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The Fast Karate WOW

So I just transfered my 57 rogue to Ysera. He will be there in a few days. Other than that I just want to compile information from fan service folks who are actually interested in playing a little.


  • i just made a bloodelf warlock on the server, named kaazuwulf
  • My main is Cornedbeef, at a SEXY level 36, needs to get into Uldaman so he can train next level of Enchanting. :(
  • I still don't play WOW... if so I would be on europian servers... <img class=" title="Crying or Very sad" /> <img class=" title="Crying or Very sad" />
  • is there already a fast karate guild?
  • no not yet. and dave when my character arrives he should be able to run you through ulda.
  • I must fight the urge to reinstall this game :?
  • How much does a transfer cost? I got a 60 mage and a 30 or 40 somethin warrior
  • I have a 59 Warrior I can transfer. But first, I'll have to reactivate my account and buy Burning Crusade. This could cost me a pretty penny, but if it gives me the chance to play with people from the Fast Karate forums, I'm down.

    I also have a lvl 5 Blood Elf Priest on Ysera already. His name is Gooberzilla.
  • Okay guys, I want to know. Is Ysera available in Europian countries? If so I would be down... even if that might mean buying BC...
  • download the free trial and find out
  • I'll go ahead and make a guild for the forum, any ideas for the name, I'm thinking ether fast karate or Dave Riley Fan Club.
  • oh god please dont make me get kicked out of my serious raiding guild to play with you guys. My main is alliance so Its not like I could transfer that. My other options are a 34 ish shaman that I could transfer, or in the case that this happens to be some serious internet business... I have a friend who has a couple of horde 70's I could jack, but that would involve paying for a second account as well as tranfering. The third and most time consuming would involve me leveling a new character. Please advise me as to which would best suit the fast karate community.
  • I believe the guild was supposed to be named Kung Fu Scientists.

    my account might be activated again if this happens... :?
  • kung fu scientists it is
  • Perhaps I will make the guild tonight.

    This idea has merit.


    I left "Cheesesteak" open for you.
  • got a guild charter, just need is people to sign it
  • <img class=" title="Crying or Very sad" />

    it was inevitable but now which character to transfer :?
  • if anyone is on the server let me know, i still need 4 people to sign my charter
  • YAY im signing it
    im Grappagimlet, so ask me if you see me
    also everyone talking about reinstalling/transferring/playing from Europe most certainly should. You know...for the betterment of the world...of warcraft
  • Transfer costs 25 bucks. you should be able to selct a US sever from the screen. I started out playing from an australian server when i first got it so i think there should be no problem.
  • If you don't mind, Kazuu, I'm going to take care of the signing and whatnot

    If you want to join up, my guy (Cornedbeef) is sitting in the starting Orc town. So make a level one and sign this thing. IM me at Mr Tadamitsu to tell me you're logging in or whatnot
  • He asks to be carried, and then insists on having complete control! Anyway someone inform me about how serious we are going to be? Are we looking at leveling and instancing together for fun and enjoyment. Then once we hit 70-60 range is everyone going to fade away and leave? Please inform me so I can get a server transfer going and/or activate my friends second account. How am I going to raid full time and level?
  • I am a control freak. :shock:

    Naw. Whatevs.

    I don't expect we'll be at all serious, at least not for a long time. I'm only 36 myself. Don't put in for any server transfers and dump your guild or anything, but we'd love to have you to pal around with!
  • Guys, is it possible to get into Ysera with just WOW without BC? Or is it a Burning Crusade only server?

    I'm dumb I know.
  • I don't think there ARE Burning Crusade only servers, but regardless I don't have it and I'm fine.
  • ill probably just transfer my Tauren shaman then, he is 34 i think its been awhile since i played him. That sounds liek it will work perfect, ill already be similiar levels and I wont feel deserted when you guys ditch me!

    It's so lonely here in the Den of Trials. <img class=" title="Crying or Very sad" />
  • can i make multiple charecters and have them sign?
  • No, it's one signature per account.

    We're well on our way. We'll have it done tonight, probably.
  • Hmm, gonna download that trial... again... hopefully I can make it work again on a different email or something.
  • I would do it right now, but Im at work and I don't have remote log in setup on my desktop at home so I cannot remote in from here either. I should be home in roughtly 5 hours? So ill send you a PM or something what messenger was your earlier account that you listed from?
  • AIM. Again, if anyone wants to make a character just to sign the charter, send an AIM to Mr Tadamitsu
  • alright homeslice! you will recieve an aim tonight when i arrive home and ill make a level one and sign the charter/join if you already have enough. Maybe I can even convince some guild mates to sign if you dont have 10 ppl yet.
  • Hmmm... I'm not particularly fond of non PvP servers but I might just have to tag along as well. I mean if I ever start playing again.
  • Anyway Dave Sorry I coulndt whisk my lady friend away form raids in time to get the final signature but me and her are leveling as I type this. So tommroow we will get it signed.
  • Phenomenal. That'll be the last one I need.

    I'll catch up with you later today. :D
  • I bet you guys "level" every day...for the basement.
  • edited September 2007
    I "leveled" all over myself last night eight times in fact, I was never more satisfied.

    But seriously, I made a BE priest and my friend made a BE Warlock so hopefully those aren't classes that everyone else is. I am like excited to be playing with you guys, I might even be able to set up a little space on my guilds ventrillo for us.
  • I fucking bought it... probably ain't gonna find that server. Bye 18 bucks.
  • I didn't even realize there were specific other continent servers. Don't people play on the US servers all the time? In Starcraft you could just choose which server to use.

    Anyway, I'm online again and will be for awhile. Just need one more signature. /tell Cornedbeef or send an AIM to MrTadamitsu
  • Haven't had the time yet to install it, which I probably won't have to do because I saved the folders of the totally updated game when I used the trial a while back.

    For some reason I think I had my elven character actually on Ysera, hopefully that is the case!
  • Well I might as well have burned those 18 bucks. No ysera server. There is german one named ysera, but that's not the one.
  • Oh for fucks sake I could've just bought a US freaking key to play on US servers.
  • I found this changing thing in the that allows me to acces US servers, BUT this only works if I have a US account!

    Is it perhaps possible to arrange something here? Would it be possible for instance if I could test someone's account. I know this sounds like I wanna delete your level 60 characters but I'm not. I'm pretty sure no one will agree to this but if you would that would be awesome. If it is possible to access Ysera by having an US account then perhaps I could get someone reliable, say Dave to create an account for me and then I transfer the monies through paypal.
  • The shriveled and blackened heart of the ancient masters has been revived. In its twisted arteries and veins the Life blood that is science once again flows. Kung Fu and Science united in a single front to kill dinosaurs.... forever.

    Alright that’s as much I can muster this early in the morning at work. But the guild has its required signatures and is invite ready, let the legions of fandom flock to it.
  • Now there's a question of tabard.

    We're thinking yellow paw on a pink background.
  • The possibilities are limitless, besides if your not happy with it you can always change it later. But pink will mos-def draw in the ladies.
  • Mozesh, you can change your server gateway to redirect to the us ones just look up WoW front ends or something along those lines.

    I'll post a link up when I get back from Canadia
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