explore anywhere but where there is a marker on the map. Which is weird because when you contrast with Zelda: BotW (not really a direct comparison but bear with me) it also has lots of empty land, but they did a really really good job at peppering little pieces here and there that just make it crazy. There's honestly a lot of spots on the world map for Zelda that are really boring, but then when you're wandering through this empty place and there's randomly a fucking ogre just sleeping on the ground that's like 5x your size and you say "what the fuck is that?" it turns out to be really awesome.

    The little mini bosses in BotW are probably my favorite part of that game because you just randomly run into them.
  • Its hard to tell if its something new because there's been at least one other game in the Digimon World series that I haven't played, but there's a good sense of persistence which makes the down time still feel like you're getting somewhere. Your tamer learns talents that makes the raising part easier and decently early on get the ability to upgrade the building of your town.
    ThatGent said:

    But which digimon is most huggable and why is it Numamon?

    I like Hackmon.
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    This all begs the question, when are they bringing back Monster Rancher? I need something to use my CDs on.
  • They brought it back a couple of years ago but I don think it did well enough. They removed the CD/DVD spawn mechanic :(.
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    Wrong thread
  • OK, unless I had a real glitch, and I'm pretty sure I didn't, Nier 2 is fucking impossible.
  • Are you playing on Normal?
  • What part are you stuck on?
  • I'm on normal, and I'm at the final(?) form of what I'm given to believe is the boss for the first regular ending.
  • Huh. I dont remember there being any kind of gimmick besides just hit him and shot him with lasers. His attacks do a lot of damage but I just used up all of my healing items id stored up over the course of the game.
  • I had no problem with the fight, but I also did a lot of side quests before then so the fight was never too hard for me. Also have that auto healing chip that heals you when you don't take damage for a time.
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    My problem was when he got very low my pod told me my something-something was destroyed and I had no melee functions, plus in reality I couldn't shoot the laser or evade anymore. I don't think I could even run. It also looked like I'd been hacked, with my HP gauge going down to a second line. I only got him that low once. Maybe the experience sapped my morale, and eventually I went to bed anyway. I have the auto-heal chip and boy do I know how to utilize healing items since medium recovery is what I invest most (all?) of my G in.

    Edit: He shouts "[something] Brother!" and emits a yellow explosion that does the hacking. Go to your menus and you will see all the words glitching out. I don't think there is a way to avoid it. Maybe I can last it out till I self-repair (if I can).

    Edit: well I made it by the skin of my teeth. Maybe level 23 was too low. Anyhow, thanks and never mind my problem.
  • Been trying to go back and play Horizon some more, Binding of Isaac Afterbirth challenges demand all of my time at the moment though.
  • I was level 32, so yeah you were a full 10 bellow me.
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    I've been playing some Stellaris. I got really lucky with random empire placements and if I act fast, I could personally hold this entire 8th of the galaxy. However, this section of space is absolutely lousy with pre-spaceflight capable civilizations. Each red dot has one in that system, and the exclamation mark in the bottom middle is a special sector spawn named Sanctuary that has four. I'm racing out to pick them up as fast as I can and make them vassals of my empire, but I'll have to be quick and careful or they'll eventually rebel against me.
  • I decided that I have enough time before Persona 5 is out, to replay Dark Souls 3 and do the DLCes. I'm in the middle of the Painted World of Ariandel and not too fond of it. There are some good stuff in there, like the town of shitty birds, that I liked a lot. But wolf forest can go die in a hellfire, also the wolf boss on it's own was cool, but having first three normal wolfs on the area as a waste of time and pre-boss where only difficulty is trying to kill him before the actual boss comes to wreck you up.

    And now I'm stuck at daddy, daughter teamup boss and that's just stupid. The first phase has some annoying moves, but isn't too hard to manage, pretty easy I'd almost say. The teamup, is clusterfuck, getting anywhere near the daddy means camera full of burning chair and ass so you just have to pray and hope that you are not getting attacked under there (you are). And the third phase just dials the difficulty up by ridiculous decree, taking seemingly third of the damage of other phases while doing a lot more.

