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The "why I am miserable thread"



  • Is this moving out to be closer to the emergency services job so you don't have the huge commute, or is the job going too?
  • Oh I'm not moving too far, maybe 30 minutes closer to work. I do have a place to crash if it goes poorly.
  • The plan is to go in on a place with a friend of mine for around $1300 a month. We've already looked at some nice places.
  • I hope this turns out well for you.
  • I've tried to swallow my needs and go at my mom's pace to make her feel better, but I can't really do that anymore. I'm unhappy
  • Well, first round of talks somehow went ok, no weeping and screaming!
  • YAY im proud of you, did it go ok?
  • It was going well! Then today I hit a wall and we got into a fight
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