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What Are You Watching / Listening Right Now ?



  • Alan Alda may be the best part of the last season and a half of West Wing.
  • New Mystery Skulls album out and it's some pretty solid dance tunes.

  • I might need to get into kpop
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  • The Adventure Zone podcast recently finished its first season, and DaveDave pointed me towards this really good animatic. Spoilers, of course.

    Again, spoilers.
  • Holy crapppppppp!!!! This last month has been great for anime and my mood in general!

    I just finished up the second part of Owarimonogatari and anime shouldn't pay off so good! It was super worth the investment into the 9 different iterations of the Bakemonogatari series. Looking forward to re-watching it down the line with the context the end of the show puts into perspective.

    Also re-watched Soul Eater. That has the best pacing to an anime. 51 episodes is personally my sweet spot in show length. Even Monster which I thought was a good length in retrospect dragged on a little in spots. Soul Eater's filler episodes are fantastic because Excalibur is the kind of shit bird character I can get down with. Also the style and Characters are so diverse and interesting. The Dr. Stein sub plot is on of my favorite character developments in a show.

    Finally I finished up revisiting Black Lagoon. I think this is the first time I watched the dub and over all I was pleasantly surprised. Revvy and the Nun were some amazing voice casting. It was nice to hear so much grit and grime in the voice work. Also the show was great.

    Next on my slate is Prison School because I forgot to remove it from my cart when I ordered these blu-rays. I read a bit of the manga and it was garbage so I am sure the anime will just be that in motion. Either way turns out the shows I like and own are still amazing and there is a reason I paid money for physical copies.

    PS: Every time I am sad or just a need a general pick me up Golden Boy continues to be such an awesome short 6 episodes of concentrated joy. One of the few shows where I actually enjoy the dub more than the Japanese.
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    Time to get in the right seasonal mood.
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    I'm still not over how good Mouth Moods is. I get how the first song on the album is discordant if you don't understand what it's doing, but it sets the stage for the rest of the album and I'm still sad that so many of the people I sent it to didn't make it 30 seconds into the first song.
  • Its okay we can hoard the joy all to ourselves!
  • I got my friends to listen to it once but a month later or so when one of them wanted to listen to it again, he couldn't get through the first 30 seconds. It also didn't help that we were with someone who doesn't do annoying sounds well that time.
  • Just finished rewatching Kodocha and every time it gets me that the series ends on a garbage clip show. Also the tail end isn't great either because Takeshi is a trash character. Still I love that show. Started up Hajime no Ippo. I was looking to get the New Challenger Dvd's or Blu ray and wow those are super out of print... Still happy because when you live in a place with no internet going through my teenage anime DVD collection while painting board game miniatures is what I do to pass the time.

    Also been going to the Gym and watching One Piece while I do cardio. In the midst of the Big Mama arch which I hate almost everything about. One saving grace is that when the tree people are murdered the turn into the first boss from Kirby. So that is fun...
  • Ippo is an forever shall be not popular enough to keep the discs in print or get a translated manga. He just wants to keep his elephant trunk to himself.
  • Shadow of War is extremely fun. I only wish it wasn't in Lord of the Rings and the main character was a sassy orc.
  • Really loving the soundtrack to Blade Runner's Bogus Journey.
  • I've been watching Ozark and it's alright. I think finding Jason Bateman charming is what's propelling me forward mainly. I'm hoping he doesn't turn out to be secretly an awful person like the recent news about Kevin Spacey.
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    This Iglooghost Neō Wax Bloom is pretty fantastical
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