    Right now, I feel that the DLC goes to same category as Dark Souls 2 DLCs. Do them once, but maybe skip when replaying.
  • Persona 5 is almost here, and it feels weird that I may have to pass on it for now. I'm still no where near close to finishing Zelda and I'm enjoying it enough that I don't want to rush it. I know there's no way for me to play both at once without giving up sleep so Persona 5 will have to wait.
  • Persona 5 will be having me miss most of my board game meet ups throughout the week and I shall become a social hermit for a couple of weeks.
  • That's basically what it did to us :open_mouth: We like didn't stream that whole month.
  • I just pre-ordered Persona 5 on PSN and saw that it unlocks at midnight, so I already accepted that I will lack sleep tonight.
  • Toukiden 2 is pretty good. It's a faster/ less technical Monster Hunter.
    Sadly, the biggest feature that I'm most impressed with is the multi-purpose item; it lets you substitute any one item when trying to craft! Step up your game, mon-hun!
  • Played Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight. I liked it, got to be a lot easier when I realized the use items are recharged at every save point. Not sure it's worth a new game plus. I think the boss battles are the real highlight since a lot of the enemies can just be picked off with the bow and you don't need to dodge roll dance with them like you do the bosses. I'm not sure if I felt the brevity of the game was refreshing or left too little to discover. Oh, the under water areas were really beautiful.
  • I'm trying to wrap up some games in anticipation of P5. I'm not going to get through everything but I wanted to put a bit of a dent into my backlog. I played a bit of Mafia 3 and I think I'm starting to get to a point where I think I'm just going to stop playing that game. I think the story and the social commentary is very interesting in certain spots, but the gameplay is pretty fucking bland.

    I also started The Last Guardian and despite some very wacky and annoying technical aspects I think that game is really good. As people have said over the internet I think I find it way more endearing as Trico has a lot of pet-like aspects. I find myself constantly comparing him to our boy cat. It seems like they were very clearly trying to hit this emotional target. There's lots of little animations that give Trico those familiar qualities.
  • So between this thread and listening to GB I was considering buying Persona 5 even though I'm starting to build a longer back catalog then I'd like...When my doorbell rings and it's a package From Amazon that turns out to be P5 premium edition. Which means, I just ordered it with my mind.
    It could also be I preordered a while ago and forgot but I'm pretty sure it's the mind thing.
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    What cute jerks. I was planning on colonizing that planet in Olimar before I met my would-be neighbors, but I've already got two belligerent neighbors and I don't need another right now. Especially since I'm the first other star nation they've met and I'm sure to draw their attention.

    Blood Court: This government is a hereditary form of rabidly xenophobic autocracy, where the ultimate responsibility of the monarch is to oversee the extermination of all lesser species in the galaxy.
  • I feel like the past month has been nothing but the internet as a whole screaming at me to play Stellaris. Just constant great screencaps and listening to the vice gaming podcast's story of bird politics. I put it on my wishlist hoping to catch it on sale but I might just bite the bullet if I'm still itching for it once I'm done with Persona and if I can't get hold of a Switch for Zelda.
  • There was Pradox sale just few weeks ago. I was thinking about getting Stellaris myself too, but knew that I'll be busy with other games for next month or two, so I decided to wait.
  • I don't think I like the rpg side of Nier. Encountering side quests or enemy encounters that are 10 to 20 levels higher than me is just annoyance. Worst cases are those where I encounter few enemies of bigger level and, as they can't scare me away, I try to kill them, by slowly whacking them with minimal damage attacks for a month.
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    Yeah, it would've been a better game without it (probably the last one too). This Nier really just felt like the scaffold of a Platinum game. From what I've seen of their really low-tier stuff, like the farmed out license games, it was at least better than that, but that's not saying a ton.

