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We need a comics thread



  • I really need to start reading Fatale.
  • I've heard good things about Saga. Does anyone here read that? If so, can you sell it to me better than, "it's sort of like Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars"?
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    Glad Sarah Richards' children's book got nominated. She's a real talent.
    I've heard good things about Saga. Does anyone here read that? If so, can you sell it to me better than, "it's sort of like Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars"?
    It's goatman dick meets flygirl vagina. Also, some robots.

    Seriously, though, you know when sci-fi nerds troll a renaissance fair? That's what this, except for real. Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy. In space. And yeah, copious amounts of sexual imagery. Enough that I would suspect David Lynch's involvement. So...Romeo and Juliet meets Dune.
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    Re: Eisner nominations: Seems perfectly appropriate to me. The only Big Two title I could think of even remotely worth recognition is Kieron Gillen's Journey Into Mystery, which is easily one of the best things Marvel's ever published, but Image and Fantagraphics have been on fire lately, so they deserve their due.

    Also, Saga is really, really fucking good xeno, I highly recommend it. Read it for Fiona Staples' god tier art if nothing else.
  • Teen Titans GO premiered tonight. I was a bit apprehensive when I found the show was picked up because I wasn't sure they could actually be all that keep the wacky tone of the 2-3 minute shorts into something longer without it getting super broad and annoying., but the first episode at least had me laughing for the most part (biggest laugh was right from the start by having Raven watch and enjoy a My Little Pony parody). Hope they can keep it up.
  • Holy crap I'm crying now over this.
  • That was my reaction.
  • I finished Habibi by Craig Thompson in about a day and a half. Some of the art is beautiful but the story seems centered around sexual violence and semi-racist caricatures of arab people/culture. I'd say buy it in another language and just look at the pretty pictures.
  • Fearless Defenders, its been rad. Valkyrie's new outfit is wonderful, Misty Knight is tougher than ever, and Annabell Riggs is adorable.
  • Got my copy of Alex De Campi's Smoke/Ashes in the mail the other day. Let's see if it was worth the wait!
  • started reading superior spiderman. 4 issues in and it is kinda really good so far.
  • Slott was a really good choice for the title.
  • I'm still quite bothered by that whole plot aspect with Doc Ock. I don't think I could read it without heavy bias.

    I got a couple of trades I was really looking forward to for months, Star Wars and East of West. Both of them were a bit disappointing unfortunately, For Star Wars, the art was really bugging me and some of the characters actions didn't mesh with how I'd imagine the characters would act. I the use of alternate history and far future stories so I really liked the premise of East of West, but the execution didn't really deliver. It seems like a comic that might be best read once it's fully complete.
  • Spiderman controls the raft, is blackmailing Jameson into being his puppet, has not only spiderbots patrolling NY, but his own private army which openly attacked shadowland with the intent of killing both kingpin and hobgoblin. All while the Green Goblin is slowly and secretly building up a massive underground army. Superior Spiderman is a super fucking good series.
  • I have no clue sometimes how DC can make such awesome shorts, but horrible comics.

  • Nice. Street level heroes are almost always more interesting than the kind who need to save the world.
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    Edit: though I would argue that Daredevil is a bigger property than Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man, Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange or any of the other "new" third wave series they are doing. I really hope this is successful so we could see a Punisher series done the same way.
  • Yay Heroes for Hire!

    I agree Daredevil is a bigger property, and I'm pretty sure that Marvel has the rights back from Fox, but the stigma from the first attempt and Elektra probably has them shying away from it.
  • I'm pretty hyped for some Luke Cage. He better say "Sweet Christmas!" and "Where's my money, honey?" at least once. This also seals the deal of me never watching Shield because these are the marvel characters that would/should show up.
  • now we just need a squirrel girl series. Squirrel girl for life!
  • I'm pretty sure that Marvel has the rights back from Fox, but the stigma from the first attempt and Elektra probably has them shying away from it.
    Yeah, Marvel does. I'm almost bummed because the sizzle real that was submitted right before they reverted was pretty dope. There was also an "R" rated sizzle, but it's pretty much the same just a little less graphic.
  • The Ex-Men skits Pete Holmes does are pretty great, but I wonder what he's gonna do when he runs out of the fairly well known characters from the movies and 90s cartoon.
  • Seeing Professor X being a total asshole is hilarious to me. The Gambit one was comedy gold.
  • Nope. I don't have anything constructive to say other than nope.
  • I'm reminded how I wish Warner Bros would just give Bruce Timm & Company 80 million dollars to make a high budgeted animated feature film

  • I read the first volume of Sex by Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski , and I'm pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It's a Bruce Wayne/Batman analogue story about a ex-superhero who returns to his former home and deals with life after being basically being Batman. The book's content lives up to the title and it does contain by far the most sexually graphic things I've seen in a comic before. The only other comic I remember reading that was close to this was The Boys, but in that it was just really depraved and disgusting. Sex presents itself with scenes that are more fascinating then anything. The writing and art were great and its the first book I've read in a long time that has left such a strong impression on me.

