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  • That is true. The distinction here being if you take a couple months off, you can still come back and do the dailies or whatever and get the same ilvl piece of gear, or get the next tier of gear that leapfrogs it. As I understand the artifact system, taking a week off capping your Artifact power will just always have you at a deficit? So every weak off is -1 weapon damage you should have but don't, or whatever, and no recourse otherwise, because that's the only weapon you ever get.

    Probably not a noticeable deal in the long-run, but it scans as a suuuuper shiesty way to get people to keep their subs running.
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    As I've observed it in practice, gathering Artifact Power allows you to purchase skills and traits that make your in-game abilities more effective, but leveling up your Artifact in this manner has absolutely no effect whatsoever on your Artifact's item level.

    The only effective way to boost your Artifact's raw power as a weapon is by socketing more and more powerful gems into it, which provide a straight item level boost. I'm currently at 812 on my primary Artifact and like 760-ish on my secondary Artifact, but that's mostly because I've been socketing gems for their trait boosts rather than their raw item level stats.

    In short, I think it's way less grindy than you'd think. Plus the variety of World Quests keeps it from getting too dull once you hit the level cap. I feel like I've still got plenty left to explore.
  • Paul is 100% correct on this
  • Look at that, your excuse just evaporated. Join usssssssssss.
  • All are welcome, all are welcome
  • I've already convinced Heather and her boyfriend Jason to return. Just saying, we have bodies with which to do things
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    I must say that I think the whole Artifact weapon thing was a brilliant design choice. It frees up so much in-game real estate that would otherwise be occupied by the hamster-in-a-treadmill quest to farm dungeons and raids for that one elusive weapon drop. It really feels like it gives you the freedom to play your character as you wish them to be played.
  • sooo.. ehm... eh. i ahhh. i played again?
  • Help me. I'm enjoying a Human Rogue more than Rhegs right now...
  • i cannot help you. i am run over by the wagon.

  • Luke, we need you to tank. Can you roll a tank?
  • We have tanks...
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    Luke we actually need you to tank-heal. Can you roll a Protection Priest?
  • I see how it is.
  • i have discipline priest
  • Actually we could really use a tank-DPS-heal so if you could raise a Prot/Spirit/Feral Paladin that'd be helpful.
  • alchemy evasiontank rogue?
  • Doing the artifact quest for an assassination rogue was a lot of fun. You have to assassinate two guys, then sneak through a phased version of Stormwind with guards looking for you. Starting a riot with smoke bombs smuggled in by a shop keep. This was after you are invited into a shadow organization as one of its 7 leaders (the rest being prominent rogue NPCs) in a den below Dalaran, hidden behind a bookcase. Backhanded Vanessa Van Cleef for trying a coup and ended up with the daggers that killed Varian's pops.

    Good times.

    Better than heroic leaping through an underwater crypt to kill an old gold thing and take the sword that's been stuck in its face. All for the glory of Odin and micromanaging his troops from the not Valhalla. Surrounded by a bunch of Vykrul I don't know. The only saving grace for warriors is the crashing to earth like a fleshy meteor.
  • I'll never get sick of cratering into zones.
  • I crater into your momma's zone
  • Timewalking Wrath Dungeons! I might be around tonight some if anyone wants to stroll down memory lane.
  • Hey, guys. I'm thinking about doing some old school raids on Friday evening for fun and transmog gear. Shooting for 7PM Eastern time. Everyone's welcome to come. Probably do Naxxramas, Icecrown Citadel, and / or Ulduar. Firelands and Dragon Soul are also a possibility. :smile:
  • If you'd be willing to put some Panda raids in the mix, I'm game. They're soloable now for the most part
  • I should be home by that time
  • Sure. I've never done the Panda raids, myself. I tried one on my Hunter and couldn't get past the boss that splits into a million little oozes that you have to kill. He kept reforming at full health as a result, and I had to run away.
  • I've done the first 3 solo with only a few deaths, so with 2 I can't see it being anything but easy.
  • It'll probably be more than that. My sister will probably be coming, and I think Ian is down. If we see Heather and Jason online, they might want to come, too.
  • "The" Jason?
  • Nah, it's her boyfriend.
  • I'm probably out for tonight. Christmas things with family people. If I don't go for whatever reason, I'll pop in and tag along wherever you're at. Don't wait for me.
  • Despite the untimely intervention of Russian hackers (?), raid night was a smashing success. We ran through Mogu'shan Vaults, Terrace of Endless Spring, and Heart of Fear on 25-man Heroic.
  • Indeed, it was an enviable diversion that quite improved my countenance.
  • Yo I smashed shit.
  • Who wants to do some more Legacy raids his Friday around 7PM Eastern? We could continue the Pandaria theme and do Isle of Thunder and / or the Siege of Orgrimmar.
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    All aboard the pain-train, toot toot.

    EDIT: The pain-train did not leave the station, because Getter had to play games with his girlfriend. We remain, conductor-less and without coal to fire the engines.

    EDIT, LE DEUX: Anyone want to try again for Saturday night? Or are you all too cool with your social lives and whatnot?
  • I got a legendary last night!
  • Congrats man! So I'm going to be free much of Thursday and Friday coming up if anyone wants to do something.
  • Yeah, I'm thinking we could do some Legacy raids on Friday night. How do you even get Legendaries in Legion? Are they are random drop thing? A quest thing?
  • Random drop from bosses, world quests chests, etc.
  • What time were we wanting to get together?
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    I'm thinking 7PM, barring further developments? My brother, his wife, and their kids are coming in tonight, but I don't know how long they're going to be sticking around.
  • Ok, not a problem.
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    Might have to push it back a while. Kids are here still and show no signs of leaving any time soon.

    Addendum: Kids are gone. Raid on.
  • Just thought it worth noting that the night went well! Katherine getting stuck behind a grate aside.
  • Anyone in the mood for Molten Core? I'd like to show my sister that content, but I don't remember the process of getting attuned. I was thinking of trying this evening, around 7PM EST.
  • Just to be sure, I tested it, there is no attunement anymore.
  • It looks like we're going to be punching Deathwing in his metal-plated dragon wang at 7PM Eastern tonight. Come one, come all, have a ball.
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