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Introduce Yourself!



  • It's been three years. Maybe I'm back.
  • Back to the shack?
  • Welcome back. It's been a quieter place without you.
  • Hahaha. I don't know if that's a compliment or not, but thanks.
  • Definitely a compliment.
  • Welcome back!
  • Thanks, Dave!
  • Welcome back, tell us what your favorite pizza is.
  • Welcome back Karaoke! Can't wait to listen to your Utena movie review!
  • Sasquatchulous: My favorite pizza is probably the awesome sour dough goat cheese and Greek pizza we get at this local pizza joint called Goat Hill pizza. It's the best!

    chronocross_xp: Thanks! Hope you like it!
  • Hello stranger!!
  • You know, I can't help but notice all this pineapple pizza heresy talk seems to have coincided with the political rise of Donald Trump. I think this serves as objective proof that pineapple pizza is sexist, racist and unfit to represent pizza.

    Also, welcome back karaokeninja. It is good to see you haven't been co-opted by those phalse pizza prophets.
  • So pineapple pizza is the trump of pizza! Everything becomes clear
  • Meat lovers > than every other pizza!
  • You're saying that cause you really just want a Cuy pizza, admit it.
  • The first time my dad and I got a meat lover's pizza from this one place we decided to also watch new and interesting TV show, Cinemax's The Knick
  • I also hate pineapple on a pizza. Don't put your sweet crap on my savory pizza!
  • I just like fruit because it's cool and refreshing. Cooking it just ruins it. The closest you can get to "cooking" is dehydrating but it's also not warm when I eat dehydrated fruit.
  • Hello, I'm from Calgary, in Canada. I've listened to the show from the beginning, and even wrote a question for the QuestionCast. I hope to post on here a lot.
  • Hi!!! Thanks for sending a question in!
  • Hello hello hello! What's your favorite kind of pizza?
  • I don't know if I ever said what my favorite kind of pizza is but I know that Chicago style is not actually pizza. I do like chicken and onion with either a BBQ or a tikka sauce. Also I like pineapple with ham.
  • For some reason I just got the idea of putting bagel bites on a regular size pizza. Pizza pizza.
  • Have made pizza with pizza rolls placed at the edges as "crust." It was a spring break kind of decision.
  • welcome friends!
  • Is this still an introductions thread? I started listening to the Fast Karate podcast around four years ago after hearing about it through Anime World Order, and I used to play Dota 2 with Joel, Nick, and Railith.
  • Used to? I'm glad you're on the road to recovery, friend.

    (What's your favorite kind of pizza?)
  • Mmmmmm new meat
  • I mean, I like the meat on my pizza to be fresh, Ian, but I'm not sure I'd describe it as "new."
  • My body has an unfortunate tendency to reject lactose these days, so it's hard to indulge in pizza often, but I like garlic, peppers, onions, olives, mushroom, and sausage. (To get around the lactose restriction, I have on occasion ordered a vegan pizza and requested the addition of sausage and pepperoni.) When I was younger lad with a more virile digestive system, Papa Murphy's Cowboy pizza was a staple of my diet.
  • Hello, I am new-ish around here, been watching the streams for a handful of months now, usually in the chat but as a quiet, shy person I don't often talk that much in there. I found Dave through his appearances on ANNCast and proceeded to check his stuff out from there. I watch far too much currently airing anime - more than is reasonable, to be sure - and play my fair share of video games. I think that covers it?
  • Nope. Pizza topping. Go.
  • Hey, AMindHalfFull. I'm pretty sure I've seen you around anitwitter. Welcome to the forum!
  • I am a person of simple tastes, just single topping pizza of some kind of meat, usually sausage or pepperoni, but I like beef too.

    And yeah, I follow a lot of anitwitter people so that is definitely possible. Thanks!
  • Hey hey, welcome to the party. It's always nice to have a new person join the forums.
  • Welcome. Enjoy the never-ending pizza party
  • Hi AMindHalfFull!!
  • I looked at the forum today for the first time in about 4 years. Hi guys
  • Heyya Feddy. I hope you remember that the GIFs thread is only to be used for House GIFs.
  • So gifs of the show House?
  • It's one of those written rules that nobody actually follows and is never enforced.
  • You could probably also post GIFs of cult Japanese horror flick "Hausu."
  • Dave said:

    You could probably also post GIFs of cult Japanese horror flick "Hausu."

    I watched that with my boss and his random group of grad student friends and we had a ballin' time.
  • I would also allow GIFs of recent HGTV sensation "Tiny House Builders."
  • Haha I am in the same camp as Feddy. I am surprised there are new people still popping up on this forum. I guess your streaming is keeping it alive. :open_mouth: happy to see it. Got a new clerical jim job. I originally joined the forum because of excessive free time at work, and so I have returned. Podcast activity has dwindled, but my love for this little community has not.
  • Welcome back Pani! :D
  • Damn it, I thought the pizza assassin's did a better job
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