    As it is, I just gave myself the auto-regen chips and spammed heals as necessary. It didn't really feel worth learning the combat. Once you're able to hack guys, you don't even need to cheese high-level enemies anymore and basically all combat becomes irrelevant, because you can take off 25% of a guy's life at a time with an ez-pz minigame. Which is "nice."
  • So are y'all down on nier 2? It was what I might be purchasing after I beat Persona. Waypoint and others are ga ga over it, but it is nice to hear other opinions.
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    I really like the story and atmosphere, but the gameplay is how Merriam-Webster defines the word "Passable."
  • Despite my earlier post on this thread, I'm way positive on Nier. I even like the gameplay a lot, outside of my above complaint.
  • Nier is fun if the main thing you're going in for is the characters and story. The RPG elements do tend to ruin it if you let them. Enemies 10-20 levels stronger make things impossible without sufficient chips to steroid your numbers. At the same time, if you're numbers are 10-20 above the enemies, it will just be a cakewalk for every section except the shooters.
    I'd recommend keeping your level under 50 for the regular game for normal difficulty at least.
  • I'm just happy I didn't have to review it, because it would've been inevitable caveat holes of "this but THIS, that but THAT."
  • I think some more of the side quests should have been either levelled down or restricted to the second path. I definitely had a few moments early on where I hit a side quest I bounced off of and got frustrated by. Mainlining path A definitely helped my overall impression.
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    The Sexy Brutale is a fun little adventure game where you are trapped in a 12 hour long Groundhog's Day Loop in a mansion/casino where the staff are murdering the guests. You play as a priest who is granted an awareness of the loop, but at a cost: he's unable to be in the same room as anybody else. Solve puzzles to save lives. Find the truth behind the Sexy Brutale.

    If you play, be sure to pay attention to the sound effects. You'll be able to hear the gunshot at 3:45, the bell ringing at 6:55, the shifting of gears at 7:30, etc. It's a good way to keep track where you are in the day.
  • After I saw the quick look I really want to play it. But I'd rather start with Thimbleweed Park as it looks like exactly the kinda adventure game I enjoy.
  • Finished Nier: Automata. It was good, but it could have been better. My biggest complaint is already above, the game would have been better without the rpg-leveling element. I think most of the gameplay ideas are great, but execution of balancing of different elements could have used a bit more work.
  • I think I like Fire Emblem Echoes more than Awakening and Fates so far.
  • It's been long enough that I don't remember what I disliked about Awakening. Echoes I definitely like, despite unpredictable teleporting witches and the map designs often being just a separation of your army on the top of the map with the enemy on the bottom. I also miss having class change options in the upper tier classes. Echoes has a plot that is mostly coherent, so I like that.
  • I say so far because one of the things that bothers me about Awakening and Fates is battles that take 30-40 minutes after a certain point in the game. Echoes has kept it mostly small scale, but just added in way more battles. That way I can kinda do one or two and call it good. I realize you can save a battle in Awakening/Fates and come back to it but if I have to put the game down for a few days and come back to it I'm usually like... what the fuck was I doing?

    I also sort of like that they keep the dialog mostly in the setting instead of having everyone talk like they're a group of millennials that are role playing. I've been flip flopping between Fates and Echoes recently in a possible attempt to finish Fates. But every time I play it I just want to go back to Echoes.

    I actually also like the fact that I don't need to keep the rock-paper-scissors aspects in mind either. It's a little more about baiting and trapping enemies than it is about exploiting weaknesses, although some basic ones still apply in Echoes.
  • I didn't realize why I was enjoying Echoes so much and you hit it on the head with the combat length. I started FE on Awakening, which I liked, but it did feel like it was dragging out the end of the game. Fates: Conquest was great because there were a lot of objective based levels. However, Birthright was pretty much "rout the enemy" every stage. I heard Revelation was more like Birthright so I ignored it. I'm glad I'm enjoying an older FE game. That means I can look into playing all the others my friends keep recommending(since I'm new to the franchise).
  • Maybe I should start up Conquest. I actually bought Conquest originally based on reviews, but then that intro that leads up to which side you choose led me to initially enjoy Birthright so I ended up buying that despite originally having Conquest. But the rout the enemy when they throw like 40 enemies at you is a bit of a slog. I've heard that Echoes is basically only rout the enemy but if it keeps the short battle length then I don't mind it too much.
  • It is certainly rout the enemy at all times with at least 2 exceptions. Cantors really can make battles longer though. At least Invoke makes shadow allies that the enemy AI will focus on while ignoring your units.
  • Fallout 3, New Vegas, and TES: Oblivion are now on GOG!