    Also if you haven't heard of Brian K Vaughn's new series, Private Eye, you should check it out. It's being released issue by issue digitally on his site. You pay whatever you feel the worth of the comic is and you get a DRM free version that you can choose from in several available file formats. So far I'm enjoying it, but I'm not really one for reading things issue by issue. The setup of the world is that it takes place in the future, but there has been a regression in terms of some technology in an effort for people to keep their privacy. The story follows a private investigator and a case he's working on in a very noir detective type way.

    It has really great art and is unique in that because its released without a company or anything, actual real products and names for companies show up which adds some weight to the world they have created. And because it's created for being read only digitally, the artists' ability to design panels and layouts is allowed to flourish like nothing you've probably seen.
  • I know this is primarily a physical comics thread, but I recently read all of the webcomic Strong Female Protagonist and I'm really enjoying it. Perhaps you will too.

    "SFP follows the adventures of a young middle-class American with super-strength, invincibility and a crippling sense of social injustice."
  • I really hope that Warner Brothers stop being idiots and creative control over to the DCAU to produce the live action DC movies

  • Anybody have any thoughts on Amazon buying Comixology? Good? Bad? Indifferent?
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    I can see them turning into something like audible where it is an app across all platforms linked to your amazon account with maybe an discount if you buy a tpb or collection of a comic that you own on comixology. However I really see it being a play to push their kindle fires, so you can enjoy your comics in color instead of just the regular kindle. They might be able to reduce prices since amazon has that kind of deal making power but only time will tell on that one.
  • I went to a talk by Art Spiegelman the other other night and ended up buying his new book, CO-MIX, and getting if autographed. The dude is really funny which you only get snippets of reading Maus. I should look into more of his other work.
  • Amazon buying Comixology might be a very good way to get me to sign up for Prime.

    In other news, I am way behind on my floppies. I have literally over 60 new comics to read (not to mention a full run of George Perez's New Teen Titans/Tales of the Teen Titans in floppy).
  • 3.5" or 5.25"? Haha floppies
  • 3.5" or 5.25"? Haha floppies
    Fine, single issues. Besides, floppy disks weren't floppy (other than those cool Apple IIs disks).
  • You best check your floppy knowledge.
  • So I tried out Marvel's whole digital Unlimited program, and its pretty great. You can pay $10 a month, $70 for a year, or $100 for a year to get super extra special bonus plus membership that gets you some store discounts and an exclusive figure, and you can read a shit load of Marvel comics as long as its been about six months from the time it hit shelves. The selection is pretty ridiculous with just about any comic Marvel has released seems to be available (damn near everything from the 2000s that I could think to look up, and a just about everything from before that). The only real problem I have with the thing is that it is pretty clunky when it comes to navigating and finding series. You can search by series title, a character, creator, or specific event, but only the series option seemed to turn up reliably decent results for me, and even then you need to know the exact title of the book to find it. When I tried to find The Superior Foes of Spider-man it was under the T section for the The, so when I typed superior only the superior, only the Superior Spider-man series popped up. It really sucks if you just want to see like all the comic series with a character or team it's hard. Scanning through all the titles doesn't take too long though, and they have a series publication off to the side so you can tell which run is which like with Captain Marvel runs so you can kind of tell the difference by the era to find which Captain Marvel you want to read. It's also not really good at linking a comic series continuation together like how Ultimate Spider-man turned into Ultimate Comics Spider-man, and I imagine when you have a storyline that bounce between different books its a bit cumbersome to go find the other issues. The comic viewer is pretty good with good picture quality with the ability to zoom out/in at your preference, and a little magnifying square tool available if you need it for like splash pages, or small text. I have had a few problems with loading a comic. It'll normally take 2-3 attempts to get it loaded up, but once its up I haven't had any problems. All my experiences with the service are from my laptop and browser, there's mobile apps available that I haven't tried and might fix some of my problems so who knows.

    All in all, I find the Marvel Unlimited program to be pretty great for its price, by offering up an enormous amount of content that they update regularly, so long as you have enough (or know someone with enough) comic book knowledge to know what to read, and don't mind being a few months behind in comics conversation.

    Also DC came out with a kick ass Batman Beyond short a while back that made me so happy.
  • Stephen "I draw Pearls Before Swine usually" Pastis confirmed it today.
    Could we actually see the latest Kirby case head to the Supreme Court? I kind of hope so, even though who knows if it would shake out well for the Kirby estate.
  • Boom Studios is doing a humble bundle. Lots of cool stuff here.
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