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  • When Marnie was There is so pretty, but that ending sinks it so hard. Still better than Tales of Earthsea though
  • Yeah, one of my biggest beefs was that Anna as a character was just sort of shitty. Yeah sure I guess I can't connect with being a moody tween girl, but I feel like she went out of the way to be a jerk to people. Also yeah that ending *super fart noises*. I haven't seen Tales of Earthsea, but if it is worse I probably don't need to go out of my way to see it.

  • So I have fallen down a huge Vietnamese rap hole and it has been wonderful. By far the biggest highlight is Suboi, she is magnificent.

    Also after finishing Guilty Crown and Seraphim of the End I was coming back around on really hating anime again. They all lacked any interesting characters which is a big factor for liking an anime. Then a week ago I started Yu Yu Hakusho without any knowledge what the show was about..... Something about 80's anime just sings to me and brought me back into it. Just the natural goofiness of anime has dissapeared . The voices in Yu Yu Hakusho are great and I just love it. If the goofiness continues to be the shit that was Space Dandy, then I'm OUT!

  • Jack is back
  • Yeah, It was family event in my house. It still one of few shows we all equally like.

    That first episode felt so different because of him not having his sword. But in the upside the girls being raised montage was really good.
  • Logan was a pretty good movie, even is the little girl was the best performance in it. Get Out is still the best movie of the year.
  • So just finished the first 58 episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho and while I really enjoyed it, I think the show is bad. Don't see myself going out of the way to see the rest of it. Next up on the list is Rolling Girls!
  • YuYu Hakusho is one of those shows that you watch knowing it's not good but its charm carries it a lot of the way.
  • Valvrave is plenty goofy, up to a certain point. But if you have any faith in humanity remaining, it might take it from you, at the certain point.
  • Been watching Drifters and it totally does it for me. I miss the simplicity of getting a bunch of people together from different eras or have different powers and letting them go at it. Baki the Grappler and Basilisk are some of my favorites in this and this show seems to play off that mold.
  • Today is a Fire Wars kind of day

  • So I watched Your Name last night in theaters. I forget whether it got talked about on the podcast, but I thought it was fine. I kinda wish they expanded the first part of the movie since the big reveal took me out of the story
  • So I caught up with the couple of episodes released for season 2 of Attack on Titan because I hate myself. That show goes from having some of the best looking animation sequences to just looking like totally dog shit Sega genesis level 3D stuff. So far the are setting up the season to be just as disappointing as the last one. So yay...
  • I've been watching Legion, about halfway through so far, and while I don't care for it much as a Marvel superhero property or anything like that, as a horror show / surreal psychological thriller I really like it a lot. Lots of weird and off-putting, unsettling visuals that work well.

    Also, it has Aubrey Plaza looking fantastic in all kinds of great outfits so that's a lot of bonus points as well.
  • Oh, I didn't know that was a marvel thing. Is it part of the movie/tv show canon?
  • Well, Wiki says it's connected to the X-Men film canon? I have never seen a single X-Men movie though, so I can't comment either way.
  • It's not connected as far as I know. Legion, David Haller, is Prof. X's son but the show runner had no plans of linking it to the movies. That's for the better I think, not everything has to be the Avengers.
  • I read the more detailed section on Wiki and it sounds like they are technically in the same universe but not connected and there are currently no plans. Like, they acknowledged that this is a character who would be otherwise ignored so they let Hawley, the creator, make a mostly stand alone show that won't concern itself with the films & vice-versa. Apparently the only connection so far is they used one of Professor X's wheelchairs as a prop. So it sounds like there's a loophole for potential cameos at some point but for now they're mostly separate entities.

  • I've been digging into Sense8 recently. I have to admit, having a LOST alum on it along with the same kind of mythology gives me pause. The difference is that I think Sense8 has better character building, and it also helps that it mostly focuses on personal drama instead of whatever kind of secret organization story they want to tell. It also just has a cool idea, I'm very interested to see what happens when all of the characters are working in tandem.
  • I've heard such drastically mixed things about Sense8 that I feel I eventually need to check it out just out of sheer curiosity.
  • It's just the kind of show that I can't recommend without reservation. I'm enjoying it while I'm watching it, but I don't want to be hurt again like I was with LOST. For now I'm just focusing on the characters and trying to avoid getting invested in the mythology.

    They filmed the place of Chicago well, and eventually they reveal that other people exist there other than cops and gangbangers. I know that's hard to believe, you know, since it's a war zone and all.
  • Well I generally care a lot more about characters than mythology or plot, so what you're describing sounds kinda good to me. I'll keep it in mind in the endless sea of shows there are to watch.

    Tangentially, I find it funny I've lived in IL all my life and the only part of Chicago I've ever been in is the airport.
  • This is Wealthyaardvark's fault summoning the dark spirit of Happy Birthday Ralph from its slumber. Now I'm back suffering later-day Atom and His Package like only a ex-pat Philly nerd can.

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    someone somtop me

    im begging you

  • So far I'm digging American Gods a lot even though it's only 2 episodes in.
  • Atom & his package is soooo gooood. I can't stop you only encourage more!
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