    I guess now's as good a time to ask as any, but do folks have any recs regarding which mods to use with New Vegas?
  • I think the big one is Project Nevada unless you also want weird sex mods.
  • Rbx5 said:

    So, I'm planning on picking up Fallout: New Vegas finally during the Steam sale. Any peeps got suggestions for mods?

    Gonna bust out my mod bookmarks here:

    Yukichigai Unofficial Patch
    The most recent community bugfix patch when I last played.

    An essential UI update to fit more on your screen. Must have.

    Two bears high fiving
    Probably the most important FNV mod ever made

    Useless radios now play Radio New Vegas

    Old World Blues - Light Stealth Suit MK II
    Changes the stealth suit from medium to light armor

    Shut Up and Disable Stealth Suit Voice
    Disable's the suit's voice and auto-medication to keep it from being annoying and burning through your supplies

    Improved Transportalponder - Old World Blues

    Old World Blues - Keep Big MT Active
    Permanently changes your save file going forward so enemies keep spawning after the end of Old World Blues.

    Honest Hearts DLC white legs respawn and npcs stay after finish
    Similarly keeps the Honest Hearts DLC area populated

    Dead Money - Surprise Vending Items Restoration
    Restores some cut content for vending machines in Dead Money

    Dead Money - Missing Return Options
    Further improves the vending machines

    Goodsprings Wasteland Adventurer - Merchant Restoration
    A little cut content mod that I installed pretty much solely for the note at the end of the file description.

    Lonesome Road - Scorched Sierra Power Helmet
    I never got far into Lonesome Road, but this sounded nice enough that I downloaded it.

    Casinos - Exchange More NCR Cash
    Exchange larger amounts of cash for chips at once in casinos

    New Vegas Extended Map Markers

    Legion Dropbox Map Marker

    Great Khan Armoury Map Marker

    Glowing Star Bottle Cap

    Working Crimson Caravan Traders
    Makes the Crimson Caravan NPCs into actual merchants

    Noval Motel Room - More Light

    Chinese Stealth Armour Helmet Detached

    Sentry Bot Toy
    A fun little bit of cut content to give you a heart attack when you go home.

    Better Lucky 38 Suite
    My preferred Lucky 38 upgrade mod

    Empty Bottles
    Drink a cola, get a bottle. Eat some beans, get a can.

    Crafting alike items
    Sensible substitutes for crafting recipes. Works well with the above.

    Veronica Companion Weapon - Recharger Pistol
    Veronica is supposed to be laying low when outside the bunker, so she uses a pistol as her default ranged weapon. This gets rid of her pistol and gives her an energy weapon, which she actually has training with. Can be a little glitchy, IIRC, but it shouldn't ruin you.

    Lakelurk meat drop fix
    Lakelurks are no longer bullet sponges that don't give you anything in return. They're still a pain in the ass to kill, though.

    Pickable Cave Fungus outside of Zion

    Philippes Recipes - Unlock Recipes
    You remember how great Mole Rat Wonder Meat was in Fallout 3, right? Here you go.

    Radscorpion Egg - Restoration
    Restores the cut content of radscorpion eggs. This keeps them from being only bulletsponges and thus cashsinks.

    Rbx5 said:

    Thanks guys, I'll keep this bookmarked for later :)

    Bookmarking fail :tongue:
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